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Start An Epic Pub Crawl With This Map of Every Pub In The UK


Photo: University of Waterloo

If you ever wanted to go on the most epic UK pub crawl in history, it just got a whole lot easier to find everything.

The University of Waterloo’s Math Department created a map of nearly every single pub in the United Kingdom utilizing Google. According to The Poke, 12 or more pubs are missing from this map, but the results are still incredibly impressive to take a look at.

In total, the Math Department identified 24,727 different pubs across England and Scotland, and marked all of them on this interactive, Google-powered map. To estimate how that measures in terms of pub coverage, the total area of the United Kingdom is approximately 94,000 square miles — meaning that there is 1 pub for at least every 4 square miles apart.

As a comparison, the United States has 624,301 total restaurants (including pubs) over approximately 3.8 million square miles — or 1 restaurant every 6 square miles apart. That’s some serious coverage by UK pubs.

Looking at the above zoomed-out map (which takes about 10 minutes to load and zoom out because of how massive the data in this map is), all you can really see is a literal sea of red markers. It’s impossible to get a measure of coverage.


Photo: The Poke

However, zooming in reveals that the highest concentration of pubs lies in Southern England, with London having the most pubs in that are respectively. It’s still impossible to tell exact coverage in the London area because of how crowded the pub map is.


Photo: University of Waterloo

This zoomed-in view of just one small area of London shows how many pubs exist — basically a couple per city block, at the very minimum. You could easily construct a legendary pub crawl from this map, wherever you may be in the UK.

If you’re up for the challenge, use the map, head to a spot in the UK, and begin your epic pub crawl. Best of luck.


PETA Wants Historic English Pub YE OLD FIGHTING COCKS To Change Its Name


PETA is none too pleased with this English Pub, believed to be one of the oldest in England. The name Ye Olde Fighting Cocks doesn’t really gel with the group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, as they have urged the establishment to consider another name, NPR reports.

In a release, PETA stated that this request comes from society’s growing compassion animals. This includes intelligent, sensitive chickens. They suggest the name Ye Old Clever Cocks be used instead.

However, the owners of the pub have refused to change the name. With roots from the eigth century, the pub has become a part of the country’s history. While celebrating the fact that cock fighting has been banned for more than 150 years, the pub said that national identity and local history is still important to them.

Photo: Fighting Cocks Facebook



These Half-Pint Beer Glasses are Literally Split Down the Middle


Ever feel like you have to give an explanation when requesting a half-pint of brew rather than a full pint, for fear of facing ridicule for the rest of the evening?

This curious creation from The Fowndry is here to help everyone. If you really want or can only handle half a pint of booze, this split pint glass creates the illusion of a full pint of beer when in fact, it’s only half. Sneaky.

Apparently, two-toned beer glasses reinforce to the crowd that, yes, you are serious about your drink.

Available for purchase at The Fowndry, these glasses are no cheap deal. At $25 for a two-set, they’re not as economically feasible as simply ordering the half pints you so desire. The added “value” comes from its more aesthetically pleasing attribute, which is the allowance of one dark beer and one light beer on either side of the pint glass.

Of course, you can also just stop being a sissy and demand the bartender fill your regular, non-guillotined pint glass half way. Ain’t nothing to be ashamed of, boo.


This Guy Literally Fought a Shark Moments Before Stepping into a Pub


So a guy walks into a pub and orders a beer… right after getting attacked by a shark.

New Zealand native and bonafide badass James Grant was recently spearfishing with friends when he suddenly felt a strange tugging on his leg. Grant initially thought it was just friends messing with him, but he soon realized it was a shark. He told a local radio station he wasn’t scared but instead thought, “bugger, now I have to try and get this thing off my leg.”

Fortunately the fearless chap was already holding a knife, so he took a few stabs into the murky water and managed to get back to shore. The junior doctor gave himself a few stitches, thanks to his own first aid kit, and headed to a local pub with his friends. All was well until Grant’s leg started bleeding again, but the pub simply provided him with extra bandages, and he’s  now completely fine.

And to think you were crying over a measly paper cut.

H/T The Guardian


Maple Prosciutto Donuts, Bacon Fat Salads & More from Porktoberfest


I missed out on Oktoberfest this year, so it was a gift from above that fellow Foodbeast Brian and I were invited to the Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar, Calif., for their 2nd-annual Porktoberfest. If there was a Mecca for pork, this would be it. An old-school pub vibe, Five Crowns opened their restaurant to pork lovers alike. Live music, costume contests and good eats made this night a pretty damn good food adventure.

