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McDonald’s Surprised The Two Kids That Pranked Them With $25,000 Checks

Not too long ago, two Houston college students gained notoriety after they created a fake McDonald’s poster and hung it on the wall of a nearby location’s dining area. The kicker was that no one noticed for nearly two months.

Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo covertly created a McDonald’s poster, starring themselves, and secretly hung it up in the lobby of a Houston McDonald’s they frequent. The poster hung there, unnoticed, for about 51 days.

The two were recently guests on the Ellen DeGeneres Show,  and talked about what happened to them after their prank went viral. They said McDonald’s removed the photo (for renovation purposes) but planned to auction it off and give the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Houston charity.

Ellen then revealed that because of their pure intentions behind the poster, wanting more Asian Americans to get recognition in fast food marketing, McDonald’s will feature the two students in an upcoming campaign, complete with a $25,000 check for each of them.

You can check out exactly how it goes down in the clip here. Needless to say, the two kids who thought they would get in trouble for their stunt were genuinely stunned.

It just goes to show that if you prank McDonald’s well enough, you could get a fat check.


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Green Bay Packers Rookies Pranked With A $33,000 Dinner Tab

As the NFL season beings, team veterans will usually find some humiliating way to haze incoming rookies. Well, you can say the Green Bay Packers rookies got their money’s worth, after a photo of a $33,000 dinner bill surfaced over the weekend.

Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari posted a photo to his Twitter account, with the caption, “What a dinner, I’m stuffed. Thanks #Rooks,” thanking his new teammates for the lavish dinner.

green bay packers rookies

Via Twitter/@DBak69

With that said, after looking at the 51-item bill, it’s easy to see how a few hungry pro-football players could rack up such an expensive tab. Some notable standouts include seven bottles of Lafite Rothschild 10 ($2,700 each), 12 glasses of  Macallan 25 Years Old Whisky ($215 each), and one bottle of Harlan Estate Napa Valley California Cabernet Sauvignon ($1,445 each).

After posting the photo, Bakhtiari’s Twitter blew up with comments and retweets, with Twitter users calling it shameful and, “absolutely ridiculous,” arguing that the bill was too expensive to showcase on social media.

Capital Grille even managed to send in a thank you tweet.

However, the internet couldn’t handle the cost of this high-class meal. Thankfully, Packer’s veteran quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was able to quell the agitation of the masses. To calm everyone’s nerves, Rodgers tweeted that the bill was fake, and was just part of an elaborate prank on Green Bay Packer rookies.

green bay packers rookies


Thanks to a tweet from Jason Wilde, ESPNWisconsin’s Packers reporter, we learned that Bakhtiari was just getting even. In 2013, Rodgers pranked him into thinking he owed $11,000 for a dinner during the offensive tackle’s rookie season.

Although, it’s still unclear who actually paid for the bill or if the photo was even a REAL receipt.

Even if the Packers spent an entry level salary on dinner, between Rodgers’ $22 million a year and Bakhtiari’s $16 million from last season, it’s safe to say someone was able to take care of the damage.

Now that we all know it was a prank, we can go back to buying overpriced food inside most NFL stadiums.

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Starbucks Customers Freak Out As Spider-Man Swings Down To Grab His Coffee

If you were at a coffee shop and a spider came down from the ceiling, you’d probably freak out. If you were at a coffee shop and Spider-Man came down from the ceiling, you’d still freak out, but once you collected yourself, you’d realize that something awesome just happened.

In efforts to promote the new Spider-Man: Homecoming film, Sony pulled a prank on unsuspecting customers at a New York Starbucks.

Using the movie’s stuntman, Chris Silcox, the “Web Slinger” was hanging out inside the coffee shop’s ceiling, with a harness strapped around him, ready to let him drop down and greet the customers.

No, the baristas didn’t mess up anyone’s name. When the employees at the bar yelled out, “Grande Cold Brew for Spider-Man” it was literally a grande Cold Brew for Spider-Man.

As you can imagine, people freaked out as Spidey suddenly appeared above them to grab his drink. Eventually, the New Yorkers calmed down and enjoyed the moment.

Even though there were hidden cameras carefully set up throughout the Starbucks getting crystal clear shots of the Spider-Man, rumor has it J. Jonah Jameson was still not pleased, and low-balled Peter Parker for the footage.

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These Guys Dressed Up As Ronald McDonald And Hilariously Prank A KFC [WATCH]

These guys just took it to the next level to troll KFC.

In the ongoing battle between KFC and McDonald’s for fast food chain superiority, one group of friends found a way to show their support for the golden arches by dressing up as Ronald McDonald, walking in front of a KFC, and causing a McRuckus.

