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Breaking Bad Fans, Get A Free ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ Meal Delivered To Your Door

Your first reaction to the headline of this article was probably: What?! And yeah, we’re serious. No click bait here, friend.

Through the partnership of AMC and Postmates, folks in NYC and LA can get your hands on a mini meal from Los Pollos Hermanos (the iconic restaurant from the Netflix-binge-worthy shows “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad“). Gus Fring’s fried chicken and curly fries can be yours for FREE. As long as you order from Monday, August 2o through Wednesday, August 22.

On the allotted dates, simply open the Postmates app, search for the Los Pollos Hermanos store and place your order. With only a few taps and scrolls, you can get your hands on this limited supply of mini-meals with no delivery fee, too (But you gotta tip though. Don’t be that guy).

So relax, wait for your food, and maybe tune into season 4, episode 3 of “Better Call Saul” while you wait.

Then while chowing down on the mini-meal: wear the shirt, and now, finally claim you tried the food. A dream come true for you “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” fans.

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The Ideal Times To Use Every Food Delivery App [GUIDE]

It’s 2018, and it seems like the food delivery apps out there are a dime a dozen. However, if you read between the lines and look at the features of each program, you may find some surprising differences that make each one useful in different situations.

Depending on your preferential eating habits, level of convenience, and ability to spend, one app may make better sense to use in one scenario versus another. To illustrate that, here’s a look at a few of the different major delivery apps out there and the optimal time to get your grub through each.


A post shared by Uber Eats (@ubereats) on

UberEats has a unique model for its delivery fee system: The closer you are to a particular location, the cheaper the delivery fee is. If you’re within about a mile of a restaurant, you basically get free delivery and just pay for the food. It’s perfect for those who are too busy to step out and get lunch.

The Ideal Usage: Use UberEats when you want food from nearby but are too swamped at work (or whatever else taking up your time) to go pick it up yourself.


A post shared by Grubhub (@grubhub) on

Out of all of the apps on this list, Grubhub (who recently bought Eat24 and also owns Seamless) has the most extensive list of takeout options. It can be used for delivery, too, but if you want to skip the associated fees and have a massive online database of takeaway menus on hand, this app makes perfect sense.

The Ideal Usage: Use Grubhub when you’re craving takeout and don’t want to pay delivery fees. Or if you’re like me and just want a massive collection of takeout menus to choose from.


A post shared by DoorDash (@doordash) on

Doordash just recently added their own pickup option, but it’s still a fledgling, so many restaurants haven’t hopped on board yet. Still, Doordash’s new DashPass and loads of “Try Me Free” delivery discounts make it a go-to app for the adventurous diner who would rather have someone else cook for them.

The Ideal Usage: Use Doordash if you get meals delivered to you all the time and want to be as diverse in your dinner options as possible.


A post shared by Postmates (@postmates) on

Postmates is so much more than a meal delivery app, because you can get groceries, sundries, and other items delivered to you on demand as well. You can also pay into a monthly program to get free delivery all the time, making it a clutch move for when you really need that pound of ground beef right now.

The Ideal Usage: Similar to Doordash’s, but for all different kinds of items and for those who cook regularly as well.

Amazon Restaurants

To compare Amazon as a whole to all of these apps would be like comparing Superman to the rest of the Justice League, so we won’t go there. In terms of the restaurant app, though, it doesn’t offer much yet in terms of discount options, but has a ton of local eats available. If you prefer to have one program or website that you get everything from, aka the perfect Amazon user, this is great.

The Ideal Usage: If you already get literally everything on Amazon.


A post shared by goPuff (@gopuff) on

GoPuff is an app at the intersection of convenience store and delivery. It can get you basically anything you need from the mini-mart, but isn’t meant to get entire meals from. Great if you have a sudden urge for bags of chips or some alcohol, however.

The Ideal Usage: When you need something from the convenience store ASAP.

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This BOUGIE BURGER Is Made With Three Different Types Of Black Truffle

When Pretty Little Liars enters the food scene, you know it’s bound to come with at least one major twist.

That’s exactly what PLL actress Shay Mitchell has in store for the Los Angeles Food Bowl’s Off-The-Menu x Postmates Secret Menu Burger Showdown. She’s teaming up with Top Chef runner-up and WOLF executive chef Marcel Vigneron to create the ultimate truffle burger… that uses a “bleeding” vegan patty from Beyond Meat.

A post shared by Elie (@bookofelie) on

The duo’s Bourgeois Burger isn’t vegetarian or plant-based, but it does show off how well Beyond’s juicy patty can perform as a real burger.

Chef Vigneron and Mitchell load up a potato roll with a Beyond burger, caramelized onions, bacon, truffle mayo, white cheddar, and truffle shavings. The result is a massive umami bomb that explodes with truffle and savory notes during each bite.

Vigneron and Mitchell are hoping their truffle-laden dish will be enough to take the crown at “Off-The-Menu,” where 500 people will be sampling 10 different burgers to determine a champion. However, they have to deal with competition that’s tougher than the A Team, as many of LA’s top restaurants are entering the fray as well. Badmaash and Plan Check are two prime examples of the juggernauts the pair will have to contest with.

Still, with all of the truffle they’ve packed inside and the surprise factor of the Beyond patty, Vigneron and Mitchell are strong contenders to take home the top burger title.

You can check out the Bourgeois Burger at the Secret Menu Burger Showdown on Saturday, May 26th, from noon to 4 p.m. at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

Those who can’t get tickets to the event can also find Vigneron and Mitchell’s burger will be available for delivery exclusively on Postmates starting Sunday, 5/27. Make sure to get your fix!

Created in partnership with Postmates

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EDM DJ Marshmello Creates His Own Secret Burger That Features Charcoal Ketchup Leather

For superstar EDM DJ, Marshmello, rockin’ a massive festival proves to be an easy challenge. His ear for what can get a set poppin’ off and the handiwork he wields at his fingertips to mix and manipulate beats has lead to his astounding success in the electronic music world. But did you know those clever hands can craft a mean burger, too?

It’s an off-the-wall thought, but Marshmello has actually created a secret burger alongside Los Angeles burger hub, Plan Check Kitchen + Bar, to enter in the Secret Burger Showdown event from Postmates and Off The Menu. The meaty throw down that pits celebrities and their burger creations against each other is happening on Saturday May 26, as a part of the LA Food Bowl festivities that Angelenos have been experiencing throughout the month of May.

The details in the burger are as eclectic as the sounds Marshmello loves working with. Think Plan Check’s signature ketchup letter infused with charcoal to create the distinct facial features of the DJ right onto the burger’s house-made Swiss cheese. Other tasty trappings include a prime ribeye 28-day dry-aged patty, kombu pickles, onion, watercress, and salt & pepper mayo, all in a crunch bun. It’s a lineup of ingredients that’s just as satisfying as the beat drop after a climactic build up.

If you can’t make it out to the Secret Burger Showdown this Saturday, you can sink  your teeth into the Marshmello Burger by ordering it on Postmates or the Off The Menu app.

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Marshmello, Tommy Lee and Shay Mitchell Amongst Celebs Competing In Secret Burger Competition

Jay-Z versus Solange, KimYe versus Taylor, The Rock versus Tyrese — the public loves a good celebrity feud. Spats between the showbiz elite always capture headlines, and for the most part, it’s the usual he said, she said and finger pointing narrative. Yawn. Beef’s gone stale these days, really.

But what if I told you that celebrity beefs can actually be put to the test over how juicy their actual beef is in a burger battle? Confused? Intrigued? Both? Good. Let me break it down for you. This Saturday, May 26, Postmates and foodie favorite app, Off The Menu, are throwing together a Secret Burger Showdown as part of the LA Food Bowl festivities that involves celebrities teaming up with Los Angeles’ hottest restaurants to create wildly inventive and mouth-watering burgers to duke it out against one another.

