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Are The Kings Of Fi$h Ready To Compete For Control Of A Seafood Dynasty?

Now that you’re finally done binge watching FOODBEAST’s new reality series, Kings Of Fi$h Seasons One and Two, you’re probably wondering what’s coming next.

As KOF: Season 2 of comes to a close, we’re left to question the preparedness of Mike, Tommy Jr., Henry, and Jennifer, as they are tasked with motivating the younger generation to become apprentices of the family trade.

Now that we’ve gotten a closer look at the inter-personal relationships between the members of the Ungaro and Amalfitano families, it’s evident that trying to maintain full-managerial responsibility of the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant without the guidance of Tommy “The Boss”Amalfitano is harder than expected. It’s easy to see that after Tommy’s retirement became a reality, there was still a strong sense of denial about his 54-year tenure coming to an end.

Meanwhile, as Mike and Henry had individual plans of taking control over the family business — neither seemed to put forth the focused initiative to right the ship and concentrate on other projects. Essentially, as soon as Tommy Sr. retired, both Mike and Henry took mini-vacations. Could this be indicative of how serious they really are about wanting to step up as boss?

While Henry was out in the desert being an outdoorsy-daredevil, Mike was in Las Vegas, socializing and trying to complete a commercial for the Frozen Shrimp Tray product. While there’s nothing wrong with fun and games, Tommy “The Boss”Amalfitano unexpectedly returns from a vacation to Mt. Fuji and was livid to see how thinly staffed Henry and Mike had left the market.

Future success of California’s greatest seafood dynasty hangs in the balance here. The Kings Of Fi$h could arguably be the best franchise in seafood, but will they step up to the challenge?

It’s safe to say that even though the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant has become an iconic business within the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles proper, that does not make this family business immune to failure. Fortunately, family patriarch Tommy Sr. was keen to the instability among the staff without his guidance and may have prolonged his permanent retirement — for now. As FOODBEAST’s Kings Of Fi$h series progresses, there is sure to be more family quarrels,  as competing ideas about what it will take to keep this legendary business afloat are brought to the surface.

And it’s not even summer, yet.

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