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A Donut Shop Is Serving Up ‘Blue Balls’ For Valentine’s Day

Most food joints are creating heart-shaped, bright pink, or other love-themed creations to celebrate Valentine’s Day. One donut shop, however, is defying the norms and banking on innuendos for one of their V-Day specials: Blue Balls.

Psycho Donuts in California’s South San Francisco Bay Area is offering up the unique donuts, which are sky blue, filled with a creamy custard, and topped with icing sugar. I don’t know much about risque references, but according to our managing editor Reach Guinto, the entire creation, from the filling to the topping, fits what it means to be “blue-balled” perfectly.

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These donuts have been made specifically for people spending Valentine’s Day alone, but honestly, anybody with their heads in the gutter will get a good laugh out of eating these. Although if you do think of these cream-filled donut holes as actual balls, they do sound a little less appealing.

Psycho Donuts will be offering the Blue Balls through at least Valentine’s Day at their Campbell and Santa Clara, CA locations.

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This Bay Area Donut Shop Makes The World’s First Glow-In-The-Dark Pastry

If there’s one place in California that could be considered the Mecca of innovation and cutting-edge entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley would be the leading candidate. So it seems fitting that one of the most mind-boggling and innovative donuts ever created would be be found in the center of the South Bay region.

Thanks to the experimental minds at Psycho Donuts, a Campbell, California-based, mental ward-themed artisan donut and art shop, Bay Area donut connoisseurs have seen the light of what true culinary innovation looks like.

Part donuts, part light show, these tasty treats are deliciously fascinating. By adding pulverized vitamin B pills into the dough, Psycho Donuts created a treat that actually glows under an ultraviolet blacklight. Yes, they actually glow in the dark.

These fruit-flavored, glowing goodies are made with Hansen’s Natural Soda and lime juice. Currently, lime and pomegranate are making the rounds around the world’s first donut asylum.

By delivering a sensory experience, Psycho Donuts has built an iconic reputation for itself and it’s easy to see why. So, if you’re crazy about donuts, stop by Psycho Donuts to see and taste what all the hype is about.


Created in partnership with Hansen’s Soda


This is What Donut Sushi Looks Like


Summer’s here and for most people, that means sunbathing and swimming and going to the fair. But for those who appreciate the finer things in life, warmer temps and longer days really only mean one thing – Comic book conventions.

From the folks who brought us Donut Poutine and the Beer-Filled Donut, donut sushi is apparently real. Created for the Fanime anime convention by Psycho Donuts, “Psycho Psushi” features a bento box filled with four pieces of donut sushi and a pair of edible Pocky “chopsticks.”

First launched at Fanime in 2011, the Psycho Psushi will be also available alongside other pastry-fied Japanese dishes like Psycho Takoyaki (balls of ginger cake drizzled with shoyu caramel and toasted pistachio) and a Totoro donut.

Just make sure to eat the ginger between sushi, not on top of them.

H/T Neatorama + PicThx Psycho Donuts


Donut Poutine Exists and It’s Positively Drool-Worthy

donut poutine

Listen America, donut poutine exists. If you’re a fan of the traditional ridiculousness that is fries and gravy and cheese, then we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll drool gross amounts over this decadent dessert.

The folks over at California’s Psycho Donuts have come up with the most genius twist on the Canadian dish, using french fry-like glazed donuts drizzled with a healthy dose of caramel, AKA “the gravy of the dessert world.” There’s also what looks like dollops of cream or maybe even melted vanilla chips. Basically, you’re feasting your eyes upon a heap of pure sugary bliss. *Dreamy sigh*


H/T Neatorama + Picthx Psycho Donuts


Donut Shop Reveals a Chocolate Peanut Butter Empenada

Psycho Donuts, the two-location California donut shop known for their over-the-top thematic donuts has just dropped a gem at their Campbell location, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Empenada.

The donut is built to resemble an empenada, features a fluffy raised shell, stuffed with dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter with a drizzle of the same on top. Oh yeah, those chocolate chips and bits of peanuts sprinkled on don’t look too bad either.

If you live in the area of one of their locations, the shop is running a smart little Facebook campaign that could net you a free one. Eat on!



BBQ Pork Donut Sliders Are a Real Thing

Just yesterday we broke news that the Northern California donut shop Psycho Donuts had launched donuts filled with real beer, and a day later we are hearing that they have something equally mouthwatering…BBQ Pork Donut Sliders.

Dubbed the ‘Psycho Sliders,’ the donuts call upon meat from Little Lou’s BBQ, a barbecue restaurant up the road from Psycho. Instead of traditional slider buns, the Psycho Sliders utilize freshly baked sesame seed topped donut buns.

For availability, stay tuned to the Psycho Donuts Facebook page.



This ‘Beer Nutz’ Donut Uses Real Beer in the Filling, Because This is America

Psycho Donuts is a gourmet donut shop with two locations in Northern California, with month after month of continual donut innovation.

This week, the psycho chefs are helping ring in Father’s Day with the launch of their Beer Nutz donut. The crazy raised donut is filled with a Rogue Mocha Porter pastry cream, chocolate icing, beer nuts, and actual multi-flavor beer-mug-drizzle on top. That’s right, beer in the filling.

If you live in the neighboring areas to either of the Psycho Donuts locations, this might be a fun breakfast food you can celebrate Father’s Day with. Don’t ya think?


Drunkin’ Punkin’ Donut — A Bourbon-spiked Thanksgiving Breakfast

Ready for those Thanksgiving concept products as the big holiday approaches? We are, and here’s a look at a solid one from the California-based Psycho Donuts shop — The Drunkin’ Punkin’ Donut. The donut starts off with a bourbon-spiked pumpkin cake, topped with cheesecake icing, fresh pecans and a cross-hatch of maple and caramel drizzle. The pilgrims won’t know what hit ’em with this one.

Also on deck from Psycho Donuts this holiday season, is a more straight-forward “Punkin’ Pie” (pictured below) donut, filled with pumpkin filling, topped with maple and crushed graham crackers.