They then uploaded versions of the video to both Facebook and YouTube. It’s already begun to circulate the internet and encroach on viral glory.

Based on some further research, it turns out the pals might all be fans of Arsenal, as they were using an iconic chant that enthusiasts of the soccer club have been known to vociferously bellow before at matches.

“You’re shit, and you know you are!”

These clowns repeating this spiteful chant over and over while parading around as the McDonald’s mascot is definitely worthy of a few good laughs.

Now we just need some folks dressed up as Colonel Sanders to do something similar to a McDonald’s.

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Buffalo Wild Wings’ Wants You To Rub Hot Sauce On Your Face For April Fool’s

With April Fool’s Day only a few days away, restaurant chains and brands are going all out with their pranks. Buffalo Wild Wings’ entry into the foolish festivities is their “new” Rally Beard Sauce.

The new flavor is “scientifically designed to stimulate beard growth,” as well as help fans rally their March Madness teams back from the the brink of despair. Anyone longing for a thicker beard will want to slather some sauce onto their hands and apply it to your facial area.

For optimal results, gently rub the sauce in a downward 45 degree movement from the nose as beard-ready nutrients create a patented tingle that accelerates Rally Beard growth. After one minute, simply remove the sauce coat with Buffalo Wild Wings wet naps and repeat as necessary. Rally Beard Sauce guarantees long growth and subsequently, big wins for your team.

Aside from hair growth, the sauce also boasts a spicy garlic flavor.

Fellow Foodbeast and Hispanic Heathcliff, Isai Rocha, was sent a bottle of BWW’s Rally Sauce. While apprehensive with the idea of rubbing hot sauce on his face, he did express desire to have a heftier head of facial hair.

Note: In case it’s not obvious that you shouldn’t be rubbing hot sauce on your face, please do not actually rub hot sauce on your face. The only beard you’ll grow is one of pain and misery. 

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Back In The ’90s, Burger King Fooled Customers With A ‘Left-Handed Whopper’

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April Fool’s Day is only a few days away and we can’t get over how awesome this tale from Burger King was. So back in the ’90s, Burger King ran a gag promotion that boasted a Whopper designed exclusively for left-handed people.

As reported by Time, the fast food burger chain ran a full-page ad in USA Today where they announced the Left-Handed Whopper back in 1998.

Burger King claimed that, in this burger, all the ingredients were rotated 180 degrees so that left-handed patrons could crush the hamburger with ease.

Left-handed customers actually stormed the castle gates hoping to get their hands on the modified burger even going as far as double checking their food in case they were mixed up with ones for right-handed customers. Guess it didn’t click that all round burgers were pretty much set for any type of hand orientation.

Not a bad April Fool’s prank at all. Nicely done, Burger King.

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Watch These Food Delivery Guys Freak Out Over Topless Girls At The Door

Delivery drivers never know what’s going to happen when the customer opens that door. For all they know, there can be a smiling face, or an angry, shit-faced asshole with a knife on the other side.

While this prank on “Break” was a bit shocking for the delivery drivers, it wasn’t harmful. Well, unless they got traumatized by the site of a female’s body au naturel.

As multiple food delivery guys arrived at this house — which apparently happens to be occupied by three bombshell women who walk around in lingerie — they were greeted by bare breasts every time.

Whenever one of the girls opened the door, at some point in the interaction, they dropped their tops and showed off their assets, while the deliver drivers just watched in awe.

If only all deliveries were this cheerful, and not filled with fear for one’s life.

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Sushi Bar Under Fire For Allegedly Pranking Tourists By Hiding Tons Of Wasabi In Their Food


A sushi chain in Osaka, Japan is being accused of discrimination after foreign customers claimed that sushi chefs put in twice as much wasabi as usual in their sushi. 

The restaurant chain, Ichibazushi, issued an apology on their website earlier this week stating that chefs did put more wasabi in the food of unsuspecting customers, but claimed it wasn’t because of discrimination.

Instead, they reasoned it was because many foreign customers request extra ginger and wasabi with their food, so the higher amounts of wasabi became a norm of sorts. The chain’s operator stated:

“Because many of our overseas customers frequently order extra amounts of pickled ginger and wasabi, we gave them more without checking first.

“The result was unpleasant for some guests who aren’t fans of wasabi.”

It is unclear how many cases of wasabi overdose occurred, but when the story was picked up by the national media, netizens began complaining of “wasabi terrorism” and even racism, according to ChannelNewsAsia

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