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SONIC’s 2021 Drink Lineup Includes Booze-Inspired Slushes

Sonic just unveiled a massive amount of drinks that will be coming to their menus throughout most of 2021. Among these are some intriguing blends, including a series of beverages inspired by boozy favorites.

Photo courtesy of Sonic

These Uncorked Slushes, which will arrive on August 30th, take flavors like Peach Bellini, Red Berry Sangria, and Strawberry Frosé and turn them into frozen treats. These don’t have any alcohol, but nobody is saying that spiking them isn’t encouraged.

Each of the drinks will be available until September 26th, and represent a lean towards the grown-up category for SONIC, who also just announced their hard seltzer lineup that will be launching in May.

A more recent addition to the drive-in’s menu that’s available now is an OREO Cookie Dough Blast and Sundae. Each comes with bits of OREO cookie dough inside, but also contains an indulgent scoop that’s loaded on top of each sweet treat.

These are available through May 2nd, and are just the beginning of the indulgent shakes SONIC will have to offer this year. A Cheesecake Blast, Strawberry Cheesecake Blast, and a Banana Pudding Shake will all be arriving later this year. The cheesecake varieties will be available May 3 to June 27, while the Banana Pudding Shake arrives August 2-29.

SONIC is also an early arriver to the popping boba and boba game, joining Del Taco as one of two early adopters of the fun drink addition. Available from May 31st to August 1st, green apple “Bursting Bubbles” can be added to any drink, but there will also be Cherry and Blue Bursts available that contain them by default.

Foodbeast was able to obtain the ingredients to make the Cherry Burst from SONIC, and it includes Cherry syrup, Sprite, and the popping bubbles. These drinks will also be available in a slush variety.

This is just some of what SONIC will have to offer over the next year, with representatives noting that 2021 would be a big year for innovation for the chain. We’ll have to see what else is in store down the line.

Drinks Fast Food What's New

Del Taco Is First Major Fast Food Chain To Add Popping Boba To Their Menu

Popping boba, encapsulated pearls that burst when you bite into them, have yet to make it onto the menus of major fast food chains in America. While they’ve become popular at froyo shops — the concept of boba and its popularity have been a thing for a while now — it has yet to penetrate the biggest chains in food.

Photo courtesy of Del Taco

That all changed with Del Taco’s most recent introduction, Sprite Poppers. Made with popping boba topped over Sprite and ice, the new drinks mark the first time a major fast food chain has added the unique topping to their menu.

Del Taco’s offer consists of two flavors, mango or cherry popping boba, that are piled on top of the iced beverage. The drinks cost $1.29 each, roughly the same price as a small soft drink.

For those curious, popping boba is typically made by encapsulating a liquid, such as juice or flavored syrup, within a “shell” made from a calcium solution and sodium alginate, which is a gelling protein found in seaweed. It’s the reaction between the calcium and alginate protein that leads to the gel-like capsules to form.

They’re typically difficult to make at scale, making Del Taco’s addition of these drinks noteworthy. Whether it leads to more popping boba drinks coming to fast food, or even the addition of real boba itself, remains to be seen.

Del Taco’s Sprite Poppers will be available for a limited time.