This Celebrity Chef Teamed With A Cruise Line To Open A Family-Style Restaurant On The Water


Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is heading to the water. Stone announced that he’ll be partnering with Princess Cruises to create his first-ever restaurant at sea.

So the thing with Princess Cruises is that they’re really into fresh food. So who better to tap than the dude that grows his own vegetables and uses the produce to create his restaurants’ dishes?

Folks may know chef Stone from his television appearances like Celebrity Apprentice and Top Chef Masters.

Stone’s concept, SHARE, will make its debut on the Golden Princess this fall and the Ruby Princess and Emerald Princess in December.

Focusing on a communal theme, SHARE puts patrons together at a large community table where they’ll be able to share small plates with one another. Y’know, family style. If you’re not about sharing, however, there’s also an option to dine in a slightly more private location a few feet away.


SHARE will source fresh ingredients from vendors all around the world. This is actually a huge plus for the restaurant. Imagine getting foods from tons of different places around the world all in one kitchen and cooking an amazing dish with it.

Dishes include a butter-poached lobster with endive foam, twice-cooked duck legs and roasted halibut. While there isn’t a fixed menu price for the new restaurants yet, Princess says it’ll be reasonable enough for the average cruise guest.

The only downside we’re seeing is trying to figure out the bill when everyone is sharing food.

Who knows whether SHARE will do well with Princess guests. While some folks save up to enjoy eating privately and at their leisure, others are more than happy to spend time getting to know perfect strangers and trying as many new foods as they can.

If you’re interested, maybe hit up Princess Cruises soon.