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There’s A New Poppy Seed That No Longer Affects Your Drug Tests

A poppy seed-topped bagel from Belle’s Bagels.

It has become common knowledge that the consumption of poppy seeds can affect a drug test, and while it has become a terrible go-to excuse for stoners, a new type of seed might void those claims in the future.

A specialty foods company in the UK called FDL, created a poppy seed with significantly lower levels of morphine than the regular poppy seed, per the Washington Post.

A standard poppy seed has morphine levels of 900-ppm (parts per million), but FDL’s poppy seed only has morphine levels of 20-ppm, which would make it nearly impossible for the seed to cause a failed drug test.

Although FDL said it already has a deal in place with a bread company, it did not give any further specific details.

It looks like it will be making its way to the market, though, and before you know it, you might not be able to blame that positive drug test on your everything bagel addiction.