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You Can Now Use Postmates To Order Food At Dodger Stadium

If standing in line at a ballgame sounds like a drag, the Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to make your in-game eating experience a little easier through “Postmates Live.”

Starting Wednesday, August 7, through the rest of the Dodger season (And into the postseason), Dodger Stadium will be testing in-seat ordering from their “Top Deck” section, with plans of a full stadium release in the 2020 season.

That means that you no longer have to stand in lines for a hot dog, wait for the machine to process your card, wait for it to spit out the receipt, then wait for the cashier to shuffle to the back to get your food.

You just select what you want through the Postmates app, place the order and pay on your phone, then pick it up once a notification pops up to let you know it’s ready. Even better news, there are no pesky fees attached to the service.

Postmates tested a similar activation at Dodger Stadium during 2018’s Camp Flog Gnaw Festival. A couple handfuls of vendors at the festival teamed with Postmates, having the menu items on the app for your to order. A few minutes after punching in your order, a notification would alert you that it’s ready to be picked up.

Festival lines can get pretty crazy, and the feature worked great at the time, so long as you had decent reception, which can prove to be difficult at a music festival.

Still, the fact that this is being tested at a sports stadium is pretty groundbreaking, and could prove to be the answer to long concession lines and missing a bulk of the game.

It’d be even nicer to have it delivered to your seat, but that takes a whole different infrastructure with extra bodies to deliver, a system that allows you to input your seat, and the ever-uncomfortable tipping process that gets muddled unless each individual delivery person is inputted in the system.

If you’ve ever waited 25 minutes in line, missing an inning of the game just for food, this new Postmates collab is a life saver, and could easily be the future of in-game dining.