The event featured craft beers provided by Firestone Walker among the pork dishes. Between the community table and mingling on the patio area, the food was on point. Check out all the porktastic eats below.


Pork Rillette on Endive Spear with Pickled Red Onion


Super savory and light, it was a great way to kick off the tasting.


Beer Braised Pulled Pork Sliders with Traditional Coleslaw


The braise on the pork was perfect. There was a heat that was great but not overwhelming. The coleslaw also added a sweet crunch to the sliders.


Beer Braised Mini Carnitas Tacos with Guacamole, Onions and Cilantro


Though I wish I could have tasted more of the meat in the tacos, I figured it was intended to be light in anticipation for the main meal. The house-made guacamole was delicious though, as you can see in the picture, I was most definitely licking my fingers afterwards.


Baby Spinach with Stilton Blue Crumbles, Apple, Pancetta, Crispy Shallots, Candied Walnuts, Warm Bacon Vinaigrette


When I heard the phrase “Warm Bacon Vinaigrette” I was intrigued. When the salad arrived, I realized it was pretty much seasoned bacon fat. And, you know what? It worked.


Roasted Pig



The crown jewel of the dinner, since it was Porktoberfest after all, was the roasted pig (crispy skin and all). There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling that crunch of fatty skin when biting down. Just wish there was some sauce to go with it.


Buttermilk Biscuits with Ham Hock Gravy



I was sold on the biscuits as soon as I first bit into them. Awesome glaze that made them sweet and salty at the same time. Then the waiter brought out the gravy. Heaven.


Maple Glazed Donuts with Crispy Prosciutto Bits


The final item of the night, the donuts where a much welcome dessert to compliment the pork-heavy menu. Sweet and flavorful with a hint of saltiness from the prosciutto. Absolutely had more than one.


Photos taken by Brian Yamamoto


Dogfish Releases Beer Made with Actual Meteorites


Ever wonder what’d it be like in the future to hit up a bar on the other side of the galaxy, have some moon beer and maybe even get into a drunken fight with a 8-foot-tall space slug? Well, maybe you can have one out of three.

In celebration of the fall equinox, The Dogfish Head Brewery is going out of this world to make a special kind of ale that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. The Delaware-based company created what they proudly call their Celest-Jewel-Ale, which is made from lunar meteorites. The meteorites were first crushed into dust and steeped like tea in an Oktoberfest beverage.

The moon dust is made mostly of minerals and salts, which help the fermentation process, ironically adding a more earthiness texture to the drink. Dogfish acquired the lunar meteorites via ILC, a design and development company that makes spacesuits for NASA.

Celest-Jewel-Ale, at 5% ABV and 25 IBUs, is definitely a limited time brew at Dogfish and only available at Dogfish Head’s pub in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Once it’s gone, there’s literally nothing in this world that would taste the same.

H/T Dogfish Head + PicThx ILC, Dover.  J


Anti-Theft Pint Glass Explodes Ink If You Try to Steal It


Apparently, stealing pint glasses from pubs is becoming a worldwide dilemma. At least, a serious enough issue that cider-maker Kopparberg rolled out a new set of pint glasses bearing “custom-made security tags.” In order to prevent customers from walking out with their precious glassware, Kopparberg installed tags (similar to the ones attached to clothes at retail stores) that explode with ink if carried more than 100 meters away from the bar.

Although the company insists that this anti-theft gadget is not meant to “punish people,” we see it going terribly wrong anyway. What happens when you’ve had a few drinks and the girl you’ve been eyeing all night suddenly runs out of the pub with her gaggle of girls? Without thinking, you grab your pint of beer (of course), and chase after. Unfortunately, your forgot about that pesky “security tag” and just as you’re about to catch up with her, it explodes, splattering you in ink from head to toe. Hardly the ideal first impresson.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


This Epic Bloody Mary Is Topped With a Bacon Cheeseburger, Crawfish & Beef Jerky


A crawfish, a bacon cheeseburger, a shrimp, some cheese, beef jerky, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, green beans, okra, onions, tomatoes, olives, a pickle and a half pint of beer. No, this isn’t my grocery list. Just the list of ingredients in the most ridiculous Bloody Mary concocted at the Anvil Pub in Dallas, TX. Well, the most ridiculous Bloody Mary since this.


I am honestly hesitant to call this thing a beverage. It’s an alcoholic meal, thrown together under the guise of a Bloody Mary. After drink-eating this you could go to the bathroom, say Bloody Mary three times and scare the hell out of any ghost.


H/T IncredibleThings