9 Of The Most Epic Fast Food Pranks Ever Recorded

As the MTV series Jackass rose to fame in the late 90s, it spawned a new generation of mischief that was documented on video. Before the internet was really a thing, teenagers had to entertain themselves — in some cases, that meant pranking adults, and other unsuspecting victims, like fast food employees, at the expense of a cheap laugh.

Some of us might remember one of the first Jackass-produced skate videos, CKY and CKY2K, which were directed by Bam Margera and featured his clan of misfits engaging in everything from jumping into bushes from moving vehicles to dressing as a football player and taking “a handoff” of someone’s food from the drive-thru window.

While most of the pranks were harmless, it’s nice to look back and see how much we’ve grown — even though we still might get a good laugh. So, in celebration of being young, here’s a list of the funniest drive-thru pranks ever captured on film.  

Elmo’s first trip to Taco Bell

Hearing someone imitate any fictional or non fictional character can be a real treat. There’s nothing like a quality impression. What’s even better, however, is when that impression is recorded and you’re in the Taco Bell drive-thru. Thanks for being so polite, Elmo!

That’s some serious shock value

YouTuber Magic of Rahat has some pretty insane pranks on his channel. In this prank, he uses some type of static shocker to trick drive-thru employees to think that they’ve somehow transferred an immense amount of electricity to him, causing him to pass out. The reactions are pretty hilarious.

Taco Bell Folk song order for two

Everyone loves to sing and rap about food. Still, there’s only been a few attempts to rap or freestyle an entire order when you’re actually in the drive-thru. Well the folk singing duo, Rhett & Link, made sure to include a heartfelt jingle about their large order at Taco Bell. The most fascinating part is that the employee taking the order doesn’t miss a beat!  

Spittin’ hot fire at McDonald’s

Shouts out to these kids for breakin it all the way down for this McDonald’s employee who was having a hard time transcribing the actual order from this popular McDonald’s drive-thru freestyle. It’s hard enough to rap, but this group of McDonald’s fans actually were able to rap and keep the beatbox going at three different speeds without messing up once! No mistakes in a drive-thru order? That’s a first for the Golden Arches. 

Drive-thru robot

Although we’re not living in a time where you can actually have a robot go get your fast-food order, at least people are clever enough to dress as one and hit the drive-thru. Well-known YouTuber Magic Of Rahat built a pretty intense robot suit that looks like a robot driving the car. Not sure what’s more impressive, the robot or the idea. 

Do you have any brains?

The Walking Dead television series has prepared us all for the looming zombie apocalypse. In this prank by Ed Bassmaster, the driver dressed up as a zombie and tried to scare the brains out of a few employees. Even though the zombie apocalypse might not be a real thing, it’s safe to say this prank won’t get old any time soon.

There’s more than one way to grab an ice cream cone.

The Internet has a way of making the most random things a thing. First there was planking, then there was dabbing. But do you guys remember coning? This prank involves ordering one or multiple ice cream cones and grabbing them from the top (where the ice cream is). While this doesn’t do much in terms of the driver, who must deal with hands full of ice cream, at least it’s pretty comedic to see the reaction of the unsuspecting employees.

When employees strike back!

Well, this turned south really quickly for these two fools who failed an attempt to pull-off the oldest drive-thru trick in the book. Known as a “fire in the hole,” this prank consists of a large soda being ordered, paid for, and suddenly hurled back at the employee in unceremonious fashion. Well, these guys got what they asked for, as it was a backfire in the hole!

This brings a new meaning to the phrase, “to-go”

It’s not everyday that you have your fast food order stolen — in the drive-thru. Well, the order and run prank is exactly that. One person, the runner, waits outside the car, then as their car pulls up to the window, the runner quickly intercepts the order by sprinting between the car and the window. Careful, you might not see that coming!  

Fast Food Features Humor

8 Hilarious Drive-Thru Pranks Caught On Camera

The hours that a clerk at a fast food drive-thru puts in can get pretty monotonous at times. Serving customer after customer for eight hour shifts can play tricks with your mind. Sometimes, it’s a breath of fresh air when a wacky customer comes to the drive-thru.

In the last few years, the Internet has become lush with drive-thru related pranks. Some were astounding in creativity while others simply focused on the execution. Despite the differences, we still got some pretty good escapades at a variety of fast food joints.

We leapt into the rabbit hole called YouTube and found some of the best fast food drive-thru pranks on the Internet. Check them out!

