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These Cannabis Gummies Are Designed To Make You Feel Specific Moods

Photo courtesy of Kiva

Now that cannabis is legal in many states, California included, we’re seeing more decadent edibles come to fruition. What a time to be alive.

Kiva Confections, known for being one of the original edible cannabis companies, has launched a line of California-inspired candies, called Camino Gummies, that offer a unique mood depending on the flavor you choose.

The gummies pair custom combinations of THC and variety of carefully selected terpenes to craft a tailored cannabis experience for consumers. Kiva’s idea is to trigger a California State of Mind, allowing their consumer base to experience the feeling of relaxation.

Photo courtesy of Kiva

Each gummy will give you a specific result. The Camino Wild Berry provides a “chill” effect for stressors in your life. The Blenheim Apricot Gummy offers a feeling of “balance” when you’re feeling overwhelmed. When you’re feeling a bit anti-social, the Sparkling Pear is designed to help you strike up a conversation. Finally, the spicy Pineapple Habanero will uplift your spirits for whenever you’re feeling blue.

Not sure if popping one of each will create a Captain Planet of emotional balance in your body, or just get you lit, but I’m curious to find out.

The gummies are notably sold at Med Men, a popular US-based dispensary, but a full list of retailers that offer Camino Gummies can be found here.

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Weed Wine: Getting Buzzed Without the Hangover

Edibles? Not quite. Drinkables, more like it. And no, it’s not the nasty bong water your old frat brother convinced you to chug drunk. It’s wine. Pot wine to be more exact.

That’s right. What if I tell you, you can get tipsy without the dreadful hangover the next day? Think of how many Tylenols you can save!

If you’re still skeptical, let me throw out some fancy words for all you wine snobs out there. It’s sauvignon blanc. That citrusy, green-grape white wine from France. A THC-infused sauvignon blanc to be exact.

Okay, to be honest, I pretended I was a wine connoisseur when I visited Napa. But that plan fell through real quick when I twirled my sparkling wine and the sommelier smacked my hand. So I’m not the best person to learn about wine from… Oops.

Anyways, this marijuana creation, a non-alcoholic wine “that smells like weed but tastes like wine,” is the brainchild of a California-based Rebel Coast Winery. Yes, unfortunately it’s non-alcoholic because federal regulation prevents mixing THC with alcohol in products.

Just told Chip what he’s getting for Xmas (plot twist- it’s cannabis wine).

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But each bottle of this cannabis vino holds 16 milligrams of THC, the element responsible for the psychoactive effects of weed. That’s approximately 4 milligrams of THC per glass, a perfectly modest amount to help you get the “nice, euphoric, mild high.”

I wouldn’t want to be mind-blowingly stoned anyways. That high will gift me with a couple extra pounds from the munchies. No. Thank. You.

So do I want to try it? Sure, why not? I’m not getting any younger and my body can’t gracefully bounce back from the hangovers anymore. I hear that Powerball jackpot is $450 million. Got to go now! Time for me to go buy that lottery ticket so I can have a cellar full of THC wine.

Golden State residents can expect shipments as early as January once the recreational sales of marijuana begin.

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Get Baked With This Delicious Recipe For Cannabis-Infused Brownie A La Mode

While it’s impossible to figure out who originally came up with the genius invention of the “pot brownie,” it’s safe to say that the concept will live on for eternity. Even to this day, folks everywhere are still trying to perfect and recreate their own versions of the legendary recipe.

Now, thanks to the newly founded legalization of recreational use of MJ in states like Washington, Colorado, and most recently, California, the aspects of cooking with cannabis are becoming more widely accepted. And, with more acceptance, comes improved technique, efficiency, and more deliciousness.

Since 4/20, aka the biggest celebration of cannabis all year, is almost upon us, we picked up your fave low-cal, high protein ice cream, Halo Top, to make the day — and the pot brownie — even more delicious. See our recipe for “Pot Brownie a la Mode” below.

