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Popeyes Unveils a New Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich

@yungfoodbeast First taste of the @popeyes new Buffalo Ranch Sandwich! 🔥 Gotta have that crisp @Dr Pepper ♬ original sound – Foodbeast

When it comes to chicken sandwiches, you already know Popeyes is the one. Imagine making a fried chicken sandwich so good that it causes a war amongst the competition, with the majority still trying to figure out how to catch up. So when Popeyes makes an announcement about another chicken sandwich to add to their vaunted lineup, we’re all here for the news.

Enter Popeyes’ latest, the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich, an excellent newcomer that will have fans hyped for its creamy, buttery Buffalo Ranch sauce that gives an extra jolt of sizzle from cayenne and paprika. The sandwich starts with a juicy chicken breast filet that’s marinated in Popeyes seasonings, hand breaded and dipped in their buttermilk batter and cooked up golden brown. This delicious scenario sits cozy in between buttery toasted brioche buns and is complemented with crisp pickle slices and Popeyes’ new Buffalo Ranch spread.

Buffalo sauce lovers can expect less mess and all bless, as this sandwich form makes sure things don’t get lost in the sauce — and pile of napkins. Wash it all down with an ice-cold Dr Pepper and prepare yourself for an ‘aren’t you glad you did that?’ moment.

I’m sure your curiosity’s been piqued at this point, so make sure to satisfy it at participating Popeyes locations nationwide for a limited time.

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Popeyes and Uber Eats Present The Most Dunkable Meal

The NBA Playoffs are here, and Uber Eats and Popeyes are linking up to honor the most electrifying move in the game: the slam dunk.

This exclusive partnership gives fans The Most Dunkable Meal, which features: a Popeyes 5-piece tender combo, side, biscuit, drink, and 5 sauces of your choice, all made for dunking purposes.

What’s dope is that orders in select cities will come with a mini sauce holding hoop — and it’s begging to be dunked on. As a neat ode to the dunk contest, The Most Dunkable Meal is 50% off on Uber Eats from April 12-17. 

Dunking dynamos and two of the NBA’s most exciting rising stars, Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies and Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves, were tapped for this campaign, and are showing fans how to execute a memorable dunk.

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Popeyes UK Serving Up New Plant-Based Creole Red Bean Sandwich

Popeyes locations in the UK are getting a new plant-based sandwich thanks to a partnership with LIVEKINDLY Collective.

The new Creole Red Bean Sandwich will be making its debut on November 20 and features Popeyes’ signature red beans and fiery Cajun spices fried into a crisp patty and accompanied by a Red Creole sauce, sweet pickled red onion, baby gem lettuce and a generous slice of beefsteak tomato all on a buttery toasted vegan brioche bun.

Popeyes has plans to offer the new Creole Red Bean Sandwich worldwide, with franchises in India launching the plant-based option next. As of this writing, no release details yet in regards to a US debut.

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Popeyes Introduces New Homestyle Mac & Cheese

With fried chicken being the perfect dish that it is, it’s only natural that it compliments many side dishes. Of the myriad of side dish choices out there, it’s arguable that mac & cheese would be the tastiest pairing. Popeyes sure seems think so, as they will be debuting Homestyle Mac & Cheese on their menu.

Since Popeyes is known to be one of the best fast food fried chicken options in the game, it’s safe to acknowledge that their new Homestyle Mac & Cheese can live up to their delicious reputation. After all, the mac & cheese is made with butter and cheddar cheese, which is then oven-baked and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, creating a golden-brown crust that sets itself apart from other fast food mac & cheese options.

Starting next week, Popeyes new Homestyle Mac & Cheese will be available at restaurants nationwide for pick-up or delivery.

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Popeyes Collabs With Megan Thee Stallion For New ‘Hottie Sauce’

Two cultural icons in Popeyes and Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion have linked up to produce a new Megan Thee Stallion Hottie Sauce.

The Hottie Sauce is just as saucy as Megan, I’m sure, as it hosts a mix of honey, cider vinegar, and Aleppo pepper, for added spice. Starting October 19, Hottie Sauce will be featured in Popeyes Chicken Sandwiches and Nuggets in the US and 14 other countries around the world.

It’s noted that this will be the first time Popeyes will offer another iteration of their iconic Chicken Sandwich, which is a true flex that Megan Thee Stallion should pop her collar for.

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Popeyes Is Bringing Back Cajun Style Turkey

The tradition of Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t deviate much into more creative endeavors — sure there’s the occasional fried turkey that damn near burns the entire joint down. But really, there’s not much variety when it comes to the centerpiece bird. However, Popeyes has a Cajun Style Turkey that’s been a lowkey hit for fans.

With much thanks to the good folks at Popeyes, they’re allowing for some variety and spice this Thanksgiving by bringing back their Cajun Style Turkey starting on October 18.

The Cajun Style Turkey is hand-rubbed and infused with zesty Louisiana-style seasonings and comes pre-cooked, so all you have to do is re-heat and serve. It will be available at participating US locations starting 10/18.

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Popeyes Has A New Blackberry Cheesecake Fried Pie

Photos: Popeyes

Stuffed carbs haven proven to be elite vessels for food. Empanadas, sandwiches, dumplings — all legends. Fried pie? It’s right up there with them. Knowing this, Popeyes is continuing that storied consistency with the debut of their new Blackberry Cheesecake Fried Pie.

The delicious situation breaks down like this: blackberry pie filling, graham cracker crumbs and cheesecake, all cozied up inside a deep-fried, turnover-style crust. Tremendous, really.

Go ahead and grab a Blackberry Cheesecake Fried Pie from any participating Popeyes locations nationwide for a limited time.

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Popeyes Singapore Debuts New ‘Fizzy Pop’ Chicken

Popeyes locations in Singapore have debuted one of the most unique fried chicken meals you’ll ever have with the new Fizzy Pop Chicken.

Fizzy Pop Chicken starts with the brand’s signature fried chicken, then is topped with a new sweet, spicy and savory sauce made with a mix of tomatoes and chilies. The kick here is that it comes with a separate packet of fizzy seasoning to sprinkle on top of your saucy friend chicken.

The Fizzy Pop seasoning has a Pop Rocks-like effect, creating a dynamic experience in your mouth with each bite.

Fizzy Pop Chicken is now available at participating Popeyes locations across Singapore until October 18, 2021.