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Chipotle Has Finally Eliminated All Added Colors, Preservatives and Flavors From Its Food

Chipotle’s goal to be the “clean label” fast food chain has finally been fully achieved.

The burrito-making chain announced this morning that they have developed new tortilla formulations that eliminate all additives and preservatives from its tortillas. Their entire menu now only contains 51 different ingredients following this impressive change.

Chipotle has been working to eliminate additives and preservatives from its tortillas for the past two years, and has finally been able to achieve that goal. Flour tortillas now contain just five ingredients (flour, water, canola oil, salt, and yeast) while the corn tortillas used for chips have just two (corn masa and water).

The shift in tortilla recipes has allowed the company to finally be fully clean-label and free from ingredients like added colors, flavors, and preservatives. Apart from lemon juice and lime juice (which the company says are used for flavor over preservation), no other such ingredients now exist in Chipotle’s food.

Chipotle’s press release claims that the shift to this level of transparency in food is needed since similar companies that claim their ingredients to be natural are still not clean label.

“Chipotle’s accomplishment comes at a time when other fast food brands are scrambling to clean up their ingredient statements as consumers turn away from processed foods and foods with added colors, flavors, preservatives and other industrial additives. But nearly every fast food chain has chosen the easier path of simply switching from artificial flavors and colors to ‘natural’ versions of additives that serve the same purpose. Some fast food companies have gone so far as to designate the preservatives they use as ‘natural’ even though nearly all preservatives identified in FDA rules are known as ‘chemical preservatives.'”

It definitely makes Chipotle stand out from the rest of the crowd and increases trust in the brand, as Chipotle is definitely more clean-label than any other giant fast food chain.

Between this major announcement, a recovery in the company’s sales, and a restoration of Chipotle’s brand image following the major food poisoning controversies of last year, things are definitely looking up for the build-your-own burrito franchise.


US Stores To Sell DIY Phở Kits From All-Natural Food Company


Photo: John Lucas/Edmonton Journal

No more long lines. No more treks to your not-at all-close-to-you-but-totally-worth-the-trip ph spot. The glasses-steaming, miraculous cure-all soup is coming to your refrigerator, all thanks to Canyon Creek Food Company.

You probably haven’t heard of Canyon Creek since it’s a food processor and distributor based in Canada. And when was the last time you remembered things about Canada? While you’ve tormented yourself trying to reconcile the country’s contradictory offerings to the world (re: Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling), Canyon Creek has cranked out tons of all natural, preservative-free soups. They’re ready to up Canada’s ante by releasing their Vietnamese Ph Bò Viên Soup in Los Angeles, California.

The company’s first baby steps into the US bring a fresh soup kit containing broth, meatballs, fresh noodles, sriracha chili sauce and hoisin sauce. Sure, it’s BYOHV (Bring Your Own Herbs and Veggies), but this kit shrinks down the typically day-long process of cooking ph.


Screenshot 2016-01-08 at 1.53.53 AM

Certified organic by Quality Assurance International, Canyon Creek’s products are taking convenience out of cans and Lean Cuisine boxes, and giving you some semblance of control. Think of their kits like Lunchables for adults who are allowed to use the stove. Instead of chemicals and a day’s worth of calories and sodium, however, you’re following a recipe with pronounceable ingredients.

Though transparent about their food, the company is pretty tight-lipped about the major retailer who’s made their US debut possible. Their social media profiles hint at a Costco partnership,  so you’ll likely find their kits at your local bulk store. The Los Angeles launch is meant to build brand awareness, but their ph kits should reach your neck of the woods within a few months.

Considering Canyon Creek also makes a bevy of sauces and solid entrees, we’re hoping this phở lives up to the hype. If it does, it might be time to learn another line of “Oh, Canada.”