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New POPCORN Flavored M&M’s Are A Movie Night Game Changer

Photo Courtesy of M&M’s

One of my favorite movie theater snacks is dumping a bag of M&M’s into a hot buttery bucket of popcorn. The warm butter melts the chocolate over the popcorn and blends the two flavors and textures into a taste so delicious it can get you through any movie.

While theaters don’t appear to be an option these days, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the taste from home.

M&M’s newest offering combines the two concession stand favorites into a single bag: M&M’s Chocolate Popcorn.

The candies feature a popcorn-flavored shell with a milk chocolate center.

You can find them now nationwide in grocery candy aisles through Halloween.

Imagine dumping a bag of these into some hot microwave popcorn. Might try that the next time I watch a movie at home.

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Sam’s Club Is Now Selling Bags Of SNICKERS POPCORN

Images courtesy of Sam’s Club

We’ve been snacking a lot at home these days and one of the treats we miss most is gourmet popcorn. Just grabbing a handful of candy coated popcorn and popping each sweet and salty morsel into your mouth has us dreaming of simpler times. Well, thanks to a colloration between Snickers and Sam’s Club, we can dream a little less while staying home.

Candy Pop Popcorn just revealed a new Snickers flavor that can only be found at Sam’s Club.

Yes, if you’re thinking popcorn that’s fused together with Snickers chocolate candy, you’re absolutely right. Made with pieces of Snickers candy pieces, the popcorn is finished with a Snickers’ caramel drizzle and nuts. The next movie night will be seriously decadent.

You can find 20-oz bags at Sam’s Club locations nationwide. While you’re there, see if you can cop a few bags for us too, please. We’ll eagerly wait by our mailbox.

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Cheetos Gets It Poppin’ in 2020 by Releasing Popcorn

If you grew up in the 2010’s, where Hot Cheetos were breakfast at school and there was always that one kid that sold them out of their backpack, there’s a good chance you’ve eaten popcorn and thought “This would be amazing with that stuff they put on Hot Cheetos.” 

Just know that: a) you’re not alone in your hedonistic tendencies and b) this actually exists now. Starting this month, stores nationwide will be carrying bags of Cheetos Popcorn.

And, if you’re one of those people who likes regular Cheetos more— who am I to judge your lackluster chip preferences? — Cheetos Popcorn will be available in both regular and hot.

Each variant can be purchased in big bags (7oz for regular and 6.5oz for hot) at $3.99 as well as small, 2oz bags for $1.89.

Cheetos, unfortunately for my stomach, continues to know my weakness: putting hot Cheetle, the official name for “the stuff they put on Cheetos,” on any chip. I might have to stop by and pick up some from 7-Eleven on my way home from the office today and relive my after school, Cheetle-covered memories.

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This Edible Marshmallow Popcorn Bowl Is The Perfect Ice Cream Vessel

It’s pretty amazing what can be accomplished with popcorn and marshmallows. But, low key, how come no one ever complained about how hard MARSHMALLOW is to spell?

For real, it’s like there HAS to be an “E” within the second part of that word. Like mellow, because marshmallows are super mellow, fluffy balls of sugar that are super fun to eat.

Anyways, we’re here to learn how make 2018’s greatest accomplishment in food — the Movie Night Sundae Popcorn Bowl. It’s a giant bowl made of popcorn that holds a mountain of snacks, and you should make it as soon as you possibly can.

What’s dope about the Movie Night Sundae Popcorn Bowl is that you get to incorporate the best parts about movies — the snacks, obvi — into one handcrafted edible masterpiece! You can load this bowl with just about everything you want and still have room for more.

A little sweet, a little salty, throw in some chocolate and it’s basically like you’re at a 5:00pm showing…except you’re at home in your PJs and nobody’s coughing on you or texting. With that said, it wouldn’t be a sundae without ice cream, and since ENLIGHTENED just released a new line-up of flavors, including the popular Movie Night flavor, we definitely had some inspiration.

So grab some friends, and get cooking. It’s almost showtime. Check out the ENLIGHTENED x Foodbeast recipe below!

2 bags movie theater popcorn, popped
2 large bags marshmallows
1 stick butter
3 pints ENLIGHTENED Movie Night ice cream

Large bowl
Baking sheet
Parchment paper
Large pot/pan to melt marshmallows


1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
2. In a large pan on low heat, melt butter.
3. Once butter is melted, add marshmallows. Cook until fully melted.
4. Add popcorn to pan gradually and stir to combine.
5. Transfer popcorn mixture to baking sheet. Using a rolling pin or bottle, flatten out the mixture so it’s around ½ inch thick.
6. Grease a large bowl.
7. Flip bowl over. Once popcorn mixture is rolled out, mold it to the bottom of the bowl.
8. Let cool for 30 min – 1 hour or until the mixture has hardened.
9. Remove popcorn mixture from the bowl. It should be structurally sound enough to stand on its own.
10. Fill with scoops of your favorite ENLIGHTENED ice cream, top with your favorite Movie Theater snacks, and enjoy!

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream

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The Real Reason You Need to Microwave Popcorn “This Side Up”

Photo: Taste of Home

Ah, it’s movie night, finally! After a long workweek, nothing sounds better than a night in, cuddled up under some blankets with, of course, some movie night munchies. Popcorn is a must. As anyone who’s eaten buttery goodness from a microwave popcorn bag knows, there is a large label on one side of the package stating “This Side Up.” Naturally, the rebel in me has to ask, “What if I don’t?” What exactly will happen if I microwave it upside down? I’ve never tempted fate and done it, since I can imagine firefighters showing up after a giant explosion, with one saying to me, “Why can’t you follow directions?” So I did what any good writer would do—I researched it.

