You Can Eat Your Own Face With These Realistic Portrait Cookies

Next time someone tells you “bite me”, you actually can with these highly-detailed portrait cookies. The customizable creations are the work of a patissier, sculptor and food stylist named Ayako Kurokawa. The cookies can be ordered from the patissierie burrow in New York. The pastry recipes, including the ones to make the portrait cookies, combine classic French recipes with Japanese and American influences.

According to her website, the technique was developed from stone carving a clay sculpting. The cookies can be ordered in three sizes. A medium 5″x6″ cookie goes for $60, a jumbo 8″x11″ cookie costs $150, or six small 2″x3″ cookies for $120. Customers are asked to send in a full face high-resolution photo of whoever they want the cookie to represent. They also have to include eye color and hair color. The cookies last for 3 weeks without opening.  They can be ordered online here.

The highly realistic cookies can be anyone.

From celebrities like Kate Moss,


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and Marc Jacobs,

To everyday people. 

The cookies are designed to look just like the people who order them.

The portrait cookies aren’t her only unsettlingly realistic baked goods. She also makes portrait cakes and other incredibly detailed creations.