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McDonald’s Serves New Luxury Burgers With Thickest Patties Ever


Things are looking up for McDonald’s. After a rough couple of years, the company finally began to see a rise in sales. A huge chunk of that success goes towards the new all-day breakfast the company is finally offering. Now, they want to add a new line of luxury burgers to stores in the UK.

The Guardian reports that McDonald’s new Signature Collection features three beefed-up burgers: The Classic, The Spicy and The BBQ. Each burger will feature high-quality British and Irish beef in thicker patties. Reportedly the thickest ever served at McDonald’s. The burgers will also boast premium ingredients and sauces, in the same vein as Shake Shack or Five Guys, and are served on a brioche bun.

Development of the burgers was attributed to consumer feedback. The company worked with its internal chef council. Some of whom have also worked in Michelin-starred restaurants.

If successful, McDonald’s Signature Collection could easily make it to menus in the United States. Though the company will probably let franchisees get settled with the all-day breakfast changes first.

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Coca-Cola Mooo-ves into the Premium Milk Market


Beverage giant Coca-Cola is treading into milkier waters with the debut of their newest drink: Fairlife. While the beverage company has been known to produce beverages that aren’t soda (water, tea, sports drinks), this will be their first milk product.

The milk is said to be “ultra-filtered” and lactose-free, which should catch the attention of those looking for milk alternatives. According to the Fairlife site, the beverages boast less sugar, more protein and more calcium than regular milk.

Sounds good so far. As always, however, there’s a catch. Fairlife will cost you about twice as much as regular milk.

Additional flavors of Fairlife include fat-free, 2 percent reduced fat, whole and chocolate. The Coca-Cola milk product can be found at select grocery retailers next month, including Target and Walmart.


You might remember a handle of ads floating around last year of nude women covered in milk. Yep, this is it.

A half gallon of Fairlife is said to be priced around $4.


Say Goodbye to These McDonald’s Menu Items in 2015


Last week, we reported that McDonald’s would be axing eight items from their menu beginning early 2015. It looks like the fast food company has officially begun testing lighter menus, reports USA Today.

Noteworthy items on the chopping block are the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, the Premium Chicken Sandwich and the Snack Wraps. At least all the extra variations of them.

While the brand isn’t completely cutting the three options from their menu, they are drastically decreasing the options for the Quarter Pounder from four (Bacon Habanero Ranch, Bacon & Cheese, Deluxe) to one. The Premium Chicken Sandwich (Ranch, BLT, Club) and Snack Wraps (Premium, Mac Wraps, Regular) will also be reduced from a choice of three to one.

Current test locations include select McDonald’s in Delaware, Texas, California, Georgia and Tennessee.

The McDonald’s menu has been known to be overly complicated. This has caused profits to decline, especially in the month of November. It’s also become difficult for those working in the kitchen to keep up with so many different items, while maintaining expected service times.

McDonald’s is heavily monitoring these new lighter menus, as well as essential ingredients, to see what else needs to go.

Fans of the Quarter Pounder, Premium Chicken Sandwich and Snack Wrap variants may want to stock up on them quickly. They might be gone for good.

h/t USA Today

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Pizza Hut’s New Revamped Menu Features A Curry Crust and Sriracha Drizzle


Earlier today, we reported that Pizza Hut is planning a major overhaul of its menu and overall look. Now we’ve been aware that Pizza Hut had been working on some secret menu items for some time, but it looks like the chain has officially announced its plans for the foreseeable future.

Pizza Hut has officially announced its new rebranding direction and it looks pretty bomb. The relauching event has been titled “Flavor of Now” and will begin Wednesday, Nov. 19. While the chain will still feature Pizza Hut classics like Meat Lover’s, Supreme and Stuffed Crust, that pretty much where the old menu ends.


The new Pizza Hut will now feature 10 choices of crusts including: Honey Sriracha, Salted Pretzel, Ginger Boom Boom,  Get Curried Away, Toasted Cheddar, Garlic Buttery Blend, Fried Red Pepper Toasted Asiago and Hut Favorite (we’re guessing this is original).