Person Swap

Dealing with so many customers throughout the day, orders tend to blend together at times. This prank swaps the guy from BigDawsTv with a blonde model, confusing some unsuspecting fast food employees. In the caper, he’ll ask for a large cup or water, or another menu item when he receives his food and when they turn away, the swap occurs.

Little Kid Driver

Would you believe a kid if he told you he had a disease that made him look like a juvenile? That’s what happens in this drive-thru prank where Denis Denisyuk talks an 11-year-old boy into masquerading as an 18-year-old. Some of the cashiers are apprehensive, while others see right through the ruse.


You never forget meeting your first robot. Through the practical application of a fake carseat costume and a robot extension attached to it, the prankster tricks unsuspecting drive-thru employees into believing that a mechanical man has the fast food munchies. As he pulls up to the window, most of the workers run off in fear. As they should when it comes to strange machines.

Escaped Prisoner

What would you do if a guy in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit drove up to your window and ordered food? In this classic Tom Mabe prank, fast food employees were shocked to find what appeared to be an escaped prisoner visiting their fast food spot. Some went about their business, while others seemed to stall while they alerted the authorities. How would you handle this situation?

The Invisible Customer

Working in fast food can get really spooky late at night. Imagine getting a graveyard shift, and a car rolls ups with no one driving. MagicofRahat created a costume that looks like an empty drivers seat, allowing him to drive up to the windows while maintaining the illusion that no one was there. Needless to say, some employees were pretty shocked.

The Puppy Swap

With all these shitty pranks featured, here’s one that probably made a food server’s day. In another BigDawsTV swap video, the driver this time switches places with an adorable puppy rather than another person. The employees instantly figure this is a prank. At least they get to play with the pup a bit. Hopefully they wash their hands after, though.

Fart Spray

Probably one of the more juvenile pranks we’ve seen, the crew from Jay Karl’s Pranks got a bottle of “Liquid Ass” and sprayed it onto their orders after it was handed to them. They would then give it back to the restaurant claiming something was wrong.

Static Shock fainting

We saved the most messed up for last. In this prank, the MagicofRahat feigns getting static shock from a transaction and immediately collapses onto the steering wheel as the car drives off. The employees are noticeably horrified and concerned over his well-being. Obviously he’s fine, but this experience can’t be good for anyone with high blood pressure.


This Guy Asked People In the Hood if They ‘Want Beef’? The Reactions Are Priceless


YouTuber BigDawsTV took to his ‘hood’ with ground beef duct taped inside his shirt and asked random people if they wanted ‘beef.’

Their reactions were priceless. The top YouTuber comment of the moment points out the obviously intriguing part of the video as a whole, “This was awesome, amazing how many people are game to just fight then and there in the hood.

Get a load of the action for yourself, and for your own sake, don’t try this in your neck of the woods:


Gravy and Wasabi Candy Canes Make for the Cruelest Prank Ever


I like me a good prank. You know– the harmless, slightly terrifying sort. But there are some jokes that just aren’t funny (hint: they’re secretly hilarious), especially when it comes to messing with one of my favorite holiday foods — candy canes.

Yes, gravy and wasabi-flavored candy canes now exist. Sure it sounds like an innocent idea and all, but these candies look like the one’s we’d normally eat. In fact, the manufacturer encourages prankster antics by suggesting we “sneak one in with regular candy canes.” Genius? Yep! (Just don’t pull a fast one on me.)


If the idea of gravy and/or wasabi candy has you running for the hills, perhaps you can incorporate them into a sweet sushi or use ’em as a mashed potato topping. Maybe.

Gravy Candy CanesWasabi Candy Canes, $4.74, for set of 6 @Archie McPhee

H/T + PicThx Archie McPhee


Top Foodie April Fools’ Day Pranks We Desperately Wish Were Real

Yesterday, Taco Bell announced the return of its Beefy Crunch Burrito this May, much to the excitement and outrage of many a Facebook fan, who threatened not only to stop eating at Taco Bell if the news turned out to be fake, but also to burn down their local location or kill someone with a lightsaber. With social media teams’ obsessions with cranking out prank stories all day, it’s easy to understand everyone’s hesitation. We totally get it. And on that note, here’s a list of the day’s best pranks that mercilessly got our hopes up:


1. Bacon Scope Mouthwash

This is one prank that never should have happened. First off, the story broke last Thursday, arguably outside the accepted parameters of April Fool’s Day prankage. Second, promising users the delicious taste of bacon with absolutely none of the heart attack should be a crime punishable by law. So not cool.


