People Are Suddenly Proposing With Avocados And We’re Not Sure Why

Marriage proposals are one of the most intimate gestures you can make. Whether it’s outlandish or simple, popping the question is one of those moments that sticks with you for the rest of your life. So why would you want to turn your big moment into a silly trend?

Apparently one such trend involves using an avocado to pop the question,  Mashable reports.

The idea is to keep your significant other in the dark by carrying around an inconspicuous avocado, rather than a ring box. Once their guard is down, the proposer gets on their knees and pops the question — the ring embedded inside the de-pitted fruit.

We asked the Foodbeast team what they thought of this ridiculous trend and here’s what they had to say.


I’d do it in an avocado shell if the person I was proposing to was super into avocados. But not the flesh, that just gets messy.


The worst trend I’ve seen all year. Humanity must be stopped.


That’s the dumbest thing ever this side of the Flowbee.


That’s the most basic bitch proposal I’ve ever seen. I hope she responds with a toast.

As for myself, I’m just wondering how he’ll feel about avocados if the marriage doesn’t work out. I’d hate to have something so delicious tainted for life.


The Story of the Man Who Proposed with 1,001 Hot Dogs


This is a love story between a young man and a young woman. A man with the surname Wang proposed to a woman with the surname Chen this past weekend. What makes their story different from every other proposal story is that it involves tons and tons of hot dogs. No, seriously.

Wang strayed from the traditional proposal cliches of dinner at a romantic restaurant or something nice and quiet. Rather, the 28-year-old decided to use 1,001 individual hot dogs (buns included) to get his declaration of love across. With the help of a hot dog sponsor, Wang was able to propose to his girlfriend surrounded by more than a thousand hot dogs.

According to Chengdu Evening News, the reason behind the number 1,001 was that it represented 1,001 days the couple had known one another. The reason behind the hot dogs, however, remains to be seen.

Naturally, she said yes.

Proposal-Hot-Dog-03 Proposal-Hot-Dog-04

H/T Kotaku, Picthx WMG Weibo


FDA Trans Fat Ban Spells Death to Margarine & Your Favorite Processed Foods


The FDA dropped heavy news Thursday, announcing their move to eliminate artificial trans fats from processed food. This could mean a major change to many standard foods, from frozen pizzas to those gas station coffee creamers you hoard.

Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg, the FDA’s commissioner, said the ban could prevent 7,000 deaths and 20,000 heart attacks from heart disease a year. Although many brands removed trans fats from their products, such as McDonald’s and Top Ramen, when the agency first required manufacturers to provide clear labeling seven years ago, it’s still present in many quick-and-cheap foods.

The proposal is now up for 60 days of public comment, after which the FDA will declare partially hydrogenated oils — the root of trans fats — as no longer “generally recognized as safe.” If the proposal is able to eliminate trans fats altogether, even trace amounts will be banned. At the moment, products containing less than .5 grams of the oils are not required to be listed.

While companies have the chance to prove scientifically that trans fats are safe for consumption, given the overwhelming amount of evidence showing the contrary, that would be a difficult feat to accomplish. As NYT points out, the Institute of Medicine concluded that there is “no safe level for consumption of artificial trans fats.”

H/T NY Times 


Thinking of Proposing With a Typography Cake? Mm, Better Not


When my editor Charisma gushed over how darling it would be if someone tried to propose with this typography cake, all I could think was, “But what if they eat it wrong?” Images of a future bride looking down and wondering what in the world “llu mar yme?” meant seemed like a perfectly good reason to keep all future cake decorating efforts completely topographical.

For those who are up to the challenge, however, Victoria Hudgins has a step-by-step guide to baking your own secret message into batter. Be warned though, like most Pinterest-y recipes, chances are you’ll probably find a way to mess this one up. You might miss a letter, or not leave enough room between letters, causing all the words to bleed in together. And gosh, does marry have two “r”-s or one? — “Will you . . . Mary . . . ? Who the hell is Mary?!”

Or you could always just take the safe way out, get it done by a professional baker and end up with something like this:

Nailed it.

H/T + PicThx Incredible Things