Scratch-Off Poster Keeps Track Of Every Beer You’ve Ever Tried


Sure, we love drinking beer. However, sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to keep track of all of our favorite brands. The kind folks at Pop Chart Lab created an amazing poster that’ll do just that.

What you do is take a coin and begin scratching off each beer you’ve tried.  Soon, you’ll be able to have an idea what’s left to sample and what’s already been done to death.  There are a total of 99 beers for you to go out and consume.

Imagine it as a boozy to-do list.

The 18” x 24” poster is available through Pop Chart Lab for $35. Because of the scratch-off feature, the poster doesn’t come with a protective paneling.


Because You Honestly Didn’t Know: Whiskey Graphic Shows the Difference Between Scotch and Bourbon


I don’t know a lot about whiskey, although I do know it’s delicious and keeps me warm. If you’re in the same boat, you might be familiar with Jameson and Crown Royal, but there’s so much more involved in the whiskey game. That’s where this stylish and informative poster comes into play.

Created by Pop Chart Lab, this educational guide maps out and categorizes every single variety of whiskey around the world, from moonshine to Kentucky bourbon. It also details brand names for each type, so you’ll never have to guess if you’re drinking an Irish blend or American Rye again.


Stick this poster right on the fridge or bathroom wall, and you’ll be a whiskey expert in no time.

The Many Varieties of Whiskey poster, $29 @Pop Chart Lab