Official Street Fighter Cookbook Highlights Street Food Recipes Around The World

Photo courtesy of Insight Editions

There’s a very fond place in my heart for Street Fighter II. The prolific arcade game has amassed a small fortune not only from myself but probably millions of youths across the globe for decades. 

Insight Editions has announced the release of an official Street Fighter Cookbook that’s soon to hit bookshelves. 

The cookbook features more than 80 recipes inspired by the iconic arcade game and media franchise characters. 

It highlights dishes from around the world such as Chanko NabeSpaghetti CarbonaraPlantanos Maduros, and other delectable favorites of the World Warrior combatants. 

You can find the Street Fighter Cookbook available in bookstores or on Amazon beginning June 1.

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This Breaking Bad-Themed Restaurant Is Like Stepping Into Heisenberg’s World

From the team that brought your childhood dreams to life with Saved by the Max, Good Burger, and The Peach Pit pop-up restaurants comes a new and exciting world of the Breaking Bad Experience which will opened in Los Angeles this past Wednesday, October 16th. As the ‘Breaking Bad’ franchise celebrates its debut full-length film ‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’, fans of the television series can now get a taste of the world of Walter White and company. Literally.

The Breaking Bad Experience is an interactive restaurant that will consist of the television series’ set re-creations throughout the venue and a food and drink menu fit for Walter White himself. Get into character with the do-it-yourself chemically-reactive cocktails and enjoy food items such as the Heisenburger Sliders, the Full Measure Grilled Cheese (or the “Half Measure” sandwich without the crust), and the Loaded SAULsa Nachos served via a hazmat tableside. To make sure everyone can participate in this experience, gluten-free and vegan options are also readily available along with other appetizers and desserts.

The ‘Breaking Bad’ show creator, Vince Gilligan, expressed his anticipation for the Breaking Bad Experience by stating that it’s “exciting to be able to give the folks who supported the show for all these years the chance to experience Walt’s world firsthand.”

General admission to the Breaking Bad Experience will include a 90-minute timed-entry, a choice of your first drink concoction, and a food item. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

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This Guy Hilariously Turned His Wieners Into Iconic Pop Culture Scenes

We’re pretty sure after a certain age, playing with your food becomes acceptable once again. How else would you get something so amazing as pastry chef Erik Vernieuwe’s wiener series?

The chef recreates famous paintings and pop culture icons in a series he calls The Daily Wiener, reports Design Taxi.

In it, hot dogs replace famous celebrities, paintings, and movie scenes – all to a hilarious effect. Some examples include the meticulous recreation of The Last Supper which can be seen above. A few scenes taken straight from cinematic history are also pictured below.

You can’t say this isn’t a shining argument for playing with your food.

Check out some of the entertaining photos from the burpzine Instagram account.

A post shared by Erik Vernieuwe (@burpzine) on

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Arby’s Is Lowkey Crushing The Social Media Game

Arby’s is crushing the social media game.

Don’t get me wrong, tons of fast food channels boast impressive food photography and mouthwatering video assets. If you’ve got fast food money, you kind of have to spend a fair chunk of it on taking dope product shots and spearheading videos that make your customer base salivate.

Arby’s, on the other hand, seems to focus on the pop culture humor, creativity, and hilarious captions. And by God, it’s working.

The fast food sandwich company has been around since the ‘60s, serving people for more than half a century. They’re probably best known for serving meaty sandwiches like brisket, corned beef, steak, roast beef, and chicken – with the occasional venison. Who would have guessed, as we indulge ourselves on some meaty menu offerings, that this same humble chain could be so adept at social media?

Let’s take a journey to the world of fast food content, in a vast ocean of brands and influencers, and see what the popular sandwich chain is cooking up best amongst them.

With the recent release of the wildly popular Nintendo Switch’s first game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, hardcore fans and casual gamers alike spoke nonstop of the newest installment in the Zelda series. While still a niche audience, Arby’s posted this creative photo of the game’s main character Link standing in the foreground before an open spit with a giant chunk of bone-in meat roasting over the flame.

The imagery is created with pristine cardboard cutouts, boasting the most intricate of details. In the background? Arby’s new Pork Belly sandwiches.

Arby’s took the one product they’re promoting and made it a secondary subject in the photograph. For the art. Pretty bold move. Let’s see how it played out.

The post garnered 66,000 likes, 14,000 shares, and 3,500 comments — the top two saying something positive or simply engaging with he brand rather than slinging shade.

