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Matt Stonie Devours An Absurd Amount of Donuts [WATCH]

On a day we oversleep, a nice donut will do just fine when we’re in a pinch for a quick breakfast fix. Typically, one donut is more than enough to get us to lunch.

Professional consumer of everything, Matt Stonie, decided to challenge himself with the deep-fried favorite in his latest video. In it, Stonie stacks a massive pyramid of 50 donuts before him — totaling about 12,000 calories — and proceeds to crush them in a record pace.

If you’re wondering, the donut flavors alternate between chocolate, powdered, and glazed. Needless to say, it’s pretty sweet.

Watch as he consumes a sickening amount of store-bought donuts in a little over ten minutes. If you weren’t disgusted of donuts before, you might as well be now.

Man, that’s a lot of sugar.


Drinking 2 Liters Of Soda And Not Burping Looks INCREDIBLY Painful

We’ve seen world record holding professional eater Furious Pete dominate food challenges in the past. Other times he has failed miserably, but that doesn’t stop him from trying the impossible.

This week, Pete brought along The Crazy Russian Hacker to attempt the 2 liter soda no burp challenge. This challenge already seems sketchy. Burping is a huge pressure release and it seems physically painful trying to hold off a burp. Watch as these two try to hold back their stomaches from exploding.

Professional eater, Matt Stonie, actually beat the challenge on his second attempt. Even then, in 2014, Stonie complained about how much the challenged sucked.

“Oh man, I never fought back a burp before!” – The Crazy Russian Hacker

Clearly this challenge isn’t for the weak of heart. Although, it’s questionable why anyone would want to try this anyway.

Burping is so satisfying.


Watch Pro Eater Matt Stonie Devour 7,700 Calories Of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

The world’s most prolific and awarded professional eater, Matt Stonie, just finished a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch that totals over 7,700 calories. Stonie has eaten 200 Marshmallow Peeps in one sitting11 Pounds Of Canned Corn, a 12,000-calorie jug of protein, an entire Taco Bell Party Pack (in one minute mind you), so by comparison, a massive bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a Netflix and Chill type day for the “Megatoad.”

Regardless, the mountain of CT Crunch is a beautiful, mammoth thing to gawk at: