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Man Turns Donut Box Into Resume, Hand Delivers It To Employer

When on a job search, you only get one shot at making a positive first impression, and if your resume is full of misspellings, doesn’t show off your skills, or is just plain boring… good luck.

Lukas Yla didn’t have any trouble making a lasting impression, as he went all out to show employers his creativity, utilizing a box of donuts.

Yla slyly dressed up as a Postmates delivery boy, strolled into the offices of potential employers, handed off some famous Mr. Homes Bakehouse, and once the box of baked goods was opened — bam! — his resume was attached on the inside for viewing.


He had a message that read, “Most resumes end up in trash. Mine – in your belly.”

This was not only clever, but accurate and true. He made sure his resume didn’t just get lost in an inbox, or thrown out by a receptionist, he used his strategic marketing techniques to make sure he at least made it to the employer’s hands.


He then went on to admit that he dressed as a Postmates deliveryman because he wanted to personally hand in his resume.


He’s done this quite a few times, and told The Next Web that it led to 10 interviews. His LinkedIn account doesn’t list any new jobs under his belt, so unless he hasn’t updated it, he’s going to need to buy a few more donuts.

It’s a damn good effort, though, worthy of 5 out of 5 clapping Shias:







5 Food Apps Changing How You Order Food

As time goes on, we seem to get closer to becoming the humans in Wall-E. Technology, though incredible and awe-inspiring, is being used in numerous ways to facilitate laziness/productivity (depending on how you view your glasses of water). Apps centered on ordering food have exploded onto this front of “I didn’t really know I needed this” technology. Here are the heavy hitters changing the way you eat and all but eliminating the need to speak to another person IRL.

1. Starbucks Order


With Starbucks Order, you can choose items from your chosen store’s drink and food menu, customize your order in ways you might not have known were possible, and simply walk to the pick-up counter to retrieve your pick-me-up. A printed receipt hugs your cup, boasting a perfectly legible, correctly spelled name. You only have to say your name to a barista and you’re on your way.

The lines at Starbucks, especially at peak hours, can make the most patient individuals fume, but reducing your barista interactions to your name and a smile seems downright cold. After all, they’re the only line of defense between us and our beloved coffee. These are strangers who are nice to us pre-caffeination. And we’re just going to throw that relationship away?

2. Allset


Photo Credit: Allset

Several apps are available that allow you to reserve a table at a restaurant and order your food in advance, but Allset isn’t encouraging you to do it all the time. Geared toward the precious lunch hour, the app allows you to make reservations, order food, and pay before you even set foot in the restaurant. You can also include an adjustable tip, so the service quality from the waiter you’ll barely talk to isn’t a complete dice roll.  In May they even introduced a feature allowing people to order the day before.

3. Grab/AirGrub


Photo Credit: AirGrub

Similar to the aforementioned apps, Grab and AirGrub allow travelers to order food ahead of time from airport restaurants. You might not be able to avoid your Chatty Cathy neighbor on the plane, but you can at least get a burger in peace. Well, as much peace as you can get sprinting towards your gate.

4. Eat24

The year began with Eat24 battling it out with GrubHub for the title of largest food delivery app. Before we could enjoy our Valentine’s Day chocolates, however, Yelp acquired Eat24, letting GrubHub slink off into the corner. Having trustworthy ratings blend with a smooth food delivery app, especially when your color schemes already match, seems like a cocktail for success. So far, so good, but everyone I know panics when a restaurant employee calls about an issue with their order.

5. Postmates

postmatesPhoto Credit: Postmates Facebook

More than just a food delivery app, Postmates will have their couriers deliver anything from alcohol to laundry detergent to your front door. An emergency Uber of sorts, Postmates compartmentalizes the awkwardness of buying a pack of condoms, a bag of Cheetos, and Pepto Bismol from the local pharmacy into a 10-20 second interaction with a college student. So that’s… better?



The Weirdest People I Met As A Postmates Courier



When Uber came on the scene in 2009, it revolutionized the idea of “convenience at cost.”

Customers saved tons of money using Uber instead of a regular taxi, while Uber drivers made an extra buck on the side driving whenever they could. Two years later, a company that specialized in delivering a variety of goods (with an emphasis on food) was born. I worked as a Postmates courier for a few months, and much like taxi drivers (and now Uber drivers), I was lucky enough to witness some crazy shit.

Drunken Nightfall Construction Man

My first delivery ever proved to be a strange one, to say the least. I had turned on my courier app and after only a few short minutes, a request came in. I clicked accept and raced to my car. The order called for a small lamp, a hammer and a 30 pack of Bud Light. I was confused and curious, but my job is to deliver the goods, not interrogate people on their seemingly weird intentions. I picked up all three items from Wal-Mart then headed to the customer’s house. I rang the doorbell, and a man wearing only paint-covered overalls and a face shield opened the door. I handed him his belongings, he signed for them, then smiled at me and closed the door. A strange way to start my career as a courier, to be certain. To this day I still wonder what the hell he was building back there, but I’ve seen Dexter enough times to know you don’t mess with a man holding a hammer and wearing a face shield.

The Recluse

Once when delivering in Irvine, I dropped a burger and fries off at an apartment housing a very trepid man. I rang the doorbell and waited for about 20 seconds. As I turned to walk away, I heard the door creaking open. I turn back around to see the creepiest eyeball I’ve ever seen staring back at me. His eye kept darting wildly back and forth between my face and his bag of food.

