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Taco Bell’s Now Loading Up Their Slushies With POP ROCKS

If you thought Taco Bell went off the rails when it introduced a burrito that essentially had Pop Rocks on top, it turns out they’re not stopping there.

Out of nowhere, Taco Bell released a Strawberry Poppin’ Candy Freeze, or as you’ll probably refer to it, a Pop Rocks slushy.

You’re gonna have to hear it to believe it. New Strawberry #PoppinCandyFreeze is here.

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It sounds like a big hoopla of a drink, but it’s just a berry slush with strawberry popping candy mixed in for your oral pleasure.

We got our hands on a couple to see what the fuss was about. Unfortunately, while we could hear some popping, there wasn’t much of a party going on in our mouths when we took our sips. I MAYBE felt one pop rock go off in my mouth, but even that was probably just me really wanting it to happen.

I was expecting the popping to sound more like this:

It seems that Taco Bell has a sudden infatuation with popping candy, as just last month they unveiled a Firecracker Burrito with Pop Rocks included.

Maybe you guys will have a more poppin’ experience than we did. It is very possible that our Taco Bell sucks, and they skimped on the Pop Rocks, even though I asked for extra.

The whimsical new drink is available nationwide, and is scheduled to run until the first week of October, or until supplies last.

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Taco Bell’s Brand New Firecracker Burrito Features SPICY POP ROCKS

Taco Bell’s got a brand-new burrito test item, and it is literally poppin’.

Reddit user Elbore alerted us to the presence of a brand-new Firecracker Burrito that’s currently being tested in the Orange County, CA area. The new wrap comes in two forms (cheesy and spicy), and is filled with rice, nacho cheese, sour cream, beef, and red tortilla strips. Both burritos are wrapped up in the same red tortilla, but the spicy version gets an added chipotle sauce kick to the fillings.

Image: Constantine Spyrou/Foodbeast

Apart from the regular ingredients in the burrito, you can add a packet of SPICY POP ROCKS to the mix for a 20-cent addition to the $1.29 price. They add a sweet-spicy flavor along with a fizzy texture to the burrito, but be warned: too many of these popping candies at once could make the burrito taste way too sweet, which, as I’ve learned the hard way, is not a pleasant feeling.

Image: Peter Pham/Foodbeast

UPDATE: We’ve been able to confirm with Taco Bell that four total restaurants are testing the new wrap until August 16. Here are the addresses for each of the four locations you can purchase these new Firecracker Burritos from:

2720 W Edinger Ave, Santa Ana, CA
17502 E 17th St, Tustin, CA
1229 E 17th St, Santa Ana, CA
2144 South Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

If you’re curious to see what this sweet and fiery combo tastes like, head to the above address to check out this Firecracker Burrito for yourself.

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People Were Once Legitimately Scared To Death Of Pop Rocks, This Is How Bad It Got

I remember the first time I tried Pop Rocks. I was a little suspicious of the crackling candy. My neighbor bought a couple of packets from the ice cream man, ripped open the package, ate a handful, and opened his mouth so I could hear the sizzling sound within. The thought of having little candies snap and pop inside my mouth was weird, but I tried it anyway, and it was fun, I guess.

Even with that slight fear, I never thought that the candy would kill me. Although, that was a legitimate fear that parents had when Pop Rocks first debuted in 1975, according to Pop Rocks itself.

Before the myth that you could explode when combining the candied rocks with soda, parents were terrified that their kids would choke to death, too.

It got so bad that the FDA had to create a telephone hotline, so they could put people’s nerves to rest and assure them that Pop Rocks were safe.

After being out in stores for a few years, in 1979, the “exploding kid” story came in hard and fast. A rumor was going around that the kid from Life cereal’s “Mikey Likes It,” commercial mixed six packs of Pop Rocks with a six-pack of Pepsi at a party, and his stomach exploded.

This forced Pop Rocks to put out full page ads in 45 different news publications, and wrote 50,000 letters to school principals, trying to explain to people that the story was completely fabricated, and that the worst thing than can come from it is a strong belch.

Their attempts initially failed, even though the kid in the urban legend is literally still alive right now, and Pop Rocks were discontinued in 1983.

Obviously, the crickly crackly candy came back, and people are still scared of exploding stomachs, even though Mythbusters tried to put and end to the false rumor.

Even Rhett & Link from Good Mythical Morning debunked the myth:

Maybe the thought of a candy that comes alive is way too much for some people to fathom, but rest assured, you cannot die from eating Pop Rocks. Well, I mean, there’s always diabetes and a potential slow death, but your stomach definitely cannot explode with the candy.

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Oreo’s New Flavor Will Have Pop Rocks-Like Candy Inside

Oreo releases new flavors more frequently than Gucci Mane releases mixtapes, and their latest rumored flavor is set to give your tongue a bit of a sensation.

According to Junk Food Aisle, Oreo will soon be releasing a limited edition Firework flavor that will have Pop Rocks-like candy within the creme filling.