Remember, everyone’s cannabis tolerance varies. FOODBEAST recommends consuming medicated edibles with oversight and caution. You can always eat more — not less!

Pot Brownie A La Mode Checklist

You will need:

– crockpot

– baking sheet

– oven

– cheesecloth

– cannabis grinder

– baking pan

– About 16 hours of cooking time


7-14 grams of cannabis

½ pound clarified butter

½ cup Cocoa powder

½ cup flour

3 ½ cups sugar

8 whole eggs

For the pot brownie al a mode recipe you’ll need 7 – 14 grams of cannabis and a ½ pound of clarified butter, to make cannabutter. Grind up the cannabis — preferably on a baking sheet — then bake for 30 minutes at 240 degrees.

After your cannabis is done baking, transfer it into your crockpot. Next, take the ½ pound of clarified butter and mix into cannabis and mix thoroughly. Let mixture cook on low for 6-8 hours.

After your cannabutter is done cooking for 6-8 hours, strain the mixture using cheese cloth. Just be sure that there is no plant material left. Let chill overnight.

Next, it’s time to make our brownies. Combine one ½ cup cocoa powder, a ½ cup flour, 3 ½ cups sugar, and 8 whole eggs into a large mixing bowl and stir. This mixture should yield a thick chocolatey paste.

Add in the ½ pound of cannabutter and one ½ cup of melted butter. It’s also a good idea to coat your pan with a nice layer of cannabutter so the brownies do not stick. It’s best to use a 9” x 13” or 11” x 15” pan.

If you only have a small pan, try not filling it to the top — the brownies will come out undercooked. You can use a toothpick to check if brownies are done. If brownies stick to the toothpick, cook them longer.

Set oven to 300 degrees and bake for 40 minutes. After cooling, cut and serve with a scoop (or more) of Halo Top ice cream (we used Vanilla Bean!).

Created in partnership with Halo Top Creamery

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Cannabis-Themed Dinners Are High-Key Becoming More Frequent

The latest in dope things that chefs are bringing to the table are cannabis “infused” multiple-course dinners. What a time to be alive! With recreational marijuana gaining speed in way of legalization it’s about time that it’s recognized in fine dining culture. Garden to table has taken on a whole new meaning with the inventive and elegant cannabis-themed dinners, and they’re a beautiful thing of the very near future for all of you Foodbeast marijuana enthusiasts.

Chefs are collectively one of the most creative groups of people in today’s society, so it’s no surprise that they’re continuing to find ways to introduce new and exciting techniques in the culinary industry.

One young California chef, Chris Sayegh has established quite a name for himself as the “Herbal Chef.” Born in New York, educated in Santa Cruz, and trained in Michelin-starred restaurants, he cultivated a successful career combining cannabis culture with his passion for cooking after growing tired of the pot-brownie edible scene. Sayegh has a background in molecular gastronomy so naturally, the science behind the infusing of ingredients with THC was something he found intriguing.

Said “infusing” consists of using cannabis oils and a vaporizer to very literally, infuse any ingredient with THC. This results in a strategically dosed ingredient that makes up an entire dish, therefore yielding diners with a precisely desired high.

Sayegh hosts these unconventional pop-up infused dinners around LA for $200-$500 a seat with the catch being, according to LA Weekly, “can only be hosted by a medical collective of which all diners are a member.” So you’ve got to be a part of the club.  Other cannabis pop-ups around NY and LA occur at undisclosed locations and are held in “secret,” but not for long.

A little taste of what you can expect from a pop-up hosted by Sayegh include dishes like: confit carrot gnocchi with cannabis infused pea emulsion, NY strip steak with parsnip puree and a “medicated” red wine reduction, and a sticky toffee pudding with toasted coconut and cannabis-infused chocolate. 

Now, I’m the kind of person who will order dessert before the main course, (some of you will call this gluttonous, I call it “priorities”) so this is like music to my ears as dessert is often my most highly valued course of a meal. I fully embrace the opportunity to experience one of my favorite things like dessert in an entirely new way: getting high by way of THC-infused sugar. 

