Never Get Your Arm Stuck in a Pringles Canister Again With This Chip Dispenser

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Where the hell has this been all our lives. In my 24 years of eating Pringles I’ve been subjected to getting my arm stuck in the canister, breaking chips in an attempt to grab a stack and looking like a hot mess emptying the can down my gullet to ensure every crumb was consumed. So many wasted years. So many lost chips. So many regrets.

No more will we have to snack like animals thanks to the Chip Dispenser by EntreX. Created in Japan the silicon tool is easy to use, simply snap into shape and stick the Chip Dispenser into your favorite can of Pringles. The scoop-like design ensures every chip is grabbed as you pull back and behold the glorious sight before you. When you’re done nomming on your can of Pecan Pie Pringles the Chip Dispenser conveniently wraps around the canister awaiting its next use.

The product was on sale in Japan but doesn’t look like it’s available anymore. Hopefully someone can recreate this life changing tool to solve all our first world Pringles problems.

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Here’s How To Make a Push-Up Pringles Can


Last week, Late Night host Jimmy Fallon asked his viewers to tweet in ideas of things they wish existed using the hashtag #WhyDontTheyMakeThat. Submissions ranged from covered shopping carts (so no one has to know you live off frozen pizza and donuts) to a “Nobody Cares” button on Facebook. The best by far, though, was this little gem:



Well @TheAmazingBeck, guess what? You might not be able to buy it in stores (yet), but the Push-Up Pringles Can actually exists. Sort of.

Designed by instructables user Jason Poel Smith of DIYHacksAndHowTos, this hack involves using thread, pliers and sheet metal to create a small, pull-able platform to place at the bottom of the can. Once installed, all you need to do is tug on the strings and watch as your favorite stackable chips come up to you, instead of having to dig around for them.

Check the video below for full instructions:

Of course, with all the extra nuts and bolts, it’s highly unlikely anyone would actually adopt this trick unless they’re just dripping in free time, so many commenters have suggested alternate push-up can concepts, such as installing a spring loaded platform that will raise automatically as chips are eaten, or a screw and crank mechanism kind of like stick deodorant.

Until then, at least there’s still the old “pour out the whole can and eat in one sitting” method.

H/T + PicThx Jason Poel Smith