This Guy Used A Hydraulic Press To Make A Pizza And It Was A Complete Disaster

The point of a hydraulic press is, for all intents and purposes, is destruction. Could there be any chance, however, that the machine designed to crush things had the potential to also create something beautiful?

The Hydraulic Press Channel decided to test that theory by using a hydraulic press to create a pizza. The operator starts off by crushing some pizza dough, then a can of tomato sauce, a large chunk of ham and finally a block of cheese.

If that wasn’t enough of a disaster, the final touches to cook the pizza were made with a flamethrower.

Yes, a flamethrower.

Check out the hilarious pizza-smashing video.


This Hydraulic Press Crushing An Easter Basket Filled With Eggs Is So Satisfying To Watch

Easter is only a few days away and the folks over at the Hydraulic Press Channel want to do something special for the upcoming holiday.

The YouTube channel is best known for crushing every-day items with a hydraulic press. They once shattered a regular piece of paper after trying to fold it seven times.

This time, they’re crushing an entire Easter Basket filled with fresh eggs, chocolates and other candies.

There’s something about watching that press descend that’s so satisfying.

As the channel warns, “Don’t try this at home, or anywhere else.”


McDonald’s Just Hired Obama’s Former Press Secretary To Help Improve Its Image


Despite the company’s big restructuring initiative, McDonald’s still isn’t doing so great. As of May, same-store sales are still falling as the company struggles to maintain a steady trend. Because of this, they have announced a new global chief of communications: Robert Gibbs.

Gibbs previously worked for President Barack Obama as his former press secretary. Gibbs’ recent appointment came after his predecessor, Bridget Coffing, announced her retirement after with the company. Coffing had been with McDonald’s for the past 30 years.

McDonald’s announced Monday that global same-store sales fell 0.3 percent in May and 2.2. percent in the US.

In his new role, Gibbs, will report only to current CEO Steve Easterbrook.


Aluminum Press Engraves the Virgin of Guadalupe Onto Your Tortilla


Are you looking for something extra to go with that burrito? Feeling like those soft tacos are missing a certain something? Either way, the “Bendita” tortilla press ensures that every tortilla you make is marked in bas-relief of the Virgin of Guadalupe, bringing her blessing on your enchiladas.

Designed by a Paris-based architect and made in Mexico, the press is made of recycled aluminum featuring the Virgin image. The press leaves imprints on the tortilla dough that, when cooked, form an outline of the Virgin. A delicious way to take your meal to the next level.



H/T + PicThx Design Boom


Garject “Ejects” Smelly Garlic Fingers [VIDEO]


Ever have to peel garlic and the smell stays on your fingers for days? I’ve sure had that problem. But thanks to Dreamfarm‘s Garject, you’ll never have to deal with that nonsense again. This awesome gadget allows you to press un-peeled garlic without ever having to get your hands dirty. Even more, it has a feature that lets you “eject” the left over peels without having to touch them!

So you’re going to have to ask yourself:

Is $27.95 worth a lifetime of smelly garlic fingers?

The Garject comes in charcoal black and firetruck red.


Adjustable Nonstick Burger Press

With summer looming, it’s time for grilling aficionados to come out of the woodwork and organize their burger making tools. Williams-Sonoma has just revealed this cast-aluminum press that helps you perfectly mold your patties to a perfectly uniform shape and thickness. The easy-to-use press forms the custom patties in seconds, and using the top-placed handle allows you to quickly adjust patty weight. Settings vary from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ thick, and with the nonstick finish, you’ll be making burgers with little fuss in no time! ($19.95 @ Williams-Sonoma)


Grill Pocket Press

Ready to make mini-pies without breaking a sweat? With this Grill Pocket Press, not only can you get your dough cut to the perfect circumference, you can easily put together a tiny pie, pizza (calzone) or empanada to a .125″ thickness. The lid can be used to cut the bottom of the dough, making it easy to situate into the bottom of the press. Once the dough is in place, you’re free to fill it with multiple tablespoons of your favorite filling before placing another piece of dough over the filling, lidding the entire contraption and laying it out on your grill.

20-25 minutes and one turn later in the oven, you’ll get golden brown pies filed with whatever your heart desires. The unit is top-shelf dishwasher safe. ($10 @ SurLaTable)