So think EDM DJ Marshmello tag-teaming with Plan Check to create a Marshmello Burger that’s got a patty comprised of prime ribeye dry-aged for 28 days and topped with charcoal-infused ketchup leather made up as the face of the party-rocking maestro himself. Then imagine them going toe-to-toe with Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell and Top Chef alum Marcel Vigneron of WOLF, who’s got the formidable Bourgeois Burger that features decadent details like a Beyond Burger patty, truffle mayo, and truffle shavings.

The battle’s gonna be bloody (slightly, at least, because medium rare, of course) and contentious, but most of all, lights out delicious. Check out the running list of who is throwing down in the Secret Burger Showdown, brought to you by Postmates and Off The Menu and stay tuned for any additional updates that we’ll provide.

Burgerlords & Alexa Losey – “Slaw & Order”

Vegan burger with braised Swiss chard, classic coleslaw with mustard, vegan mayo, and crunchy sweet potato chips.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter

Button Mash & Timothy De La Ghetto – “Double Dr. Pepper Teriyaki Cheeseburger”

Dr. Pepper-marinated, coffee-blackened beef patty on top of a Dr. Pepper-marinated deep-fried beef and pork menchi katsu patty with double provolone, Dr. Pepper teriyaki sauce, apple slaw, and onion.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter


Plan Check & Marshmello – “Marshmello Burger”

Prime ribeye 28-day dry-aged patty, house-made Swiss cheese, charcoal ketchup leather, kombu pickles, onion, watercress, salt & pepper mayo, all in a crunch bun.

Photo: Marc Kharrat – @marckharrat

WOLF & Shay Mitchell – “Bourgeois Burger”

Beyond burger patty (optional), truffle mayo, truffle shavings, bacon-onion schmutz, white cheddar, on a potato roll.

Photo: Sydney Yorkshire – @whatcouldbebutter
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Postmates and Halo Top Want To Give You Free Ice Cream This Valentine’s Day

While Ben & Jerry’s finally tries its hand at low-calorie ice cream, Halo Top continues to show it’s growth by coming up with a way to scoop up a sweet deal on Valentine’s Day for Postmates Fresh users. Instead of waiting for a bouquet of roses to eventually die off, why not get your significant other something healthier and cheaper than most other desserts out there this Wednesday? 

Halo Top ice cream and Postmates Fresh are coming together to offer a free pint of ice cream for users of the food delivery app.

With Halo Top ice cream being so low in calories and sugar, it’s a better option than doling out cold hard cash for a couple chocolate-covered strawberries that’ll be gone in a minute.

On top of being able to get dessert for free, using Postmates in the first place provides a good opportunity to have a cozy stay-at-home dinner. There’s nothing more romantic than making someone a meal that you’ve cooked up and then chowing down on some Pancakes & Waffles flavored Halo Top right after.

Supplies are available while they last, so that means get on this quick. To sweeten the deal even more, Postmates is even waiving the delivery fee for this! Get all your grocery shopping out of the way bright and early and keep the Halo Top tucked away in the back of the fridge, and best of all, you can do it all in your PJ’s without breaking a sweat.


Photo by:

Postmates’ Holiday Gifts Are Here To Save The Procrastinator In All Of Us

There’s absolutely nothing more frustrating and annoying that going Christmas shopping in December. It’s a fact. Sure, the malls are delightfully decorated, and there’s usually some good sales going on, but there’s only a very short, limited amount of time you can endure the barrage of people before you lose your mind.

Plus, the shopping never ends, and the stress becomes incredibly overwhelming. What if you’re invited to a Christmas party at the last minute and don’t have any small gifts to take the host? Or how about if you just suddenly remembered that you forgot to get a gift for your great aunt’s new husband’s cousin? Are you really going to brave the malls on the last few days leading up to Christmas?

Yeah, I didn’t think so… but Postmates will.

Postmates just launched a Holiday Gift Guide just in time for Christmas, allowing users to get last-minute gifts delivered anywhere in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York. Their gift ideas include delicate macarons from Ladurée, aromatic coffee beans from Alfred Coffee, fashionable sunglasses from Illesteva, and even a luxurious milk & honey whipped body butter from Kiehl’s.

