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McDonald’s Surprised The Two Kids That Pranked Them With $25,000 Checks

Not too long ago, two Houston college students gained notoriety after they created a fake McDonald’s poster and hung it on the wall of a nearby location’s dining area. The kicker was that no one noticed for nearly two months.

Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo covertly created a McDonald’s poster, starring themselves, and secretly hung it up in the lobby of a Houston McDonald’s they frequent. The poster hung there, unnoticed, for about 51 days.

The two were recently guests on the Ellen DeGeneres Show,  and talked about what happened to them after their prank went viral. They said McDonald’s removed the photo (for renovation purposes) but planned to auction it off and give the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Houston charity.

Ellen then revealed that because of their pure intentions behind the poster, wanting more Asian Americans to get recognition in fast food marketing, McDonald’s will feature the two students in an upcoming campaign, complete with a $25,000 check for each of them.

You can check out exactly how it goes down in the clip here. Needless to say, the two kids who thought they would get in trouble for their stunt were genuinely stunned.

It just goes to show that if you prank McDonald’s well enough, you could get a fat check.


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Students Pull Off Fake McDonald’s Ad Prank That Goes Viral

When I visit a McDonald’s, I usually don’t pay too much attention to the decor around the lobby of the restaurant. Pretty sure most people don’t either. Therein lies the magic of this viral Mcdonald’s poster “prank.”

Jevh Maravilla, a student at the University of Houston, created a fake poster with his friend Christian Toledo to hang on the wall of a local McDonald’s. What they didn’t expect, however, was that the poster would hang there unnoticed for 51 days.

In the behind-the-scenes video below, Maravilla reveals that they created the poster as a way to represent Asian-Americans in McDonald’s advertisements. The idea came as they noticed there were no Asians depicted in the store’s decorative images.

The process to hang the poster on the wall was pretty elaborate — from a campus photoshoot to editing realistic looking fries into the image. Maravilla even went out and bought a McDonald’s uniform so he could masquerade as an employee of the fast food chain while his friends hung the poster up.

For nearly two months, no one in the store took down the poster.

A noble goal behind a pretty hilarious prank. I wonder if the McDonald’s will just end up keeping this on their wall?


Scratch-Off Poster Keeps Track Of Every Beer You’ve Ever Tried


Sure, we love drinking beer. However, sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to keep track of all of our favorite brands. The kind folks at Pop Chart Lab created an amazing poster that’ll do just that.

What you do is take a coin and begin scratching off each beer you’ve tried.  Soon, you’ll be able to have an idea what’s left to sample and what’s already been done to death.  There are a total of 99 beers for you to go out and consume.

Imagine it as a boozy to-do list.

The 18” x 24” poster is available through Pop Chart Lab for $35. Because of the scratch-off feature, the poster doesn’t come with a protective paneling.


Brilliant ‘Breakfast Club’ Posters Designed For Each Main Character


It’s been 30 years since the classic John Hughes film The Breakfast Club hit theaters. The coming-of-age tale of a group of misfit high schoolers hit home to countless teens across the country.

BIGEYE, a Florida advertising agency designed a series of posters for The Breakfast Club that takes a modernized approach to the timeless film. Each poster focuses on one of the five main characters and what breakfast represents who they are.

According to DesignTaxi, the posters incorporate a flat-lay esthetic that brings the ’80s feel to the modern age.

Check it out below!



All You NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RAMEN In One Beautifully Illustrated Poster


There’s no better feeling than going all-in on a hot bowl of authentic ramen on a cold day. With all different types of noodles, broths and toppings, Ramen is one of the most versatile noodle dishes around. Luckily, for the overwhelmed ramen aficionado, there’s a cheat sheet.

The Ramen Poster is a charming piece of wall decor for the Japanese noodle fan. Featuring 25 different ramen dishes, the poster describes each one so you’ll always know what your options are.

Popular dishes include Yamagata, Tonkotsu, Sapporo and a ton of others.

The poster was first introduced as a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for mass production. In a little more than a week into the campaign, the Ramen Poster has already quadrupled its goals. A minimum bid for the poster is about $23.




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Because You Honestly Didn’t Know: Whiskey Graphic Shows the Difference Between Scotch and Bourbon


I don’t know a lot about whiskey, although I do know it’s delicious and keeps me warm. If you’re in the same boat, you might be familiar with Jameson and Crown Royal, but there’s so much more involved in the whiskey game. That’s where this stylish and informative poster comes into play.

Created by Pop Chart Lab, this educational guide maps out and categorizes every single variety of whiskey around the world, from moonshine to Kentucky bourbon. It also details brand names for each type, so you’ll never have to guess if you’re drinking an Irish blend or American Rye again.


Stick this poster right on the fridge or bathroom wall, and you’ll be a whiskey expert in no time.

The Many Varieties of Whiskey poster, $29 @Pop Chart Lab


Some Syrah with Your Bacon? The World’s Most Practical Wine Pairing Chart EVER


It’s happened to all of us before: You’ve got a nice meal planned, but you have no idea what wine would be best. Yeah, white wine goes with fish and a red wine goes with steak, but what about something like . . . smoked bacon? Roasted broccoli? Couscous? If you don’t just happen to have a neighbor who conveniently happens to be a wine sommelier, this wine-pairing chart might just be the next best thing.

Thanks to the awesome fine-diners at Wine Folly, this helpful chart will help to break down the tricky process — all you need to know is what food category your main course falls under. Is it fish? A rich fish, like lobster or grab? Is it vegetables? Are they roasted?

Or, conversely, maybe you have a nice bottle of Chardonnay that you don’t know what to do with. This chart will let you know that a brie is just fine, but a harder cheese won’t be all that pleasing with that particular glass of wine.

Added bonus? We’re pretty sure the stylish design of this easy go-to reference chart would look great hanging in our kitchen or living room. Check out the original visual here.

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