Orange Is The New Black: The Cookbook Coming This Fall, Pornstache Not Included


Earlier this month Netflix released season two of their original series, Orange Is The New Black. The show has become so incredibly popular that they have a food truck making stops across the country serving up crazy pyes and soft serve. With the majority of fans binge watching all thirteen episodes in a 72 hour period, it’s no wonder why the hit show is creating an official cookbook to bring a little Litchfield into kitchens everywhere.

The cookbook will feature references from the show such as Red’s Chicken Kiev, Miss Claudette’s Coconut Cake, and Prison Punch. Besides prison recipes, the book will also feature a prison glossary, homeopathic remedies (like Piper’s Pepper Lotion for Red’s back), and some dishes from the inmates’ pre-Litchfield days, maybe we’ll actually get to see Red’s famous piroshkis.

Just like the pain of having to wait until season 3, the cookbook won’t hit shelves until October 2014. In the mean time, feel free to drown your sorrows in some season 1 recipes, like the Prison Pad Thai or Cell Caramel Lattes.

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Florida Jails Pressured to Begin Serving Kosher Meals


Typically, Kosher offerings are reserved for Jewish inmates with pertinent religious beliefs. However, some state prison systems have seen an unusual surge in Kosher meal requests ever since their introduction, leading to budgetary concerns. This is particularly true in Florida.

Why? Well, it costs about $7 per day for three Kosher meals in the Florida prison system, while standard prison food is $1.54 per day. California’s Kosher options also have a hefty price tag of $8 per three servings, while New York’s offerings weigh in at $5. The large price gap in these dishes add up over time, and there’s no standard way to decipher which inmates sincerely need Kosher food for religious reasons. That’s where prison officials try to decipher needs versus desires, which is certainly a gray area.

Florida is one of only 15 states that doesn’t serve Kosher food throughout its jail system. Although, the state is currently under court order, due to inmates’ religious freedom, to temporarily do so by July until the issue is resolved in trial.

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A Cookbook for Frito Pie, and other Prison Creations

Behind bars, you got a lot of time on your hands and not a whole lot of eating options, so you’re bound to get creative. From the Big House to Your House is a collection of 200 recipes by six female Texas inmates who were sick of jail food and wanted something “homemade.”

How creative are they getting when there’s no oven, refrigerator, stoves, knives, or even fresh food for that matter? Let’s just say a potato chip bag doubles as a pot and toothpaste tubes can be spoons if you really think about it.

What are the favorites in this cookbook? Tuna nachos and “baked potato” made of crushed potato chips and water. These recipes may not sound tasty for those of us on the outside, but they sure are interesting! ($14.95 @