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I Stumbled Upon A S’MORES BURGER In The Quiet Costal Town Of Portland

When we walked in to Nosh Kitchen Bar, the vibe was different from the rest of the restaurants in the sleepy coastal town of Portland, ME. To situate you, the Portland we’re talking about is in the Northeastern most part of the United States and is known for its incredible craft breweries and delicious lobster.

With Portland being a beautiful and accoladed foodie town in its own right, Nosh serves its constituents as the inventive and above average gastro pub for its area — a city with just over 60,000 residents.

Location scouting for our new show All NighterI walked in to Nosh with my producer and director to eat through the menu. We didn’t speak with the chefs, instead shuffling to a table for a quiet crew meal and ordered as much of the menu as we could.

Though their savory dishes deserve a hyperbole-filled writeup of their own, it’s their dessert menu that you’ll remember forever. The desserts came out in droves: their take on nostalgic Dunkaroos, a Churro Taco with a fried cinnamon-sugar flour shell and the hulking, unavoidable gorilla in the room: THE S’MORES BURGER.

Churro Taco:







…and last, but not least…





We ate, we were merry, and we visited Nosh four times in our week long visit, primarily to relive how tantalizing and memorable the S’mores Burger was. Warm brioche, cold ice cream, sticky Nutella, brûléed jumbo marshmallows and bacon salt all made up a sublime dessert sandwich experience that was damn near addicting.

Until next time Portland, and specifically Nosh, I can’t wait to visit you again:

Nosh Kitchen

551 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101


This Gourmet Cocktail is Topped With Shaved Foie Gras


Foie Gras may be banned here in California but if you’re willing to make the drive up to Oregon you’ll be greeted by your gourmet friend in the form of a cocktail. Featured at Portland based restaurant Ox, this $15 cocktail aptly named “Foie the Hell of it” was inspired by a similar drink that bartender Brian Tamayo had while in Las Vegas.

The drink itself is made with Laird’s Apple Brandy, Elijah Craig 12 Year Old Bourbon, lemon juice, ginger syrup, pureed strawberry and rhubarb preserves, egg white, lemon bitters, and a pinch of pepper. Of course the drink would be incomplete without its signature ingredient, shaved frozen foie gras terrine, which tops the interesting drink.

So far it seems like customers are enjoying the unique cocktail Tamayo explains, “it’s delicious. It sounds weird, but people seem to love it.”

The cocktail should come as no surprise to frequent guests since this is the same restaurant that served “meat cereal” aka “corn flakes made of maple-coated bacon served with a smoked berry marshmallow and hazelnut-infused milk”.

Though the drink was recently added to the menu Ox has no plans on removing it anytime soon, in fact they already have plans to switch up the fruit in the cocktail seasonally.

H/T + PicThx Eater


Sweet Nightmares: New Rogue Voodoo Pretzel, Raspberry, and Chocolate Ale


Rogue Ales x Voodoo Doughnut collaborations are what you give people when you want to kill them, but only in the sweetest way possible. They are the frenemies of beer, cool enough to deserve your attention, but never afraid to leave you with an awful taste in your mouth.

Their latest beer-donut mash-up? A pretzel, raspberry, and chocolate-flavored ale. It’s inspired by the Voodoo’s infamous “Voodoo Doll,” a jelly-filled yeast donut covered in chocolate frosting and stabbed through the heart with a pretzel stake.


Now, we’re not saying it tastes like a cloying, raspberry ale/chocolate stout hybrid, heart-attack in a pink bottle. But it probably tastes like a cloying, raspberry ale/chocolate stout hybrid, heart-attack in a pink bottle.

Gift it to anyone you hope to torture from afar, or yourself if you’re feeling especially masochistic.

Rogue Voodoo Pretzel, Raspberry, and Chocolate Ale: $13 @ Rogue

H/T Nerdalicious + Picthx Rogue, MNP


Thanksgiving Turkey Ice Cream is Made with ‘Turkey Juice’


This Thanksgiving, do dessert first with Portland’s Salt & Straw. The renowned ice cream shop, known for past concoctions like ham and blue cheese, rolled out their latest seasonal treats: Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey, Apple Cranberry Stuffing and Mincemeat Pie.

The dessert meals feature turkey juice, caramelized onions, and turkey-skin brittle  infused into a turkey fat-caramel cream base for the Turkey ice cream, while the Stuffing version is made with celery soda and the Mincemeat Pie with brandy soaked fruits. There’s also Pumpkin Custard & Spiced Chevre and Sweet Potato & Candied Pecans ice cream on the lineup, for those with more subtle taste buds. The holiday flavors are available online ’til November 29.

For those of the dessert-first mindset, this might be a viable replacement for your traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

H/T Thrillist


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Ice Cream [INFOGRAPHICS]


For being the go-to summertime treat, it’s a little odd to think about how very little we know about ice cream. Like, how much exercise does it take to burn off a single bowl of a bacon sundae? Or when exactly does “ice cream” stop being “ice cream” and become a “frozen dairy dessert”?

Check out the list of infographics below to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about ice cream – or at the very least, everything you’ve wanted to learn via infographic. We’ve got it all, from the local costs of a cone worldwide to the price breakdown of the most expensive treat at New York’s Serendipity 3. There’s even a chart on what flavor gelato you should try on your next trip to Rome, which I’m sure is bound to come in handy one of these days.

Or we could always just head to Portland, whose residents apparently eat more ice cream than any other U.S. city – though it’s probably just the melted stuff. (Ba-Dum-Tss)


Click to enlarge.

Global Annual Ice Cream Consumption Worldwide



Ice Cream Currency Calculator




The Most Expensive Ice Cream at Serendipity




Stuff You Didn’t Know About Ice Cream




What’s In That Ice Cream?




Burn Off That Bacon Sundae



Understanding Artisan Gelato




How Healthy Is Your Ice Cream?




Follow The Path to What Gelato Flavor Suits You Today




What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About You?



All infographics courtesy


[ADVENTURE] One Day of Feasting in Portlandia


Portland: The home of thick-framed glasses, artists, mountains and — great food. It’s no secret that the Northwest is crawling with bangin’ restaurants. The hard part is getting over there, though. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the West Coast. Since I could only squeeze one day in Portland, I made sure to spend every moment eating in that charming, delicious city.




Tour the World’s Only Vegan Strip Club [NSFW]


“You know how sometimes you’re like, oh I want to see naked women today, and I want to get vegan food, and I don’t have time to make two stops?”

Sigh, hate when that happens. Thank goodness comedian Kumail Nanjiani of the “Kumail Tours Portland” webisodes (run by the same peeps of Portlandia) has introduced the world to Casa Diablo — supposedly the world’s only vegan strip club.

The venue is located in Portland, of course, and features a vegan-friendly menu, along with a kitchen that seems to double as a dressing room.

In the video, Kumail ventures into this first stip club (oh boy!) and learns how to properly fondle a tortilla chip.

H/T Incredible Things

Fast Food

Is Wendy’s Testing Waffle Cones for Their Frostys?

It’s hard to believe this hasn’t been thought of before, but it seems that a Wendy’s location out in Portland, Oregon seems to be testing Frosty Waffle Cones.

Frostys, the famous Wendy’s dessert that brings together a lathery mix of fresh Grade A milk and rich cream, has always been served out of a cup — until now. According to a post on food review blog GrubGrade, the new waffle cones will house both the chocolate and vanilla Frosty flavors.

Only time will tell if the cones become more widely available. Let us know in the comments if they are serving Frosty Waffle Cones in your area, or if you wish they were!