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Wetzel’s Pretzels Is Giving Out Free Pretzels For One Day Only, No Strings Attached

National Pretzel Day is coming up, meaning that we’ll soon be able to indulge like Michael Scott or Stanley Hudson in the warmth of a free pretzel.

Photo courtesy of Wetzel’s Pretzels

On April 26th, aka National Pretzel Day, all 340 locations of Wetzel’s Pretzels will be giving out free whole Original Pretzels to anyone who stops by. You don’t need an app, coupon or anything similar to redeem this deal, you just have to show up.

Wetzel’s apparently will have plenty to give away, too, so you don’t have to worry about this being a hyper-limited freebie. Last year, Wetzel’s gave out 85,000 pretzels on National Pretzel Day, so there’s definitely more than enough to go around.

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We Discovered Sam’s Club Has A Secret Menu Pizza Pretzel And ICEE Floats

While still finishing up the last few morsels of that massive bucket of ribs from Sam’s Club a few weeks back, we’re also  what other delicious secrets the warehouse is hiding. Turns out we had to look no further than their food court.

For fans of Sam’s Club’s pepperoni pizza and/or their salted pretzels, there’s a secret menu item that combines the best of both menu items.

Called the Pizza Pretzel, Sam’s Club douses one of their pretzels with marinara sauce and tops it with shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

Don’t worry about sounding weird making a custom order, as all you need to say is the item’s name. Similar to In-N-Out Burger, every Sam’s Club employee in the United States is familiar with this secret menu item and will know how to build it when ordered.

Another secret menu item we discovered is the ICEE Float. The refreshing medley that comes from the cold drink is paired with Sam’s soft serve ice cream, creating a unique blend of textures that one can not experience on the regular menu

Guests can get their hands on the Pizza Pretzel for $1.69 and the ICEE Float for 99 cents small and $1.98 large. Not quite sure if I should pair that pretzel with a cup of mustard or ranch dressing, but you can bet I’m excited to find out.

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Togo’s New Pretzelrami Packs On The Pastrami And We’re Not Mad

There’s never such a thing as too much pastrami. I tell my friends this. I tell my colleagues this. I’ll probably tell my kids this. Knowing the amount of work that goes into brining and smoking the product makes me appreciate the flavorful meat all the more. Just pile anything with pastrami and I’m there.

In my quest to try anything and everything new in the world of pastrami sandwiches, I discovered Togo’s newest addition to their menu lineup. They also recently revamped themselves with a new slogan: True to the Sandwich. To coincide with the relaunch, the sandwich chain created a new signature item in this massive Pretzelrami. It features… you guessed it… tons of pastrami.

The sandwich boasts more than a quarter pound of Togo’s pastrami and is topped with two slices of white cheddar cheese, yellow mustard, dill pickles, and served inside a toasted soft pretzel roll.

Honestly, the best kind of pastrami sandwich is one where there’s so much pastrami falling off, you can throw it on your chips or fries afterwards.

Pastrami-loving patrons can find Togo’s new Pretzelrami permanently on the menu as a signature item. Just be ready for that subsequent food coma that’s sure to follow after crushing one. I know I sure am.

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This Is The Pizza Pretzel Recipe You Need In Your Life

To continue our celebration of National Pizza Month, we head to the Nation’s Capital to enlist the help of fellow pizza-loving foodie, Justin Schuble a.k.a. DC Food Porn. For this National Pizza Month recipe, we’ve reimagined the traditional taste of a pizza — and turned it into a giant pretzel. Because if there’s anything better than a giant pretzel, it’s a giant pizza pretzel with mini pepperonis plastered all over it.

This buttery, crispy play on pizza is perfect for those cold October nights. Thankfully, DC Food Porn and Pabst Blue Ribbon have hooked us up with this super simple giant pepperoni pizza pretzel and PBR Ranch dip recipe that will give you some time to chill out and sip on a cold one.

Since October is National Pizza Month, this freshly baked pretzel pie will help you celebrate. In doing so, you should also showcase your unadulterated love for everything pizza and PBR by posting your pizza-based creations on social media and hashtagging “#InPizzaWeCrush.”

DC Food Porn is already way ahead of the game, so take notes and be sure to have plenty of pepperoni pretzel pizzas, PBR infused-ranch dipping sauce and – of course – ice cold PBRs on deck.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started.     

Estimated prep time: 15 minutes
Estimated cook time: 20-25 minutes
Estimated total time: 35-40 minutes

For the pretzel
16 ounces store-bought pizza dough
1 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
1 cup parmesan cheese, shredded
2 large eggs
1 ½ cups mini pepperonis
1 jar tomato sauce
For the PBR ranch dip
16 ounces cream cheese, softened
1/3 cup PBR
1 package Ranch dressing seasoning mix
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Step 1
Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Slightly flour a cutting board. Roll the pizza dough into a long rope. Stuff with parmesan and mozzarella. Pinch edges to contain the cheese.

Step 2
Fold dough into a pretzel shape (bring ends together, twist around once, bring ends down into pretzel shape) and transfer to baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Brush with egg wash, and top with generous amounts of parmesan, mozzarella, and pepperoni. Bake for ~20 minutes at 400F (or until cheese is melted and pretzel is golden brown).

Step 3
While pretzel is baking, prepare PBR ranch dip. Beat the cream cheese, beer and seasoning mix in a large bowl. Add shredded cheddar cheese and stir until evenly combined. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir. Repeat this process until cheddar cheese is melted, and mixture is fully softened.

