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Subway to Remove ‘Rubber’ Chemical From Bread, Make Subs Less Bouncy


It’s no secret processed foods are filled with all sorts of chemical additives that probably have no business coming anywhere near your stomach, the majority of which barely manage to eke by on FDA safety standards — but still do, of course, because that’s the way the world works. The latest boogeyman buzzword? Azodicarbonamide, an odorless powder used by many American companies as a flour bleaching agent and dough conditioner, but also for foamed plastics like yoga mats and shoe soles.

Now, thanks to the efforts of blogger/food activist Vani Hari of, sandwich chain Subway has officially stated it is working toward a new formula which will remove the chemical from breads made for American stores. Earlier this week Hari started a petition calling for Subway to offer Americans the same azodicarbonamide-free bread as used in their European and Australian markets. As of 11:10 PST today, the petition gained 68,555 signatures.

Subway has since released a statement that it was already working on a new recipe before the petition started, and that it will be ready “soon,” reports the Associated Press.

Just one question Subway: will this change make your stores smell less?

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Caffeine Powder Sprinkles On Food Like Salt and Pepper


Looking for an instant pick-me-up? You may no longer need to down cups of coffee thanks to a new product that caffeinates any food or drink. For people who can’t find the time to drink enough coffee to wake them up or for those who just don’t like the taste of coffee, this creative fix solves the problem. CaffeinAll, manufactured by Caffex, is an odorless, tasteless powder that can be sprinkled into any drink and on top of any food. Just be careful you don’t sprinkle on too much energy on your morning eggs and overkill it, literally.

Users are not meant to exceed 300 mg (9 shots/sprinkles/shakes) a day or they do so at their own risk. Minors, pregnant women and people with heart conditions or who are susceptible to caffeine irritation are advised to keep away from this shake-on caffeine.

This is not the first time we’ve seen alternative caffeine products created. In addition to the plethora of caffeine products invading the market, Sprayable Energy, a mix of caffeine, water and a tyrosine derivative, was developed this year as an alternative to energy drinks and works by releasing caffeine through the skin.

CaffeinAll shakers are available to buy in 100mg and 200mg sizes for 10 cents and 20 cents respectively, thus saving you a ton of money on coffee, Red Bull, and other booster products. I feel the caffeine-induced enthusiasm already.


Picthx SoDelicious

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Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand Has All-Black Chocolate-Flavored Donuts


We’ve already seen McDonald’s all-black burgers, Vegas Premium’s 12-inch all-black hot dog and Aya Cemani’s all-black cock (chicken). This time around, Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand is rolling out a line of 27 inky (obsidian, raven, stygian) donuts guaranteed to make your inner 3m0-g0tH-ch1ld squee (you know, on the inside).


From Charcoal-Choco-Chili to Charcoal Blue Mint to Charcoal Banoffee (banana toffee), Dunkin’s take on the monochromatic food trend definitely sounds tastier than anything we’ve seen in the past. According to Rocket News, “these doughnuts took a year in the making as Dunkin’ Donuts carefully selected what they thought were the best combination of ingredients.”


For anyone still feeling a little squeamish (these things do look kinda dead after all), rest assured: the charcoal doesn’t affect the donuts’ taste at all. So you can indulge your morbid sweet tooth with all the comfort that your non-charcoal eating tastebuds can handle. Suh-weet.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


Behold the 12-Inch Long All-Black Hot Dog and Please Try Not to Be a Freaking Perv About It


I wish I could say my mind didn’t ever go *there* after seeing this thing, but I am sadly much less evolved than I’d like to pretend. But don’t let my personal shortcomings stop you. Dirty minded or not, this 30 centimeter (or ~11.8 inch) all-black hot dog is still the coolest f*cking thing you’ll see all day.

Sold at the Vegas Premium Hot Dogs in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, the “Black Terra Hot Dog” gets its color from the edible bamboo charcoal powder used to make it and – believe it or not – actually doesn’t taste like ash. In fact, the gorgeous pigment is used as a natural food dye all throughout Asia, doesn’t affect the dog’s taste “at all,” and could even be “good for your health,” according to Oddity Central.


So go ahead, take a bite. Take a picture. Share it with the world. Just, erm, try to avoid the “#deepthroat” hashtag, deal?

H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid, Oddity Central


DIY Doritos Locos Tacos, Because 2013

It’s a new year folks, which means it’s time for change. No more crappy frozen dinners. No more wasted cash on drive-thrus. And definitely no more pretending just a few Doritos Locos Tacos are enough to satisfy anyone, even if they do make up half of that fancy new variety 12-Pack.

No worries though. Thanks to this DIY Doritos Locos Tacos recipe by Jasmin of 1 Fine Cookie, you won’t have to deal with any of those problems ever again.

Seasoned with an intricate cacophony of dehydrated cheddar cheese powder, tomato powder, turmeric powder, red bell pepper powder, green pepper powder, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder and Kernel Season’s nacho cheddar popcorn seasoning for salt, the only thing missing from Taco Bell and Doritos’ meticulously crafted taco shell masterpiece is MSG. But luckily Jas is kind enough to leave that ingredient option open for us to decide (the right answer is “yes,” by the way, in case you were wondering).

So how about it, DIY Doritos Locos Tacos as your first banger recipe of 2013? Readers, your move.

H/T Foodista