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EpicMealTime Makes Edible So Potent Their Video Got Demonetized

This is definitely one special brownie.

YouTube channel EpicMealTime uploaded a video of a pot brownie made with a potent strain of Golden Kush marijuana to celebrate 4/20. Golden Kush dials in at around 23% THC, and EpicMealTime utilized 4 ounces worth of it, making this a brownie that can send anyone to another dimension.

Between the actual amount of cannabis in the baked good to all of the joints getting rolled as a result of this being the channel’s first-ever 4/20 episode, some of the folks running YouTube ended up not being down with the video, and demonetized it soon after it went up on the site.

EpicMealTime responded by wearing the fact they got demonetized as a badge of honor.

What’s crazy is that EpicMealTime shelled out over a thousand bucks to make this weed-laced creation happen, and they’re not even gonna get paid for it.

Based on how they enjoyed it, however, I’m sure they don’t give a *Crow’s caw*.

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Ramsay And Bourdain Are Not Your Food Saviors [The Katchup Podcast]

We do not need to always look to Gordon Ramsay or Anthony Bourdain to be our eating conscience.

In this week’s episode of The Katchup Podcast, our hosts stumbled upon the “Gourdain Theory,” where millennials always look to the two popular chefs as gods, and see their words to be gospel.

The conversation came up during talk of Taiwan’s decision to ban the consumption of cats and dogs. While arguing whether eating pets is taboo, our hosts Elie Ayrouth and Reach Guinto wondered what Ramsay or Bourdain think about this topic. Upon that thought, they then asked themselves why it matters what those two think. There are countless credible culinary sources, yet we cling on these two for some reason.

Do you agree or disagree on this “Gourdain Theory?”

Another hot topic this week was a North Carolina restaurant’s decision to ban children of age 5 or under. While on the surface, it sounds like a terrifying PR move, their nightly reservations have significantly increased from 50 to a whopping 80 since the ban.

Would you dine somewhere knowing there won’t be any extra distractions from children?

With April 20 around the corner, you’ll probably see tons of cannabis-related recipes that all sound amazing and crazy, but let’s be real, you’re not going to make any of those insane creations.

Instead, we hooked you up with a simple, classic pot brownie a la mode. Making the brownie is super easy, plus we used Halo Top and their low-calorie ice cream so that we eat it a little guilt-free.

Go ahead, try it and thank us on April 21.

Coachella’s also coming up this weekend, and we discuss the growing food culture at the festival. There are some dos and don’ts involved with eating in a dessert, like, you probably don’t want to be chowing on a gooey raclette while fighting a sandstorm.

Check out the complete list of Coachella 2017’s Foods HERE.