Step 4
Serve pretzel with tomato sauce and PBR ranch dip!

Created in partnership with Pabst Blue Ribbon


Getting A Free Pretzel From Wetzel’s Doesn’t Get Easier Than This


Who: Wetzel’s Pretzels

What: Customers will get a free Original Pretzel from Wetzel’s in honor of National Pretzel Day. All you have to do is show up and ask for one. If you follow Wetzel’s Pretzel on social media, you can upgrade that Original Pretzel to a Pizza Pretzel. Throwing cheese and pepperoni on anything instantly makes it better.

Where: Any of the 300 participating Wetzel Pretzel locations across the country.

When: April 26, 2016

Packaged Food

Trader Joe’s Continues With Their Wizardry, Unveils A Pretzel Croissant Hybrid


Just when we thought we’ve seen every possible hybrid for a baked good, Trader Joe’s released another. The grocery store brand is now selling Artisan Bread Pretzel Croissants in their bakery section.

We swung by our local Trader Joe’s and grabbed a bag for ourselves. After all, the promo pic on the website showed us practically nothing.


The exterior had the firm taste of a pretzel, but broke apart as easily as a croissant. More croissant than pretzel, Trader Joe’s uses a traditional laminating method. Each layer of dough is folded with butter which gives the croissant its flakiness. It’s then given a yeasty, pretzel aroma with a salty taste.

Patrons can find a 5.78-ounce bag for $2.49 at their local Trader Joe’s. Each bag comes with two Pretzel Croissants.


26 Magical Foods You HAVE To Try At Disneyland


There’s a indescribable magic about stepping into Disneyland for the day. Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time, the park features a family-friendly world, nostalgic sets and awesome rides. Also, you can’t beat the food.

Seriously, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure feature some of the most fantastic foods around. Whether it’s a whimsical snack or an epic meal, some folks are willing to brave the long lines just to have a taste.

In the spirit of Disney foods, we’re guiding you through the best things to find at the park year-round.


Here we goooo! 


Mickey Mouse Pancakes


River Belle Terrace/Disneyland, Photo: Peter Pham

Dole Whip Soft Serve Ice Cream

Disneyland Dole Whip

The Enchanted Tiki Room/Disneyland, Photo: Dominique Zamora

Country-style Biscuits n’ Gravy


River Belle Terrace/Disneyland, Photo: Peter Pham

Boysen Apple Freeze


Maurice’s Treats/Disneyland, Photo: Brian Yamamoto

Marshmallow Tigger Tails


Pooh’s Corner/Disneyland, Photo: Peter Pham

Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist


Maurice’s Treats/Disneyland, Photo: Peter Pham

Mickey Pretzel


Refreshment Corner/Disneyland, Photo: Peter Pham

Fried Chicken

Disneyland Fried Chicken

Plaza Inn/Disneyland, Photo: Dominique Zamora

Lobster Roll


Harbour Galley/Disneyland, Photo: Peter Pham

Chocolate-dipped Ice Cream Cone


Cozy Cone Motel/California Adventure, Photo: Peter Pham

Mickey Macarons


Jolly Holiday Bakery Café/Disneyland, Photo: Peter Pham

Lobster Nachos

Disney Lobster Nachos

Cove Bar/California Adventure, Photo: Dominique Zamora

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup


Jolly Holiday Bakery Café/Disneyland, Photo: Brian Yamamoto

Fried Biscuits Stuffed with Jalapeño White Cheddar


Carthay Circle Restaurant/California Adventure, Photo: Peter Pham

Hand-dipped Ice Cream bar with the Works


Clarabelle’s Ice Cream/California Adventure, Photo: Peter Pham

Veggie Tater Bake


Flo’s V8 Café/California Adventure, Photo: Brian Yamamoto

Mickey Beignet

Disneyland Beignet

Mint Julep Bar/Disneyland, Photo: Dominique Zamora

Apple-Cheddar Pie-O-Rama


Flo’s V8 Café/California Adventure, Photo: Peter Pham

Monte Cristo

Disneyland Monte Cristo

Café Orleans/Disneyland, Photo: Dominique Zamora



Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta/California Adventure, Photo: Peter Pham

French Dip


French Market Restaurant/Disneyland, Photo: Peter Pham

Uh-Oa! Flaming Cocktail

DIsney Uh Oa

Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar/Disneyland Hotel, Photo: Dominique Zamora

Mediterranean Kabobs


Paradise Garden Grill/California Adventure, Photo: Peter Pham

Pulled pork and Mac n’ Cheese Cones


Cozy Cone Motel/California Adventure, Photo: Peter Pham

Matterhorn Macaroon

Disneyland Matterhorn

Jolly Holiday Bakery Café/Disneyland, Photo: Dominique Zamora

Corn Dog


Corn Dog Castle/California Adventure, Photo: Peter Pham

Fast Food

Pretzel Buns Are Now Available At Quizno’s


Biting into a warm, freshly-baked pretzel is a pretty fantastic experience. Throw a little mustard on there and really enjoy it. Quizno’s is now offering Pretzel Bread to go with you sandwiches.

The quick-service chain has released a new pretzel bread option that’s featured on two new sandwiches. The Ham on Pretzel Bread features deli-sliced ham and Swiss cheese and is stacked with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and spicy brown mustard. The Turkey on Pretzel Bread is made with roasted turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and spicy brown mustard.

So while National Pretzel Day is over and done with, at least for another year, you can still get your hands on these new breads. At least through the fall.