A new batch of “premium” ingredients will include classic meatball, sliced banana peppers, fresh spinach, premium salami and Peruvian cherry peppers.

Because these days there needs to be some kind of extra layer of sauce on a pie, Pizza Hut is offering four types of Drizzles you choose from for those opposed to a dry slice. Customers can get honey sriracha, barbecue, buffalo and balsamic.

For the calorie watchers, a new menu of Skinny Crusts will also be available for order.


Now, only time will tell whether or not this change up will be a successful one. Though if it’s anything like Domino’s attempt at rebranding, then Pizza Hut might just do OK.

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McDonalds Switzerland Signature Line Includes $12 Burger


Yet again we’re left in the dust while McDonalds debuts some epic menu items everywhere else but here in the U.S. The latest menu we have to be jealous over is the premium Signature Line which is being served all the way in Switzerland.

The Signature Line’s burger is called “The Prime” and runs 10.90 Swiss francs, which translates to a little over $12 USD. The burger, developed with celebrity Swiss chef Rene Schudel, features a 6.3oz  Swiss beef patty, rustic mountain cheese (whatever that means), coleslaw, arugula, and of course a special sauce.

Other items available as part of the Signature Line include “The Chips” which are described as thick potato chips, medallion-cut fries, potato salad, coleslaw, Caesar salad, and couscous salad.

Though no plans have been announced to bring the Signature Line to the U.S., we’re hoping that one day McDonalds will deem us worthy for more premium items like the Bacon Clubhouse.

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Pepsi Unveils New ‘Qua’ Premium Water, Because First Names Are So Passe


Forget dropping last names to cement your superstardom (Madonna, Beyonce); it’s all about dropping those pesky first syllables.

Take it from “Qua,” the brand-new bottled tap water from PepsiCo, which was first introduced to the Hollywood set last night at the Golden Globes. Not to be weighed down by unsightly extra A’s, Qua is Pepsi’s attempt to compete in the sexy premium aqua (get it?) category, taking its place alongside the likes of Evian, Fiji, Voss and Coca-Cola’s own Smartwater. Like the rest of its kind, Qua earns its higher price tag mostly from branding, from its sleek bottle design to its being “micro-filtered,” and sodium-free.

Associated Press reports Qua will be tested in California over the summer before expanding to other markets, and that its name and design could change before then. Let’s hope so, because the alternative sounds a little too unintentionally French.

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Wendy’s Japan Offers Winter Premium Snow Crab Burger


Follow-up story: the rest of the world insanely jealous.

Wendy’s Japan loves its high end burgers. From lobster and caviar to truffles and foie gras, it seems there’s no shortage of luxe burger ingredients out there that would easily put all our pretzel buns and creamy sriracha sauces to shame.

Their latest go-round, available for a limited-time through winter, is the Snow Crab Burger, which features strips of snow crab doused in a crab and shrimp shell bisque, along with spring greens and cheese sauce, all atop a beef patty.

How about some fatty tuna or civet coffee for next time guys?

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Wendy’s Japan Prosciutto Burger Can F@#K On Off Right Now


Prosciutto is practically bougie bacon, so it’s only logical that the buttery, dry-cured Italian ham has finally made its way onto a fast food burger. What isn’t logical is that it didn’t happen here.

For a few years now, Wendy’s Japan has been playing with its own “Premium” line of burgers including such gloriously upper class creations as the Foie Gras Rossini, Lobster and Caviar, Surf & Turf, Avocado Wasabi and now, the Prosciutto Mozzarella Italiano. Featuring the eponymous prosciutto dressed with basil cream cheese sauce, sun-dried tomato sauce, mozzarella, spring greens, mayonnaise and tomato, it’s more than enough to make you curse yourself for not living in Japan.

And okay, we know we’ve been asking this question pretty much ad nauseam by now but seriously, why do foreign countries get all the good food? Are foreign fast food menu designers just more adventurous than ours are? Is the rest of the world just classier? Do Japanese people get to eat like this all the time?

The Prosciutto Mozzarella Italiano is now available from Wendy’s Japan for 880 yen (~$8.96 USD), where it will continue to mock us with its sheer existence, UGH.

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