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We’re Hungry Just Gazing At This MASSIVE Platter of Arroz Mamposteao

Ever heard of Arroz Mamposteao before? Neither did I, until I saw this video, but man, does it look tasty.

Instagram user @cy_eats captured the video of this massive platter of the Puerto Rican rice dish being prepared for the Gastronomico Porta del Sol festival held at Parque del Litoral in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. While some of the description was lost in translation, she was able to tell us that this particular dish was served in a 40-45 inch wide platter and contained pigeon peas, bacon, chorizo sausage, chicken, paprika, chicken broth, and tomato.

Based on some research, Arroz Mamposteao is a simple but traditional combination of bean stew with rice, which gets added to the soup after everything else cooks. Apart from the ingredients above, other typical ingredients in the stew include onion, green peppers, cumin, and local seasoning. Plantains often top the dish (as they do in the above video, along with asparagus, bell peppers, and what looks to be cucumbers or zucchini) to add some extra sweetness.

If all of that sounds like your jam, try making your own Arroz Mamposteao at home and see how it turns out.