What I Discovered

No, the bag will not explode if you microwave it upside down. The real answer lies with an interesting material called a susceptor. It’s the metallic-looking sheet (sometimes wrapped in paper) found both in microwave bags and in crisping sleeves for other microwaved foods. It absorbs the microwaves, which raises its temperature high enough to cook the kernels by conduction. In order for this to happen properly, the kernels should be positioned over the susceptor.

If you were to cook a microwave popcorn bag upside down, you would simply have far fewer (and less evenly) popped kernels in the bag. If you’ve ever popped corn in a brown paper bag, you know that isn’t very efficient, though some think it is safer than popping prepackaged popcorn bags.

A Silver Lining (Sort Of)

The next time you want to make some popcorn-inspired snacks, peek into the empty bag. You’ll notice a large gray rectangle on the “down” side of the bag. That gray patch is the susceptor.

Is It Safe?

Well, that depends on whom you’re asking. The FDA states the following:

“Studies by FDA, with hot vegetable oil in contact with a susceptor, have shown that the susceptor materials liberate volatile chemicals that may be retained in the oil at parts-per-billion (ppb) levels.”

study was performed on various microwavable foods containing susceptors to try to ascertain how many chemicals they came in contact with went into the food. Among others, benzene (a known carcinogen) was found in small amounts in three of the foods that were tested. The study did note that more-recent susceptor products appeared to have been reformulated to remove even those trace amounts.

The more you know! With this information, you can choose what you’re comfortable eating. Maybe a daily bag of microwave popcorn isn’t a smart idea (on many levels), but you can always go for this easy stovetop method. In any case, you can rest easy knowing that the bag won’t explode in the microwave if you put it in upside down.

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 Article by Kaila Harmon from Taste of Home. View the original article here.
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Cheetos Popcorn Is Coming To Regal Cinemas For Its First-Ever National Launch

A couple of years ago, Frito-Lay began testing Cheetos popcorn as a new snack option for movie theaters. Nowadays, the cheesy snacks are getting tossed on top of just about anything, to which they’re taking advantage.

cheetos popcorn

Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay

Frito-Lay’s Cheetos popcorn is now officially coming to all Regal Cinemas nationwide. The new popcorn features both Cheetos and popcorn flavored like the iconic snack, and will be available in 32-ounce buckets, according to a press release.

While the popcorn has been spotted at various spots in the past, Regal’s partnership with Frito-Lay makes it the first national movie theater group to have the novel item. Regal Cinemas owns Regal, Edwards, and United Artists (UA)-branded theaters, so you can expect to find the cheesy popcorn and chips there once it launches.

Speaking of launch dates, Frito-Lay got theirs in just under the wire for this Cheetos popcorn. It will debut nationally on December 15th, just in time for the premiere of the hyped blockbuster Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Starbucks Pops Out Caramel Popcorn Frappuccinos In Europe

How do you enjoy your popcorn? Do you take it with extra butter or are you a nacho cheese kind of individual?  Personally, I enjoy the sweet and crunchy texture that comes with caramel popcorn. Naturally when Starbucks introduced their new Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino over in the UK, our interest was piqued.

Brand Eating reports the cold new beverage will be available through the summer at Starbucks stores across the Atlantic.

The beverage features a creme Frappuccino syrup that’s blended with milk, ice, popcorn brittle, and a popcorn-flavored syrup. It’s then topped with popcorn brittle, whipped cream, butterscotch drizzle, and additional bits of popcorn brittle.

Patrons of Starbucks’ participating locations in Europe will find the beverage available through the end of the summer season. Man, we’re not looking forward to all the upcoming fall Pumpkin Spice drinks after this promotion ends, though.

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Baskin-Robbins is Testing Sweet and Savory Popcorn Flavors

Baskin-Robbins is known for one thing — well, make that 31 things. The popular ice cream chain has been proudly serving up its 31 flavors since 1945, which is how the company launched to now international fame. So to think of Baskin-Robbins selling anything that doesn’t involve ice cream (and yes, we’re counting their mind-blowing ice cream cakes) just feels… weird.

But we might all have to get used to this idea, and fast. As of March 2017, Baskin-Robbins has announced that they are testing a brand new product, one just as delicious albeit very different from the company’s iconic scoops: popcorn.

The company has created a few savory and sweet popcorn flavors for our snacking enjoyment and each one sounds more delicious than the next.

For savory, we have a classic butter and a cheddar jalapeno flavor. For sweet-lovers, a few flavors that are shout-outs to Baskin-Robbins’ classic ice creams: cookies and cream, sweet and salty, and the classic caramel praline.

Baskin-Robbins’ VP of Marketing, Carol Austin, informed us that of all the flavors, plain butter is surprisingly garnering the most attention. Despite this, she insisted that stranger flavors could be following these initial ones, provided that testing goes according to plan.

For now, the popcorn is only available for purchase in Tennessee and Illinois, but Baskin-Robbins representatives feel strongly that this product is testing well enough to hopefully expand. If the results do come back positive, we could be seeing this new snack in Baskin-Robbins locations across the country sooner than we think.

Until then, we’ll just enjoy our Flavor of the Month cones in anticipation.