“Oh, um, hello sir. I’m Sean, I work for Postmates, I have a delivery for you.”

“Leave it.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Leave it on the doorstep!”

I walked back towards the door to leave his food where people normally have welcome mats. I dropped the bag on the floor in front of the door.

“Ok, sir, but I still need you to sign here so that it’s documented that you received your del–”

“Sign it yourself, give whatever tip you want.”

After he slammed the door shut, I began briskly walking to my car while signing away the $50 tip this man just gave me, because I’ve seen Dexter enough times to know you don’t mess with people that are that secretive. Damn, I need to start watching a new show.

The Sorority Girls

I got a request for six bottles of champagne once. I walked up to the front door of the house and rang the doorbell. You’d think I’d died and went to heaven, because seven or eight scantily-clad women opened the door and all started praising my name, like I had just saved them from Armageddon. They loved me so much that they even invited me inside to party with them. Keep in mind, I have yet to say anything at this point, considering how hard it is to speak over the chorus of “woot woot!” Eventually when they quieted down, I explained to them that I was low on cash and really needed to make some money, so I politely declined. I still consider it one of the most boneheaded blunders ever committed in the history of the world.


The Gamers

On one of my last trips ever was a request for several bags of candy and a 24-pack of Coca-Cola. When I arrived at the house, I was greeted by a friendly young man in a large Dragon Ball Z t-shirt. Society would call this type of person a “nerd.” As I handed him his candy and soda, I managed to peek inside his apartment. There was a long table with 7 or 8 other guys on it, all playing the same game on their laptop, a game called League of Legends. Around the boys was a sea of candy wrappers and a variety of crushed cans, ranging from Mountain Dew to Red Bull.

“Hey driver guy, you ever play League of Legends? You wanna play? We need one more player, we have an extra laptop and everything. It’ll be super sick man.”

“Ummm…alright, maybe one game.”

Four hours later, I was finally on my way home with a stomach ache, a brand new League of Legends account, and a sudden realization that I, too, am one of these “nerds.” Postmates taught me that I draw the line at potential serial killers and beautiful women, but nerds are my weakness. Dexter would be disappointed.

The Dildo Connoisseur

I once received an order that required five or six double takes from me before I accepted the request. After rubbing my eyes cartoonishly, I looked down again and realized it was real.

Some guy named Charlie wanted me to deliver an 18″ double-sided dildo to him from Condom Revolution.

Penis delivery. This is my life now.

I got to ConRev and lo and behold, there she blew, all 18 veiny inches of her. The wall was adorned with a variety of different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. I was beginning to feel awkward and remarkably ill-equipped, so I grabbed the $50 dildo and took it to the checkout counter.

The first thing I did was inform the employee (who actually looked like she meant to work at Hot Topic and just got lost) that the monstrosity in my hands was not for me and was for a friend. Only later did I realize how poorly I chose my words, considering that it was a double-sided dildo. She didn’t even try to hide the fact that she didn’t believe me.

I purchased the Gut Blender, which thankfully came in a very large, opaque bag and informed the customer that I was on my way. When I got there, he greeted me outside of his home.

“HA HA HA! Oh my god, I can’t believe you picked it up! You actually bought it! That’s so funny.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Oh, I just ordered it as a joke, to see if you would actually buy it or not, and you did! It was totally just an experiment.”

“Oh, ok. Well, do you still want it?”

“Yeah, I mean…I guess so, since I paid for it. Might as well. Maybe I’ll melt it down and make a tire out of it.”

Suddenly the look on the ConRev employee’s face when I was purchasing the dildo made perfect sense.


Leader Image Photo Credit: Postmates

Fast Food

Chipotle Has Quietly Begun A Delivery Service, Here’s The Catch


One of our least favorite things about Chipotle is waiting in line. The fast-casual eatery usually has people out the door and desperately waiting for their burrito fix. What if, however, you didn’t have to wait in line to get your hands on Chipotle?

Turns out the popular QSR is offering a delivery service. The app-based delivery service Postmates is apparently Chipotle’s official partner. Consumers can get their Chipotle fix any region that Postmates is available.

The fast-casual chain is still working on improving mobile ordering and payment methods through Postmates, but it seems like it’s officially been given the green light. A while ago, actually.

Yep. Sources say Chipotle has already begun working with Postmates, for at least a financial quarter. Apparently, Postmates has already delivery $500,000 in Chipotle in the last quarter alone. The service is available in 67 markets including California, New York, Florida, Arizona and the District of Columbia.

The catch, since there’s always a catch, is pricing. It seems like an average $8 Chipotle burrito, which is already pretty pricey, will cost you about $20 if Postmates delivers it. That’s more than double the cost.

So you definitely don’t have to wait for your Chipotle, but you’re going to have to pay more. Maybe that line doesn’t look so bad anymore.



How to Get Free Ice Cream Delivered to You This Weekend


Who: Postmates

What: Delivery service Postmates announced that they will bring you FREE ice cream on-demand. Of course, before the frozen treat reaches your lips, you must 1) Download their app and find the “Free Ice Cream On-Demand” store 2) Choose whether you want chocolate, vanilla or a surprise flavor 3) Checkout. PS: They’ll still charge you for the delivery fee.

Where: LA, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, DC and Boston

When: Today to Sunday, July 21