There’s pretty much anything for anybody, and with a limited amount of choices, shopping just got infinitely easier.

Plus, if you order anything off their Holiday Gift Guide, you’ll receive 3 months of Postmates Unlimited that lets you get free delivery from any restaurant. So it’s really more of a gift for yourself than anybody else, but nobody has to know that.

But if you still can’t find anything your picky receiver would like on the Holiday Gift Guide, or if you live outside of SF, LA, or NY, nobody would ever turn down a Postmates gift card or a bottle of alcohol from their Drinks Selection. Trust me.

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Postmates In Hot Water After Lame Response To Threatening Courier

Postmates is currently in the middle of a PR nightmare that they set themselves up for.

KTLA reports that one of the company’s delivery couriers left a menacing four-page letter on customer Lauren Ledford’s doorstep after she failed to give him a $4 tip on a $20 delivery. In the letter, the unnamed driver threatened to rob Ledford if she didn’t tip again and went off on a vulgar rant about Jews, women, and his need for drugs. The letter and driver are now being investigated by the Redondo Beach Police, and the offender may be charged with a felony as a result of his actions.

PLEASE READ and BE AWARE Yesterday, I came home to a 4 page letter left on my door from a @postmates delivery man. These are the last two pages, and the scariest. I know he is employed by this company because the only pizza delivery I’ve had to my home in the last 2 months is from @postmates and in the first two pages (not pictured here) the man let’s me know he was at my home last week delivering pizza. I nailed down who the driver is and have reported it to the police as well as @postmates , which has not called me or addressed this at all. I am putting this out there only because I want everyone to be aware of the fact that apparently this company doesn’t respect a privacy policy and employees people who are openly on drugs, returning to costumers homes a week later threatening to rob them over a $4 tip, which I thought was included in the outrageous delivery charges that this company tacks on to orders. I am now terrified that this man could show up any day as he let me know, “who knows what a disgruntled delivery driver who can’t afford to eat that day is capable of.” Note: this is a photo copy of the hand written note, as the police took the original as evidence. #postmates #nbc #nbcnews #nbc4la #ktla #ktla5news #news #story #la #losangeles

A post shared by laυren. o l ι v ι a. ledғord. (@laurenolivialedford) on

Ledford immediately notified Postmates of the incident, but did not receive a response until she posted the letter to her Instagram and Facebook pages, after which KTLA ran their story about the incident. Interestingly, Postmates did respond to KTLA, saying that they had since removed the disgruntled driver from the platform and that they did not tolerate harassment. Ledford, however, claims that Postmates still hasn’t contacted her yet to either apologize or refer her to legal sources that could help resolve the matter. She has contacted them in attempts to learn the driver’s last name to obtain a proper restraining order, however, but has been denied.

ATTENTION! The only way to delete your Postmates account is to directly contact them! I’m trying to get everyone I know to submit a request to delete your accounts due to safety reasons!! Thank you to everyone!!! As an update: they have suspended the driver, however refuse to give me his last name in order for me to get a restraining order. It’s really scary knowing that they have suddenly cut this man’s income off and will not help to ensure my protection from this psycho. @postmates need to be FORCED to change policy and assume responsibility for their couriers. They say they are not a delivery service… so what are they? Parents use this service with babysitters and without proper vetting of drivers this is a playground for psychopaths. I want EVERYONE I know to be aware and help me hold this company liable.

A post shared by laυren. o l ι v ι a. ledғord. (@laurenolivialedford) on

“It’s really scary knowing that they have suddenly cut this man’s income off and will not help to ensure my protection from this psycho,” Ledford wrote in an Instagram post about Postmates’ inability to cooperate. Postmates has confirmed to Business Insider that drivers do go through background checks, but also have a statement denying any responsibility for the actions of their “independent contractors” that Ledford has shared, claiming that they are not a “delivery service.”

In hopes that Postmates will change their policy and take some responsibility, Ledford has also begun to call for a boycott of the company, asking her followers and friends to contact the company directly to delete their accounts for “safety reasons.”