Now I can’t speak for every fast food social media post since the beginning of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but I don’t see many fast food joints displaying such creativity. Looking at you, Carl’s Jr.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of creativity in the fast food space. But Arby’s just took it to another level.

Sure, places like Carl’s Jr. crush the food photography game with majestic photos (though their burgers IRL are a different story), but in a world where food porn has become so saturated, the jaded consumer tends to glance over yet “another burger shot.”

While we’re on the subject of creativity, it’s actually quite rare to find a solo food photo in Arby’s library of visual posts.

You may think that because Arby’s constant posting of pop-culture art and videos, it is some sort of overcompensation for dull food. But I think these food photos will disagree with that sentiment.

Not bad, right? The meaty burger reminds us of something we’d find in a greasy local bbq joint. Not a complaint at all.

Practically every photo either features some kind of unique artwork referencing popular culture or a whimsical stop motion video like this one:

Because each post clearly shows an abundance of quality, the channel doesn’t really post more than once a day. In fact, it could even be two or three before new content shows up. Viewers don’t like being bombarded with the same type of content 10-20 times in a single day.

Then, there’s engagement with the fanbase.

More often than not, the top comment of a fast food post will be a customer complaint.

Arby’s posts, however, always seem to garner some kind of acclaim when it comes to their feed. Each photo and video boasts thousands of comments. Most are positive. A rare sight, really, especially with all the fast food haters Facebook harbors.

So until the day other fast food joints start treating their customers like peers, rather than customers, Arby’s will continue to crush the social media space with their outlandish shorts and their innovative imagery.

Arby’s doesn’t look like they’ll be relying on heavy celebrity endorsements, sexy models, a “cleaner” menu, or gimmicky beverage items anywhere in the near future. To paraphrase Nick Offerman’s beloved Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation: It’s meat on a bun with nothing. Doesn’t get simpler than that.

The bar has been set for all you fast food companies out there. If you look up, you can see Arby’s leaping majestically over it.

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The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop-Up Goes On A National Tour

Earlier this year, Chicago was lucky enough to be the home of the Saved By The Bell pop-up restaurant called Saved By The Max. This left the rest of the country extremely envious of the Windy City’s claim to Zack and the gang.

Don’t worry, there’s hope.

The pop-up announced that they’ll be packing up in Chicago and heading on a nationwide tour so that the rest of the country can enjoy the food inspired by the Bayside High gang. Heck, they even got Big Bopper himself, Mr. Belding, to break the news.

Menu items include both a dinner and brunch menu that feature dishes like the Bayside Burger, Tori’s Fried Chicken, a Time Out Benedict, and Mr. Belding’s Fries.

We still don’t know where exactly they’ll visit, but the pop-up says they’ll stay in Chicago for one more “semester” before hitting the road. If you are in the Chicago area though, you can make a reservation at Saved By The Max and get your nostalgia on.

We’ll keep you posted on when exact tour dates and locations will be available.

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This YouTuber’s Butterbeer Recipe Is On Point

Sure, you can get a ticket to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and wait in line to get your hands on the popular wizarding drink called Butterbeer. Or you can just make it in the comfort of your own home.

HellthyJunkFood, the YouTube channel known best for accurately recreating popular fast food items at home attempt to make the magical beverage at home. All you need is some brown sugar, water, butter, cream soda, and whipped cream.

Check out the video above for the complete recipe, in detail, and sit through many cringe-worthy Harry Potter puns to complete the recipe. For a drink like butterbeer, we can sit through pretty much anything.


Baking Wizard Turns Your Childhood Memories Into Delicious Donuts


This is an awesome collection of pop culture donuts by apparent donut whisperer Timmy Hanno. He’s got donuts inspired by characters from movies, cartoons, TV shows, and video games. I would eat them all. Not in one sitting of course, because that is physically impossible. But dammit if I wouldn’t try. I would, is the thing.




















Thanks to my pal David for sending the tip. You know how I feel about donuts! (But just in case you forgot: I LOVE THEM.)

All images via Timmy’s Instagram.

Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things


You Need to Petition Your Local Government to Make This Death Star Slurpee a Thing

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 11.45.55 AM

So, remember when life (and Brazil) decided to be all awesome and give us this chocolate Death Star? Life is trying to help us out again with Dave Delisle’s Death Star Slurpee. See how it shoots decimating rays of icy goodness, straight into your face hole? Seriously, guys, we have a responsibility to make Dave’s prototype a reality.

Then, we can all be like, “I love you, Death Star Slurpee.” And it’ll be all like, “I know.”

H/T that’s nerdalicious/PicThx Dave’s Geeky Ideas