2. Pizza-Flavored Tic Tacs


Again, million dollar idea alert. When was the last time we had a new tic-tac flavor anyhow?


 3. Redbox Lunches


Okay, in hindsight, buying DVD-shaped deli meat that has been sitting in a giant red box without proper refrigeration was probably a bad idea anyway. But how amazing would it be to not have to wander through the frigid deli meat section every time you just want a movie and snacks? Seriously.


4. Cheeseburger Sharpies


Sharpie got in on the game by announcing a line of “Cheeseburger”-inspired markers, including colors like “catsup red,” “cheddar orange,” “buns beige” and “beefy brown.” The only thing that could have made these non-existent food-inspired writing utensils better? If they were scented too.


5. The Nokia Microwave


Meet the microwave that would never, ever break! Your move, zombie apocalypse.


6. “Shower” Patch Kids Body Wash

Seemingly designed specifically for our Publisher, this 2-in-1 Sour Patch Kid-inspired body wash lets you smell and taste like the adorable candy children and is also 100% edible. Wow Satan, think you could be more heartless?


7. Mad Men Bars to Open at Airports Across the Country


Admittedly, a bar that lets you pass out at the airport and equips you with a shock collar to ensure you don’t miss your flight could never actually be real. But it’s nice to dream.


8. Wynn Las Vegas To Open Wholesale Bottle Service Nightclub


It’s called KRKLND and it’s like Costco for lushes. Costco. For. Lushes (i.e., us). GAHDFACKINGDAMN.


And finally, the one we wish never, ever comes true:

1. Dude Foods Switching to Health Food


He brought us Chicken and Waffle Wings and the Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese and without him, I probably wouldn’t have a clue what to eat for dinner.


Hopefully, this whole dumb day has died down by now and everything will go back to normal and somewhere, some ideation team will look back and wonder why they didn’t think of any of these sooner. Christmas is only 9 months away, guys. Get on it.

H/T + PicThx Buzzfeed, Mashable, Ad Weekly, Eater


This Guy Bought Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Domain Name & Created A Hilarious Fake Menu


Apparently Guy Fieri doesn’t understand the internet. ‘Cause if he did, getting a domain name for your business is step number one. But he didn’t, and like getting to the Gold Rush in 1856, Fieri missed out, and Brooklyn’s Bryan Mytko jumped his claim. Venture over to and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a truly innovative and inspired menu. While Burger King’s twitter account was hacked earlier this week, Mytko did his damage completely legally, preying on Fieri’s ignorance towards the modern world.

Mytko tweeted out


Lucky for us he didn’t just take the domain, but he created a hilarious alternative menu. Remember to get your mouthful of Guy’s Big Balls, I hear it’s the tits.


H/T LaughingSquid


The Harlem Shake Hits McDonald’s, Madness Ensues [VIDEO]

Doing the Harlem Shake at McDonald's.

Some call the Harlem Shake the next Gangnam Style, some call it a rehash of the early 2000’s dance of the same name, but whatever it is, it’s getting a lot of attention on YouTube.

So as these videos keep popping up, of course a group of dudes made one of these videos at McDonald’s.

Coming from “That’s Classic,” a musical duo from Cincinnati, Ohio, the video starts off like a normal day at McDonald’s with customers enjoying their grub and your average crazy guy dancing in the middle of the dining room. Then the beat drops, a mannequin appears, a guy who looks like a reject Chick-fil-A cow and even a disturbing Larry the Cable Guy look-alike begin to wildly do the Harlem Shake.

This has to be one of the better Harlem Shake videos as everyone, from firefighters to the College Humor staff, has been getting into this phenomenon.

Although it isn’t Diddy and Bad Boy’s kind of Harlem Shake circa 2001, DJ/producer Baauer’s Harlem Shake has provoked just as much attention now as the dance did then.

H/T YouTube


Beer Pong Prank Artist Strikes Unsuspecting Victim


Kids, this is why you don’t pass out halfway during the party, because the Beer Pong Prankster will strike and make you an unknowing centerpiece for an epic game of beer pong. Although, we’re trying to figure out if the above photo demonstrates one of the best ways to play the game (after Quidditch Pong, of course) or just features a lovely way for this fellow to wet himself when he awakes.

If it’s the former, we have a few follow-up questions: If the ball hits him before going in the cup, does that count as a bounce? How do you enforce trolling? Since there’s no table to “troll” under, would you sit on top of him instead? If you accidentally wake the centerpiece, does the other team win by default?

Oh the questions. Oh the possibilities.

beer pong

via 9gag