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New Katy Perry-Themed Popchips Are Surprisingly Not Candy Cane-Flavored


When we first heard that popstar Katy Perry was going to team up with snack company Popchips for a new flavor, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

Candy cane-flavored chips? Marshmallow? Whipped cream?

Not so much. It seems that the Popchips won’t be another extension of the superstar’s Candyland persona. However, the Popchips investor/brand ambassador (didn’t you know?) will still have an influence on the flavor of the snack.

“Katy’s Kettle Corn” features — what else — the sweet and salty taste of kettle corn, and is described as, “sweet. salty. sinless.” The bag features the colors pink and purple (arguably Katy’s favorite colors) and a “stylized heart” to dot the “i” in the Popchips logo.

This will be one of the first sweet flavors for Popchips, whose usual flavors include sour cream, barbecue, and salt & vinegar. While the new sweet and salty item sounds delicious. . . pink and purple? Which one’s the “salty” color?

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Snap, Crackle and Dip? Popchips Releases New Popped Tortilla Chips Line

Sugar-free candy, fat-free potato chips, alcohol-free vodka. Frankly, there are some junk foods that should just stay junk. But if you’re still fiending for a healthier side to salvage your thousand-calorie, cheese-drenched, re-re-re-refried bean-filled combo, look no further than new Popchips Popped Tortilla Chips.

For the unfamiliar, Popchips are “never fried, never baked,” have half the fat and fewer calories than regular chips and are pressure-cooked to popped perfection, resulting in the chips’ revolutionarily “airy” texture. But guac and salsa fans need not fear. Ivy Stark, corporate executive chef of NYC chain Dos Caminos, gives the line her glowing approval: “They nailed it,” she told Fast Company. “Nice crispness and crunch, and it doesn’t break when dipped. I tested it in our guacamole to be sure.”

New Popchips Tortilla Chips come in four flavors: nacho cheese, ranch, salsa and chili limon, both in the 1 oz. single and 3.5 oz. share bags.

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Packaged Food

Popchips Introduces a Jalapeño Potato Flavor

All-Natural popchips brand has just revealed their latest flavor in their line of low-fat, low-calorie concept chips — Jalapeño Potato. The snack contains no trans fat, preservatives and artificial colors and flavors. Each 20-chip bag contains 120 calories, 4 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein. Once you pop, you just can’t stop. Wait. That’s not the right brand…ignore that.



Ashton Kutcher Leads Search for popchips Vice President Position

Ashton Kutcher has held the President of Pop Culture position within the popchips brand since June of 2010. Kutcher’s main oversights within the company included their social media initiatives and content creation for the “healthier, all-natural” chip snack.

One of the latest initiatives to emerge from the chip brand is a public search for a VP of Pop Culture, a no. 2 position (assistant) to Ashton Kutcher. The job/Internet-publicity-stunt offers up a $50,000 salary, paid travel, flexible hours and a years worth of popchips. Sounds more like a sweepstakes than an actual job, but hell, they have the media talking about it [here we are]. To apply for the job, you can head over to their Monster or Facebook pages. Good luck!