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Dickey’s Starts The New Year By Selling Pulled Pork Sliders For $1

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is starting 2016 with a bang, offering its pulled pork barbecue sliders for only $1.

The sliders are made with Dickey’s signature southern-style pulled pork, then paired with salty, zesty pickles and crunchy onions, squished in between a warm, buttered roll sliced in half.

The company was not franchised until 1994, however has now amassed more than 520 locations nationwide.

Dickey’s is well known and beloved for its cooking style, which features a hickory wood-burning pit at every location that’s used to smoke the meat and poultry, so you know your food is cooked fresh

Photo Credit: Valpak, Dickey’s


Craving: Pulled Chicken Sliders with Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

If you’re living in southern California then you know we are currently burning in the abyss of a major heat wave. Which means the best things to enjoy are BBQ days around the pool and cool drinks. That’s probably why this sandwich seems so appealing to me. The mixture of pulled chicken on a fresh biscuit all topped with a creamy chipotle-blackberry sauce just makes my mouth water. (Thx FPD)