Drinkers Pay Homage To Pregnant Women In This Hilarious Beer Ad

People love to tell pregnant women “you’re glowing,” yet every time I’m drunk and my belly is hanging out of my shirt, people say, “You’re showing.” Double standard, right? I know, totally.

One German beer company is working to break those double standards by reminding men that just because they don’t house humans in their bellies, doesn’t mean that housing beer is any less precious or meaningful.

According to boredpanda, Bergedorfer Bier teamed up with a German advertising agency called Jung von Matt and created an advertisement that appealed to the average beer drinker, one that might have a bit of a belly, or as Americans now like to call it, a “dad bod.”

The best part of this entire series is the way these men gently cradle their bellies and delicately safeguard their nipples. The ad’s slogan is “Brewed with love,” giving even more hilarious meaning to the loving poses.

beer ad 2 beer ad 3 beer ad 1



Photo Credit: boredpanda

Fast Food

LOL: McDonald’s Portugal Has Something Called the McPrego


Go ahead, call us immature Americans. At least now we have something to laugh about.

In typical foreign fast food fashion, McDonald’s Portugal has managed to tap its resources to create something truly inspired by — albeit significantly cheaper and more bad-for-you than — local tastes. It’s called the McPrego, which is trashy #Murican enough on its own, but also has the added benefit of a totally lol-worthy etymology. Turns out the Portuguese word “prego,” which refers to a steak sandwich on crusty bread roll (or a hamburger patty at Mickey D’s), also translates to “nailed.” Get it? Getttt ittttt?

If you’re into it, you can also get yours topped with an unfertilized egg.

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