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Pringles Releasing Limited Edition Thanksgiving Flavors

Around this time last year, Pringles teased Foodbeast with Thanksgiving-flavored chips that weren’t released in stores.

The package came with eight different flavors; turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, creamed corn, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole.

Some were hits and some were misses, but either way, it didn’t seem to matter since we couldn’t get our hands on them after they were all devoured by the rest of the Foodbeast team.

After Pringles’ little test run, it seems that they feel confident in releasing them to the masses, but with only three of those flavors mentioned above.


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The limited Thanksgiving package will come with turkey, pumpkin pie, and stuffing, which were probably the safest flavors of the lineup.

While they still won’t be available in stores, you can grab a set for $14,99 at the online Kellogg Store, November 6, at 11:59 p.m. EST/8:59 p.m. PST.


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This probably won’t replace anyone’s Thanksgiving dinner, especially since a pack costs almost as much as a real turkey, but ironically enough, this could probably make for a cute Christmas gift.

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Pringles-Flavored Instant Ramen Cups Are Now Available In Japan

Last year, Pringles got a lot of people talking when they dropped Top Ramen flavored potato chips. This year, they’re flipping the script and teaming up with Supercup to imbue ramen with two of its iconic flavors.

Photo courtesy of Pringles

Pringles’ Jalapeno Onion and Sour Cream and Onion flavors will be available in instant noodle form, all as part of Supercup’s 30th anniversary celebration.

In addition, Supercup’s Soy Ramen and Squid Dry Noodles flavors will be made into Pringles potato chips starting October 23. Both will be available only in Japan.

If you’ve ever wondered what Pringles would taste like mixed into instant ramen soup, this is the warming, hearty version of that combination. The special Supercup ramen bowls are available in Japan for a limited time at 200 yen ($1.79 USD) each.

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Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles Now Exist, Here Is Where You Can Get Them

Last year, Pringles dropped a pretty true to taste Top Ramen chicken flavor that exceeded our taste buds’ expectations. Now, the iconic potato chip brand is dabbling in the world of chicken again with a brand new product: Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles.

nashville hot chicken pringles

Photo courtesy of Pringles

The new can of chips combines savory chicken with the heat of Nashville hot. The fried chicken flavor has become a favorite across the country, but its popularity went to extreme levels over the past year as fast food joints like KFC and Carl’s Jr. added it to their lineups.

Eating these Pringles is like crunching into the spicy, battered skin of Nashville Hot Chicken, but missing out on the juiciness of the meat. It’s a definite teaser to the full experience, but could also be useful as a breading ingredient. I’m getting crazy recipe ideas in my head that use the Pringles now. Nashville hot Pringles-breaded jalapeno poppers, anyone?

Nashville Hot Chicken Pringles will be around for a limited-time release during the summer. You can find them in Dollar General stores nationwide.

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Pringles Just Made An Entire Thanksgiving Dinner In Chip Form

Photo by Isai Rocha/Foodbeast

Pringles isn’t scared to play around with new flavor concepts, and this year, they put together an entire Thanksgiving meal’s worth of flavors in one package.

With eight different familiar flavors, Pringles’ Thanksgiving Dinner consists of turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, mac & cheese, creamed corn, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Each pack comes with three of each flavor, and it’s even in a container that sort of looks like a baking pan, just to add to the home kitchen feel.

While they sent us a package and got us all excited for its release, it looks like they’re only testing the product, as of now, and won’t be available in retail stores this year.

Womp womp.

Still, in case they ever do release these all at once, or individually, we went ahead and tried them for you.

With so many flavors, they’re weren’t all hits, but there are a lot of good flavors in this dinner — just depends what you’re into.

Photo Courtesy of Pringles


There are the flavors that we generally thought were pretty good.


Let’s start with the main course. The turkey flavor actually has a near identical flavor. Well, at least a very gravy like taste, and we’re not mad. As the crew around the Foodbeast office tried it, the reviews were fairly positive. At least they didn’t mess up the main dish.

Creamed Corn

This one was our managing editor Reach Guinto’s favorite, and it had an interesting dynamic as it was savory, but also had a hint of sweetness to it. I personally liked it as well, but also think it might not be for everyone, as it’s not flavor comparable to anything before it, and might take some getting used to if it were a standalone. Plus points go to capturing the buttery flavor.


The stuffing might be the best flavor of the bunch, and would definitely be a banger as a standalone flavor. A lot of eyes in the office lit up when trying the stuffing-flavored chip. It really did taste like stuffing which can really fuck with you mentally coming from a Pringle crisp.

