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Dude Goes To Jail For Pork Chop Violence Against His Mom…For The 2nd Time

How could something as juicy as a pork chop be the cause of so much grief?

Well if you’re Terry Bernard from Athens, Georgia, it’s because you assaulted your mother with said pork chop.

Earlier this year, the 29-year-old Ball used a pork chop to assault his mother after he found out the 60-year-old woman who just served him dinner did not buy him cigarettes. If throwing a pork chop at his mom wasn’t enough of a reaction to his cigarette disappointment, he also pushed her and head-butted her.

Ball was arrested for battery and probation violation and was released on a $3,000 bond. He was ordered to stay away from his mother.

Well it seems the aggravated pork chop saga continues as Ball violated those conditions last week by showing up to his mother’s house, reports RollingOut. This time, one of the guests at his family dinner had apparently eaten his pork chop, leading Ball to try and fight everyone there. His mother called the authorities.

Ball is currently in Athens-Clarke County Jail for violating his order against family violence. Maybe pork chops are just his trigger food.

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Fast Food

Chego Restaurant Reveals Their Latest Item: The Jay Chou Ahh Choo Bowl

Chego Restaurant in LA has revealed the Jay Chou Ahh Choo Bowl, the latest menu addition to their always dynamic offerings. This bowl is highlighted by Taiwanese black pepper pork chop fried rice, chunks of pineapple and Sriracha. The dish is well timed for Chego’s 1 year anniversary celebrated this past week, and currently sits on their menu for $8.


Craving: Pork Chop Apple Danish Sandwich

Pork chop sitting between two apple danishes. Get, out, of, my, hooouusssse. Looks absolutely scrumptious! (PicThx GroceryEats)