A Simple Kitchen Trick Will Change The Way You Peel Potatoes


Peeling potatoes sucks. It seriously sucks. Unfortunately, the starchy veg is the base of tons of recipes and has many other uses outside cooking. Luckily, our buddy Davy from Make Sushi figured out a way to peel potatoes that no only saves you a headache, it’ll give your potatoes much more flavor.

Start by slicing around the potato skin in a circular motion with a sharp knife. Then, throw the potatoes into some boiling water and let them cook. After your potatoes are removed, you just simply have to pinch the potato skin and it comes off almost instantly.

No mess, no stress and more flavor. The best part is you now have potatoes to work on all kinds of awesome recipes. Check out the video below.

The Best Way To Peel Potatoes

Our guy Make Sushi jumping in real quick and showing us his trick for peeling potatoes (this way is also dope for getting more flavor in there during the boil!).#foodbeast:

Posted by Foodbeast on Monday, November 9, 2015


These Glorious Onion Rings Are Actually Made With TATER TOTS


Onion rings rule. Between beer-battered or bacon-wrapped, there’s no wrong way to eat an onion ring. Tym Bussanich figured out a way to created on that’s completely covered in tater tots.

Using frozen tots, they’re broken apart and mixed together with eggs. Then, you have to hand mold each onion with the mixture. He recommends using plastic wrap to achieve this. Once a fair amount of these babies are formed, just throw them into a deep fryer until golden brown and enjoy.

Check out a quick video on how to make this on his Instagram, or read the complete recipe on his dope food blog.


British Man Gets Drunk Off Of French Fries

Nick Hess spent several years of his life accidentally getting drunk.

A 34-year-old British man, Hess suffers from auto-brewery syndrome. People with this condition have an abundance of yeast in their stomachs, specifically, a yeast commonly called Brewer’s Yeast. When ingesting carbohydrates, their stomachs convert the food into alcohol, resulting in blood alcohol content spikes and loved ones fearing alcoholism.


Hess began presenting symptoms of rapid-onset, random drunkenness in 2010 and went frustratingly undiagnosed until last year. When Dr. Anup Kanodia finally gave Hess the answers he had been looking for, the yeast levels in his stomach were four times what is considered normal.

Auto-brewery syndrome was first discovered in Japan in the 1970s, but more recent findings have prompted a small wave of people to come forward with this condition, some using the diagnosis to contest drunk-driving charges.

A diet low in carbohydrates and sugars, as well as anti-fungal medication, keeps symptoms to a manageable level, but Hess still has one or two episodes a month.


There Was a French Fry Ban In Japan We Completely Forgot About


A few weeks ago, we reported that Japan was going through a potato shortage that prevented McDonald’s from selling too many french fries. This was caused by labor contract disputes preventing the frozen potato pieces from arriving from West Coast US ports.

Because of this, Japanese chains limited portions to only small fries. Prices for combos that feature medium fries were reduced because of the smaller servings.

It’s now reported that those disputes have come to an end and the fries are once again available for mass consumption. Effective January 5, Japanese locations of McDonald’s will once again serve medium and large orders of fries to customers.

The company has also apologized for this occurring and promised they will try to avoid further shortfalls in the future.

Currently, McDonald’s has 3,100 locations in Japan. That’s a lot of stores to ration fries between.

h/t New York Times

Fast Food

Potato Crisis Puts End to Super-Sized Fries in Japan, Small or Nothing


Sad news for Japan. Thanks to a potato shortage caused by labor contract disputes, Japan is seeing less and less of the popular starch, reports Asahi News. Because no potatoes are coming in from US ports, McDonald’s Japan is rationing their fry supply.

No longer will the fast food chain be offering medium and large servings of the potato sticks. Customers will only be able to order a small serving of the fried potatoes.

Combo meals that feature a medium-sized order of french fries will now be 50 yen cheaper. That’s approximately 43 cents US. The fry rule is effective Dec. 17 and will carry on toward the foreseeable future at all Japanese McDonald’s locations.

No word yet if the fry embargo reaches to other fast food restaurants located in Japan.

h/t Kotaku


We Compare Lay’s Cappuccino Flavor & More to The Real Thing


Lay’s recently announced four new test flavors for their Do Us a Flavor campaign appearing on shelves at the end of the month. Some may remember that they launched a similar campaign last year, between Sriracha, Chicken and Waffles and Cheesy Garlic Bread. While it’s been heavily debated, Cheese Garlic Bread came across as the winner (I was rooting for Chicken and Waffles). Now it looks like Lay’s is at it again, this time with three four new flavors: Mango Salsa, Wasabi Ginger, Bacon Mac & Cheese and Cappuccino.

The flavors were chosen through a meticulous process of elimination and popularity before making it to the development phases. So definitely not out of a hat, people. The winner will receive either $1 million or one percent of their winning flavors sales, depending on whichever is higher. Solid, right?

We were sent a bag of each to the FOODBEAST office. The staff tried each flavor and rated each of them.


Mango Salsa


Created by Julia Stanley-Metz who recognizes her husband Rick for the inspiration — a man who loves to cook with exotic flavors and ingredients. Julia also makes fresh mango salsa for her family straight from the garden, which brought upon the Mango Salsa chip. Mango Salsa sounded awesome awesome in my head, but I was pretty not into it. Maybe because I associate Mango’s with sweet and juicy.


TOO WEIRD. It’s like mango juice in chip form, not about that life.