Chefs across the globe are beginning to incorporate these infusions and other techniques and influences of the herbal dining in their upscale and multiple course diners. The primary focus still lies heavily on the use of fresh ingredients and unique dishes, as the cannabis infusions are only a way to elevate the fine dining experience to make it that much better. 

Some other big names in this cannabis cooking game include: Melissa Parks, who helped write the cookbook Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis, which teaches us how to make cannabutters and cannaoils, then use them in various recipes.

Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg orchestrates another kind of elevated herbal dining experience with his “strain-pairing dinners.” He prepares several courses and appropriately pairs each dish with a complimenting strain. According to High Times, one of the parings at a Harvest Dinner hosted by Rosenberg included the use of a “more intense and spicy” OG White paired with the main entree of Boulder County flatiron steak, potatoes and squash, charred corn and herb sauce, supplemented by a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa Valley. Rosenberg is also the guy behind the cannabis infused YOGA BRUNCH in Colorado this past August.

An expertly paired and prepared cannabis brunch following yoga with a view is something that likely came out of my dreams.

Come November, I sincerely hope that we are all fortunate enough to experience one of these extra special cannabis dinners as they’ll likely be popping up somewhere near you.


These Former Apple Employees Created User-Friendly Weed Edibles

This November California voters will have the opportunity to vote on cannabis legalization the in Golden State. However, the legalization movement is already spreading quickly with the success of states that have already passed recreational use policies, like Colorado and Washington State.

Now, with loosened regulations around cultivation and legalization, new businesses are beginning to jump at the opportunity to create the newest trends in cannabis culture — specifically with edibles. From weed gummy bears to extract-based gelato, as the market for these weed-based eats is expanding, companies are working hard to make using these psychoactive-products enjoyable — and safe.

The Oakland-based edible company, Dèfoncè Chocolatier, which is linked to former Apple employees, is working to create an aesthetically-pleasing, and ‘user-friendly’ edible that won’t make you feel like you’re in a Salvador Dali painting.

With an innovative pyramid shaped design, the culinary-cannabis engineers behind the brand wanted to eliminate the guessing game when it comes to users trying to figure out how large of a dose they should consume — or have already consumed.

By incorporating the geometrical shapes into the chocolate bar, the company was able to precisely measure the amount of THC in every bar and include a diagram of recommended doses.



As the canna-business industry begins to merge into the legal realm, it’s refreshing to see companies like Dèfoncè Chocolatier paving the way for new concepts that will change the way people think about and interact with the recreational cannabis industry.


Your Beloved Pet Just Ate Your Weed, Here’s What To Do Next

Anyone that’s taken an edible knows how volatile they can be. Take a 23mg Cheeba Chew and you don’t feel anything at all, except your wallet in your back pocket being $10 lighter for nothing. Take a 24mg Cheeba Chew, and you also don’t feel anything at all, but only because you’re certain that your nervous system has shut down and you’re dying and you’re on your way to the promised land. Sucks, doesn’t it? Now imagine if your poor labrador puppy had to go through that as well. That’s certainly a thought no one enjoys.


I would cry forever if anything ever happened to my two little furballs because of me.

With the rise in popularity of marijuana and the states slowly going through a domino effect of legalization, cases of pet poisoning have grown substantially. The average number of pot-related trips to the hospital was one every month. Since the legalization in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, that number has jumped to one every other day.

As it turns out, there are a few ways to make sure this doesn’t happen to your cat or dog, or ferret if you swing that way. First, let’s cover the obvious ones.

Don’t leave your weed/wax/paraphernalia lying around: Seems simple, but you would be surprised how often pets (especially dogs) find their way to a leftover pot brownie or half-smoked blunt resting on the side of an ashtray.

