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Pornstar Pulls Hysterical Prank On Unsuspecting Pizza Guy [WATCH]

Every guy with access to a computer has likely seen a “pizza delivery boy” scenario that involves a naive pizza delivery guy with a huge penis delivering a sausage pizza to a sultry, buxom woman, who was apparently planning on eating an entire pizza all by herself.

One dreamer in particular thought he was walking into the best situation known to man when famed Asian pornography star London Keys was the one who answered the door and beckoned him to come inside (of the apartment, you perverts).

The gentleman delivering the pizza keeps a steady look of disbelief planted on his face the entire time, although his confusion is rivaled only by his tepid enthusiasm to get the show on the road. Of course, things take an even funnier turn for the worse when a surprise guest stops by for a visit.

What would you do?



Source: Tattoo Girlsss