Photo by Isai Rocha/Foodbeast



Pumpkin Pie

This one was hit-or-miss, but if you’re a fan of pumpkin everything, you’d probably enjoy it. The pumpkin flavor wasn’t too overwhelming, but it’s probably not a chip you’d keep reaching for. It’s just kind of good.

Mashed Potato

Rudy Cheney of our dev team put it best, as he said, “It tastes like a potato chip,” which makes sense, since it’s potato flavor. “It tastes like an unflavored Pringle.” This one wasn’t good or bad, it was just there.

Cranberry Sauce

“It screams fruity, but it doesn’t taste like cranberry,” said our resident food scientist Constantine Spyrou. There were hints of some kind of fruit, but for the most part, there wasn’t a lot of flavor to it.

Photo Courtesy of Pringles


Mac & Cheese

“Whoa, this one kind of smells like butt,” another classic quote from our own Rudy Cheney, and yeah, it wasn’t the best smelling or tasting of the bunch. It literally tasted like uncooked Kraft mac & cheese powder.

Green Bean Casserole

It tasted like they just dusted the chip with onion powder. If you were to take plain Pringles and add your own onion powder to it, it’d probably taste like this green bean casserole. It’s like a real green bean casserole in the sense that you look at it and say, “Why am I gonna eat veggies for thanksgiving?” Hard pass.

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These Top Ramen Pringles Taste Exactly Like The Real Thing

Photo: Brayden Curtis

Sometimes, you get flavored chips that don’t really taste like the flavor they claim to be. That’s not what we have here with these new Pringles.

The iconic chip brand has joined forces with ramen-making giant NISSIN to develop a Chicken Top Ramen-flavored Pringle that literally brings you back to slurping up bowls of noods in college. Then you remember they’re potato chips, and immediately, your mind gets blown.

Granted, they do taste similar to raw, crunchy Top Ramen, but the fact that it’s a snackable potato chip makes it just a little more appealing than eating uncooked noodles.

If you’re excited to try this college food mashup out, Dollar General is gonna start carrying them this month nationwide. If you do pick up a cylinder, try closing your eyes when biting into one of these ramen-flavored chips. You’re gonna be surprised at how much this tastes like the real deal.

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Pringles Gets LOUD With New Line Of Flavors Including Spicy Queso


Pringles has announced that they’ll be adding a batch of new flavors that boast an even louder crunch than their predecessors. So, you know, try not to sneak some into a screening of La La Land.

The line of Pringles LOUD will feature five bold flavors that include Fiery Chili Lime, Mighty Margarita Pizza, Salsa Fiesta, Spicy Queso, and Super Cheesy Italian.

Pringles’ new corn and grain-based veggie crisps are said to feature a crunchier texture, giving them the appropriate LOUD title. The canned snack will also feature a sleek new design to set them apart from traditional Pringles cans.

The new set of crisps will be available nationwide at all participating grocery retailers this month.

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Pringles Releases New Sugar Cookie Chips With Holiday Sweater Cans


Around this time of year, Pringles releases seasonal chips inspired by holiday flavors. The snack brand’s newest addition is a Sugar Cookie flavored chip that reminds us we have to get started on some end-of-year shopping.

The new Pringles flavor comes with a holiday sweater design that you can actually gift to your loved ones, or confuse your enemies via kindness with.

Tis the season, right?

You won’t find much salt in these chips, however. With less than 2% sodium, the sugar cookies are ideally for those looking for something sweet to munch on but can’t commit to an entire cookie.

Pringles Sugar Cookie will be available in Walmart stores nationwide beginning in early November. Each can has a suggested retail price of $1.69.

The light-blue can will join Pringles’ other returning flavors of Salted Caramel and Pecan Pie.


This Deep Fried Cheeseburger Pringles Breaded Burger FTW [WATCH]

Nick, the man behind the amazing blog Dude Foods, is the kind of eater we all aspire to be like. Thanks to his help, he’s getting us there, one Pringles encrusted meal at a time.

After deep frying hot dogs and then breading them in Pringles Hot Diggity Dog flavored chips, Nick decided to start making his way down the line of junk food Pringles flavors. Nick made the hot dogs, then set out to buy Pringles Pizza chips in order to decorate a pizza in the same way.

Through his snapchat, Nick spoke with a fan and discovered the existence of Pringles Cheeseburger, and boy are we glad he did. Sticking to the trend he’s created, Mr. Dude Foods himself created a Pringles Cheeseburger-coated deep fried burger, and it looks glorious.

Check out his video below to see how to make this monstrosity of a beauty.