Will Ferrell Would Be The Dude Who Can Make You Put Your Phone Away At Dinner

Everyone’s favorite funnyman, Will Ferrell, has teamed up with Common Sense Media to promote a movement that we can all get behind: #DeviceFreeDinners

The hilarious PSA shows Ferrell as an obnoxious father who can’t seem to put his phone away at the dinner table, hurting his relationship with his wife and kids. It confirms what most already think of phone usage during dinner — it’s so annoying. In fact, it’s become so annoying that even fast food restaurants are testing out phone lockers to encourage patrons to socialize normally without any distractions while eating.

According to a Time article from 2015, Pew Research Center conducted a study where they found that 88% of respondents believe it’s generally not OK to use a cell phone during dinner, and that 82% of respondents said that using a phone in social settings hurts conversations.

So go through these four short PSAs starring Will Ferrell about #DeviceFreeDinners, stop being that person, and start putting your phone away at the dinner table.


Love Dogs and Beer? Budweiser’s Beautiful New Responsible Drinking PSA is For You


Let’s face it, no one likes to be told what to do — especially once you have your own car, your own grownup ID and your own brand of “I’ll do the laundry when my hamper is good and overflowing, moommm.”

And when it comes to drunk driving, global alcohol brands have the challenge of sharing the message of responsible drinking without coming off like an afternoon special. Every so often a brand does it right, and today Budweiser and the team responsible for their latest “Friends Are Waiting” spot have hit the nail on the head.

The spot perfectly curates an unexpected ending beyond those of traditional intoxication PSAs. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones that always build with happy friends enjoying a drive only to cut to black before an inevitably gruesome ambitious ending brought to you by your devil friends at too-much-too-drink-not-able-to-drive.

In the case of the new Budweiser PSA, it’s all there. Man’s best friend,  good times drinking beer, maybe even a few too many, and then…well, I’ll leave you and your feels to get acclimated again:


Together, we can stop the juicing violence.


PicThx Cuddles and Rage


Video of the Day: Cookies 'Bake and Release' PSA

Cookies around the world are in desperate need of your help. A terrible disease is wreaking havoc on their lives and everyday they are faced with death and destruction. Join us in our fight against this plague and help to rebuild these innocent lives, one chip at a time. Please, wont you help?

That’s the story behind this animated short from Alejandra Quintas. This is the second day in a row we find that some of our favorite edibles apparently have feelings too.