This is What Donut Sushi Looks Like


Summer’s here and for most people, that means sunbathing and swimming and going to the fair. But for those who appreciate the finer things in life, warmer temps and longer days really only mean one thing – Comic book conventions.

From the folks who brought us Donut Poutine and the Beer-Filled Donut, donut sushi is apparently real. Created for the Fanime anime convention by Psycho Donuts, “Psycho Psushi” features a bento box filled with four pieces of donut sushi and a pair of edible Pocky “chopsticks.”

First launched at Fanime in 2011, the Psycho Psushi will be also available alongside other pastry-fied Japanese dishes like Psycho Takoyaki (balls of ginger cake drizzled with shoyu caramel and toasted pistachio) and a Totoro donut.

Just make sure to eat the ginger between sushi, not on top of them.

H/T Neatorama + PicThx Psycho Donuts