Fast Food

McDonald’s Wants Your Loyalty, Starts New Rewards Program


Those who roll by McDonald’s every day, get ready for some good news. All those consistent visits will soon pay off thanks to the burger chain launching a loyalty program.

Set to release late this year or early 2017, Forbes reports that McDonald’s wants to compete with major coffee brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

McDonald’s had already launched a McCafe app where customers were rewarded with a free drink after purchasing five. Now, the brand wants to spread its reach further by casting a wider net of points for customers who don’t always drink McCafe.

According to McDonald’s USA President, Mike Andres, the new loyalty program will link rewards to non-coffee purchases as well as visits. This means, if customers are lagging, McDonald’s will send them a reminder to spend their points through the app or they’ll lose them.

Kind of how Starbucks does it.

With all-day breakfast helping boosts McDonald’s sales, it’s actually the perfect time to get that loyalty program started.