If you do leave it lying around, keep it in a locked place: Emphasis on the word “locked.” Dogs and cats are pretty persistent if they see or smell something and want it. Too many times have I seen video of a dog or cat opening a drawer or jumping a fence or shaking down their owners for their drug caches. Ok, the last one was a lie, but not too far off from the truth anyways.

If you’re following these instructions and your little furball still finds a way to gobble up your ‘dro, then you need to take one or both of these more extensive measures.

1. Activated Charcoal

This stuff is basically your all-in-one poison controller. If ingested immediately after eating poison, it should absorb a large amount of it and prevent it from getting too ingrained into your body, i.e. making it to your bloodstream and being generously pumped throughout its entirety. Even when feeding this to Rex, be sure to have preparations made to rush to the vet’s office if need be. When it comes to our four-legged loved ones, not a single second should be wasted.

2. The Veterinarian

I mean, you don’t really want to risk it, do you? It’s not worth it. Yes, the bills will be outrageous, and the doc will probably just sedate your pet until their highness passes. The best part though? THEY WILL BE ALIVE. Unless you’re a veterinarian yourself, you can’t be sure how your pet will react. If the charcoal works out, fantastic. If not, get your asses in the car and get to the hospital STAT. While at the vet’s office, try to follow these steps:

Honesty is key: Lying helps no one, especially your struggling friend. The vet doesn’t care about you enough to judge you, and they’re certainly not going call the police on you. They don’t have the time or the energy. It’s weed, and it’s 2016. It’s not that crazy anymore. Furthermore, if you want to avoid telling the vet why you’re there, he’s going to have to take every test possible to figure it out what’s wrong with , and you’re going to pay for all of them, and he’s going to figure out that it’s weed anyways. Save yourself and your companion the time, trouble and money.

Keep your wits about you: Animals are very intuitive creatures and can tell when their owner is panicked or worried about something. You staying calm will help your little guy stay calm as well, or at least as much as possible while they’re still battling the THC demons.

Plan for the future: Learn from this mistake and make sure it doesn’t happen again, for your pet’s sake. If you’re worried about looking foolish, don’t be. Nobody needs to know about this little mishap if you’re uncomfortable talking about it, as long as you did everything in your power to help. Still, use this as a virtual “what not to do” template for the future and hopefully you can prevent this little problem from ever happening again.

If you do, however, cause poor little Buster to go through this again…



Photo Credit: Woof In Boots, Toke Signals


Los Angeles Officially Slinging Pot Laced Pizzas


Because weed laced pizza sauce just isn’t bold enough, someone had to go and pack an entire pizza with THC.

Henry Mark, owner of Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizzas, is selling six-inch frozen personal pizzas laced with 250 mg of THC, which basically means each pizza will get you as high as a kite. Because the THC is ethanol extracted, you get 100% of the weed feelings with only a fraction of that weird burnt pot taste. In fact, the marijuana taste is so minimal that the owner warns that the pizzas could make for some pretty interesting pranks.

Stoned Oven sells between 2,000-3,000 of these pot laced pizzas weekly to dispensaries all over LA for $10 a pop, meaning he’s raking in some serious dough. Mark has some pretty high aspirations for his new company, he’s hoping to introduce a new line of pizzas with different strains of weed.

H/T + PicThx Eater


Woman Found Weed in Her Sonic Order, Inexplicably Complained

Sonic weed

Someone scored some free weed with their order at a Sonic Drive-In in Maryland, and they actually didn’t keep it. Instead, Carla McFarland complained to the manager and called the police.

One of the employees claimed the baggy of weed and said it probably slipped out of her apron. The employee was fired and the Sonic manager apologized to McFarlane.

Some might have seen this as a gift and paid it forward, but McFarland was irate.

“I just kind of sat there in my car in shock. I kept thinking, what if my kids had eaten it,” McFarland told the Frederick News Post. “It could have been crack. It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”

She posted about her experience on Facebook and was promptly made fun of by her friends. She’s still probably the only one who didn’t find this story funny.

H/T Frederick News Post