Not a fan of the taste, but I can respect them trying it.




It tastes like someone just squeezed mango juice over it. Doesn’t blend at all.

RATING: 4/10

NOTES: The chips tastes both like mangos and salsa. Just not as compatible as an actual salsa.




Suggested by Chad Scott, currently working on his Ph.D., the Cappuccino flavor was inspired by his local barista’s concoctions. The Cappuccino chip starts off pretty sweet with a clash of saltiness to it. Really liked this. Was prepared for an over seasoned chip with tons of coffee flavor that would make me choke. Instead, I was pretty surprised with how nicely the sweet and salt balance worked. Though a little too much on the sweet side.


More of a dessert chip, possible best with vanilla bean ice cream.


I’m kind of down. One of those chips that works in taste, but keeps getting cock-blocked by your mind trying to figure out what’s going on.


Tasted like a thin churro then when the aftertaste hits, it’s all south.


Okay as long as you remind yourself it’s a dessert chip.

RATING: 8/10

NOTES: Cappuccino tastes pretty close. Provided you enjoy your cappuccinos a little on the sweet side.


Bacon Mac & Cheese


Full-time Ohio firefighter matt Allen makes “family meals” at the firehouse whenever there’s training. His signature dish is bacon mac and cheese, which was a huge hit among his fellow fighters of fire. I delight in bacon as much as the next guy, maybe not Marc, but I just wasn’t into this. That being said, this will probably be America’s #1 choice. Just wait.


I could not care less about bacon anything anymore. Sorry.


This one was actually the most palatable of the bunch, but it’s such a drowned and uninspired flavor combo I had to put it at the bottom of the list.


So much potential but ended up with a lackluster flavor. I hate to say it but, “Needs more bacon.”


Just tastes like a cheese chip. Needs moar bacon.

RATING: 6/10

NOTES: Tastes more like cheese powder that has a bacon flavor. Not nearly as close to real bacon mac and cheese.


Wasabi Ginger


Created by Meneko Spigner McBeth, who loved sushi since she was a little girl learning how to make handmade rolls from her grandmother. Her taste for spicy foods like wasabi inspired the Wasabi Ginger flavor. I don’t throw the world “Love” around too much, but yeah. Tasted exactly how it sounded and maybe even a little better. Definitely ate a few more than I should have.


This makes the most sense to me.


Functionally the best chip of the four. I could eat an entire bag, surprised this hasn’t been created before.


Mouth Heaven.


If this doesn’t get chosen, I’m moving out of the US.

RATING: 10/10

NOTES: Tastes like the best parts of both wasabi and ginger. Though not too heavy on the wasabi side, but enough to give you a taste.


So there you have it. Wasabi Ginger is the FOODBEAST staff’s #1 pick. Keep an eye out for all four Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contenders when they hit shelves July 28.


Watch a Guy Peel a Tub of Potatoes in Under 60 Seconds


Raise your hand if you hate peeling potatoes. It makes cooking up fresh mashed potatoes in a jiffy basically impossible. Amiright? But thanks to Leo Morten Lund and his handy Facebook video demonstration, it’s now possible to peel a bunch of these suckers in under a minute.

All you need is a large bucket, a motorized scrubbing device that looks like a toilet brush (totally clean, of course), a hose and potatoes. Place the pre-peeled potatoes in the bucket, and while you start covering them with water, get the scrubby device spinning among the tubers. Eventually, the whole thing will start a mini whirl pool, and the bristles peel the skin right off! WHAT!

Check out this magical hack below:


16 Irish Nachos Recipes to End St. Patrick’s Day Right


You got woken up by an earthquake, forgot to wear green, and found out that Snooki’s guest-starring on your favorite TV show. It’s been a long day, but you finally made it: Monday afternoon. Whatever the clock says, it’s still not too late to celebrate one of the best drinking holidays around. You just have to play it smart.

Tonight, skip the sausage and mash and head straight for the gorgeously starchy, marvelously stacked potato mountains called Irish Nachos. Traditionally dressed with all manner of cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, and green onions, these deep fried potato discs are perfect for soaking up all that green beer you’re about to chug.


Irish Nachos with Guacamole


Recipe: What’s Gaby Cooking


Broiled Irish Nachos


Recipe: Peas and Crayons


Kettle-Cooked Irish Nachos with Corn Salsa


Recipe: Sandra Lee 


Pub-Worthy Irish Nachos


Recipe: Penn Live


Loaded Sweet Potato Irish Nachos with Beer Braised Short Rib


Recipe: Domesticate-Me


Irish Nachos, “Because You Need Something To Go With Your Guinness”


Recipe: Poet in the Pantry


Irish Tater Tots


Recipe: Half Baked Harvest


Irish Nachos with Guinness Glazed Onions


Recipe: Sugar and Grace


Sweet Potato Irish Nachos


Recipe: Skinny Taste


Browned Sausage Irish Nachos with Irish Cheddar


Recipe: The Candid Appetite


French Fry Irish Nachos


Recipe: The Delicious Life 


Guinness Cheddar Irish Nachos for St. Patrick’s Day


Recipe: PB Pickles


Loaded Irish Nachos


Recipe: She Knows


Irish Nachos with Cayenne and Sea Salt


Recipe: Pretty Yummy Foods


Roasted Corn Irish Nachos


Recipe: Food Republic


Irish Nachos with Guinness and Irish Cheddar Sauce


Recipe: Closet Cooking


Mm, potatoes.