Here’s A Dazzling Display of Pretty Moldy Bread


Pretty moldy as in the bread is both moldy and aesthetically pleasing . . . though it’s also “pretty moldy” like there’s a lot of mold.

Singaporean artist Sookoon Ang devised these hideously stunning loaves under the series title “Your Love is like a Chunk of Gold” using bread, ammonia phosphate (the secret behind the crystalline mold) and time.  Featured at the 2013 Art Stage Singapore, Design Boom calls them “an intersection of the real, supernatural and science fiction.” I also thought that exact same thing.

Some who look at this may feel inspired to wax poetic about the juxtaposed dichotomies of beautiful mold, creation and decay, order and chaos, and so on and so forth. The rest of us are already in the kitchen, trying to figure out how to do this with a bagel and some food coloring.





See more image’s at Ang’s site.

H/T Animal New York + PicThx Design Boom