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Hack: Here’s How to Get A 100% Fresh Egg at McDonald’s, None of That Egg Patty Sh*t


Among the many curious things McDonald’s serves up, those rubbery “mystery” egg patties found in between their breakfast sandwiches are one of them. Both the texture and appearance are unappetizing and there’s nothing like a square-shaped slop of protein to make your stomach lurch. Luckily,  Serious Eats J. Kenji Lopez-Alt dishes the deets on how to get a freshly-cooked egg on any McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, in particular the biscuit options.

To what’s the “secret”? The answer is the solution to most of life’s problems: Simply ask. Yes, just let them know that you’d like your sandwich to come with a “round egg” and they’ll swap that questionable square patty with a just-cracked egg. No charge.


Of course, it’s worth it to know that the round and patty versions are both 100% egg. The latter is simply “pre-cooked” and “reheated.” While many people will argue over the validity of both, there’s one thing that’s certain: A freshly-cracked egg makes a world of a difference when trying to make the most of your Mickey D’s breakfast sandwich.

Also, follow that up with some hot, fresh fries while you’re at it.

H/T + PicThx SeriousEats