Fast Food

A Side of Pubes Gets KFC Worker Fired


Working in the fast food industry can be frustrating. You have to deal with hundreds of people a day and it always feels like they’re out to get you.

In a very Eric Cartman form of revenge, a former KFC employee in Cardiff, Wales anonymously said he mixed in some pubic hair to the order of a group of young ladies who voiced their displeasure with the customer service they received.

In a Facebook community page called Spotted Cardiff, the employee posted:

A KFC spokeswoman told Wales Online they conducted an investigation and they do not think any food was contaminated. The employee said he wrote it as a social media prank and was a “spur of the moment” thing.

However, the worker was still fired as KFC has the “highest standard” of food hygiene and they were not going to tolerate any kind of pube talk.

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