Warm pretzel balls stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon


Recipe: Yammie’s Noshery

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7-Eleven Gets Saavy, Unleashes New Sriracha Chicken Ranch Sandwich


Rumors of a swanky 7-Eleven redesign turned out to be greatly exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean their new food offerings aren’t still obnoxiously hip.

Pretzel-bunned and Sriracha-drizzled, 7-Eleven’s new Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich hits two millennial trends with one mildly misguided stone. That’s not to say we’re not fans of good ol’ 7 trying to keep up with the times; we just wish they executed it better. Though the sandwich’s outsides are sure to get all our Instagrammin’ little panties in a bunch, its insides are relatively ho hum — just slices of chicken, lettuce, and cheese. Word around the internets, though, is that the bun and sauce more than make up for their innards. Denver’s Westword blog reports the Sriracha was “surprisingly spicy,” and that the bun was “fat, salty, chewy and had that neat slick pretzel exterior.”


There’s also a set of three Caramel Apple Mini Donuts, crispy French Toast Sausage Rollers filled with maple syrup, and a Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll. You can find all the new eats at participating 7-Eleven locations nationwide — $5 for the sandwich, $1.29 for the donuts, $1 each for the rollers and $1.69 for the cinnamon roll, or thereabouts.




PicThx 7-Eleven

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Ruby Tuesday’s New Pretzel Bun Burgers are the ‘Sexiest’ By Far


Why the pretzel boner, restaurant industry? More importantly, why the pretzel boner for pretzel buns that don’t look or taste anything like pretzels?

If you’re going to make a pretzel bun burger, that thing had better be twisted and salted and dipped in hot cheese. Okay, so maybe you don’t have to dip it, but I’d at least like the option of tearing off those nubby end pieces whenever I damn well please.

Luckily, Ruby Tuesday seems to get it right with its line of four new pretzel bun burgers, available August 12, starting at $8.99.


Spicy Jalapeno, Bacon Cheese, Portabella Crispy Onion and Black and Blue [Cheese] Bacon are our options du jour, each set of fillings wedged between a lame, normal pretzel bottom bun and a tricked out pretzel top bun that looks uniquely pretzel-y. The whole set comes along with a silly porny ad campaign, describing how “hot” and “thick” and “satisfying” each burger is and even asking customers to check out the “fun between the buns” in an odd, unnecessarily censored commercial.

You can head to for a $3 off coupon, just make sure not to mistype or try it on a public computer with a spotty internet connection, or that’d just be awkward for everyone.

PicThx Ruby Tuesday


Panda Sushi, Bacon Pretzel Buns and the Best Food Instagram Photos of the Week [11/09/12]

Hope everyone’s having a great week! Here we are with this week’s Top 6 Instagram Food Photos. Please be sure to tag your Instagram photos with #FOODBEAST for a chance to be featured in next week’s set. Enjoy this week’s top picks:



Smoked Salmon Benedict atop potato pancakes. #smokedsalmon #salmon #potato #pancakes #fish #seafood #fresh #eggs #hollandaise #delicious #salad #brunch #crunchy #creamy #fancy #pinay #dtla #downtown #losangeles #california #foodbeast — @rawritslulu


2. Bacon Pretzel Bun? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

The Vargas Special. Bacon Pretzel Bun, Onions Strings, Tomato, Monterrey Spiced Beef, Deep Fried Bacon Strips covered with Secret BBQ Sauce. –– @taylorcorner


3. Bravo Affogato

Wafflegato with chocolate covered strawberry flavored gelato! — @drummerxaki


4. Ofa Chocolate Style

Ofa’s cookie#stuffed with#Nutella#milkchocolate#penutbutter#topped with #caramel#marshmillow — @chocolici0us



#cute #asian #sushi #food #kawaii #japanese #dessert #delicious #instagood #instafood #dinner #pretty #vintage #cute #kids #kid #love #sweet #animal #panda #cake #foods #doubletap #followforfollow #hello #today #night — @iiloveefood


6. This One Takes the Cake

Finishing touches can make the cake. But sometimes it’s just about the #chocolate #treatyourself — @zarosbakery

Fast Food

Wienerschnitzel Announces Return of the Pretzel Pastrami Dog

Wienerschnitzel fans have another reason to celebrate this month, the limited time return of this Pretzel Pastrami Dog. Swiss cheese, pastrami, pickles, mustard and hot dog sitting between a halved pretzel bun. This bad boy will be back in stores for a limited time at participating Wienerschnitzel locations beginning August 29th.




Craving: Egg Burger

Have you ever had a fried egg on a cheeseburger before? It really is one of the better things in life, and this picture is a perfect example of why. This is a prime beef burger on a pretzel bun with melted Herkimer cheddar cheese and a fried egg just dripping that yokey goodness. (Thx FPD)