It doesn’t look like it’s an official collab with Pop Rocks, the carbonated candy known for fizzing in your mouth, but Oreo must have made their own version of the popular candy. Aside from the popping candy, the chocolate cookie will remain its usual Oreo self.

Junk Food Aisle said the flavor will be “coming soon,” with no official release date, but it would make sense to see these in the summer, closer to Independence Day.

I don’t know how to feel about Oreos popping off in my mouth, but I also thought the Peeps Oreos would be garbage, and they were actually pretty good. So, these Fireworks might be worth a shot.


POP ROCKS Popcorn Is The Sensory Snack You Need To Eat Tonight

Nothing says movie night more than a freshly-popped bowl of popcorn. Though if you’re tired of your typical flavors of butter, kettle, or nacho cheese, here’s a popping new alternative.

Behold, Pop Rocks Pop Corn.

Foodbeast Family member Hector Gomez created a sweet and sour variation to the popular movie snack.

All you need is some popcorn, a fresh lime and some Pop Rocks.

Take a rolling pin and crush the confectionary into a powder. Then, cut a lime in half and drizzle the juice onto your popcorn. Finally, add a generous seasoning of your crushed Pop Rock powder on top of your popcorn.

Now, all that’s left is to enjoy.


PepsiCo Files Patent for ‘Popping’ Granola Bars


Looks like PepsiCo is taking a creative stab at the granola game and it sounds ambitious. The food and beverage corporation, known for their soft drinks, has filed a patent for chewy granola bars said to contain “carbonated candy,” Fox News reports. Sounds an awful lot like they’re planning to fuse granola bars with Pop Rock-similar candy.

While PepsiCo does own a few snack products, Quaker Chewy Granola Bars included, this seems to be their first venture at something ridiculously out-of-the-box. Good for them. The patent states that the new granola bar could either feature the carbonated candy mixed throughout the bar or the candy could act as a moisture-impervious coating on the outside of the bar.

We’ll say this, PepsiCo definitely knows how to do carbonated drinks. Carbonated snacks should be right up their alley. Just maybe not Pepsi and Pop Rocks at the same time.

H/T Fox News




Photorealist Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Paintings of Snacks and Comics


I have a tremendous respect for photorealist painters. To capture on a canvas what many people fail to capture through a photo takes incredible talent. When I discovered Doug Bloodworth created a series of paintings combining two of my favorite loves, he immediately jump shot to the top of my list of artists.

Through oil-based paintings, Bloodworth formed a theme of vintage snacks paired with old-school comics and funny books. The Florida painter definitely knows how to hit the nostalgia bone.

Using grids and a blank canvas, each piece can take Bloodworth more than two months to complete. The end product, however, is absolutely worth the time spent. Check out some of his paintings below.

Comics-Snacks-Quik-PeteComics-Snacks-Angel-PeteComics-Snacks-Pie-PeteComics-Snacks-Hulk Comics-Snacks-WonderWoman-Pete Comics-Snacks-Superman-Pete

Picthx Doug Bloodworth

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Poppin’ Fruity Pebbles: The Pop Rocks of Breakfast Cereal? [VIDEO]

Who wouldn’t want candy for breakfast? Wouldn’t you, if not now, in your earlier, better-metabolized days, sparkle at the chance to take a whole glossy packet of strawberry Pop Rocks and pour it over your delicious, albeit carbonation-free, bowl of Fruity Pebbles?


Well, we would, so when we were given the opportunity to try Post’s brand new line of Poppin’ Pebbles cereal before it hit stores, of course we jumped at it. “New Poppin’ Pebbles has poppin’ pieces which fizz in your mouth and is bursting with berry flavor,” the email pitch read. We imagined fruity, sugary flakes akin to the jagged Pop Rocks candies of our childhoods, that’d snap, crackle, and pop all over our tongues and make our stomachs churn when mixed with soda. And that’s exactly what we got.

Well, sort of. First, the “snap” factor in the Poppin’ Pebbles doesn’t come from the regular pebbles themselves, but instead from the round, carbon dioxide-loaded, green pieces that are mixed in with them. Second, we’re a little sad to report, the pieces themselves weren’t all that poppin’.


The truth is, when tried one after the other, the Poppin’ Pebbles utterly fizzled in comparison to the actual explosive candy Pop Rocks. It wasn’t bad, necessarily. Both on its own and in milk, the cereal definitely did something to our mouth holes. It just didn’t do the thing. The thing that surprised our five year-old selves and turned us into lifelong fans of candy carbonation in the first place.

Overall, Poppin’ Pebbles are definitely a semi-fun way to liven up your breakfast table with sensation and sound. Just don’t expect them to blow your mind the way Pop Rocks did way back when. Sigh.

Poppin’ Pebbles will be available nationwide starting January 1, 2014, along with a new, chocolatey-er Xtreme Cocoa Pebbles to turn your milk chocolate.



Poppin’ Pebbles Milkshake


  • 4 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 cup milk
  • 6 – 8 strawberries
  • 1 box Poppin’ Pebbles


How to Make It:
1. Pour all ingredients into blender.
2. Blend.