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Dairy Queen Unveils New ‘Snack Menu’ Options


Dairy Queen just launched an entirely new menu for those who kind of just feel… peckish. Called the Snack Menu, Dairy Queen offers new four new items for customers to try when they’re looking for something light.

The menu features Soft Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso, Potato Skins, the Buffalo Chicken Snack Melts, and the Chicken Bacon BBQ Snack Melt.


There have been many times where we want to grab a bite in between meals and feel like anything heavier than a sandwich might just be too much of a commitment. Sounds like this new menu might just be the thing to satiate our stomachs for the hours leading into a Korean BBQ trip or any kind of all-you-can-eat adventure.

Or if you’re just craving potato skins.


TGI Friday’s Endless Appetizers Adds Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins and Ahi Tuna Crisps


A while back, TGI Friday’s offered a special where customers would get endless appetizers for $10. Guests could choose one appetizer from a limited menu and get unlimited refills of that appetizer. Now it looks like that limited selection just got a little more wiggle room with TGIF’s newest additions of Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins, Spicy Chicken Tostadas and Ahi Tuna Crisps.

The Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins are topped with Sriracha chicken, Asiago queso, green onions and Sriracha aioli on top of, as you’ve guessed, potato skins. The Chicken Tostadas are served with roasted chili-spiced chicken, craft beer-cheese queso, avocado vinaigrette, chipotle creme, pico de gallo and sliced jalapeños on top of toasted shells. The Ahi Tuna Crisps are slices of ahi on top of tortilla chips topped with Sriracha sauce, guacamole and a slice of jalapeño. I’m sensing a spicy Sriracha theme here.

The rest of the menu includes your basic Loaded Potato Skins, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Pot Stickers, Spinach Dip and Mozzarella Sticks.

TGI Friday’s must know how much people go apeshit over Sriracha. Those geniuses.

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Fast Food

KFC Romania Testing Crispy Fried Potato Skins


With Domino’s serving chicken nuggets and Taco Bell slinging waffles, we wouldn’t be surprised if five years from now, all fast food chains just decided to trade menus entirely. The latest mildly off-brand offering comes to us from KFC Romania, in the form of extra crispy fried potato skins.

Okay, so technically they’re calling them “Dipping Fries,” but we all know what these things really are. Potato skins. Or, if you want to be even more precise, dipping sauce delivery vehicles, because for some reason it’s frowned upon to drink sweet and sour sauce straight from the bottle. The gist is that they’re basically regular fries with the “insides” hollowed out, in order to make room for more dipping sauce. Filling options include garlic sauce, ketchup, curry, sweet & sour, barbecue, and uh, salsa.

Fries and salsa? Whatever, Romania. You do you.

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Packaged Food

Hot Pockets Reveal Their Bite Sized “Snackers” Line


Hot Pockets are known for their unique flavor profile and extreme level of culinary convenience. In response for an even greater need for variety, the Hot Pockets brand has revealed their SNACKERS product, a line of bite-sized, microwavable snacks. Available in two flavors, each with two different sizes (12 or 30-piece), they have come out of the gate with Fiesta Nacho Bites and Loaded Potato Skin Bites.

The Nacho Bites come with taco seasoned beef, Mexican-style cheese sauce and jalapenos crammed into a tortilla-style crust. The Loaded Potato Skin Bites are filled with bacon, cheddar cheese, potatoes and green onion. What do you all think? A worthy addition to the Hot Pockets brand?