Roomba Pong Is Easily The Best Beer Pong Variation To Date

Drinkers can be some of the most innovative people out there, and they’ve proven that notion once again with this strange yet highly functional combination.

Introducing Roomba Pong! Based on the images and videos we found, the rules seem to be pretty simple. Basically, each team has a square table, with each table a reasonable distance from each other. Then a roomba is placed on each table with the ten cups forming a triangle placed on top of the roomba.

All the standard beer pong rules apply, only the cups are constantly moving, so don’t assume it will be as easy as a regular game!

“But won’t the Roomba just fall off of the table?”

Nope! That’s the beauty of it! The Roomba was designed to vacuum and clean floors without any human assistance. One of the selling features of the Roomba is its ability



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These Hexagonal Beer Pong Cups Will Change Beer Pong Forever

Two party animals-turned-mechanical-engineers named William Heimsoth and Aaron Attebery may have just changed the beer pong landscape with these new hexagonal additions to the game.

By giving the cups their hexagonal shape, Heimsoth and Attebery have successfully eliminated any wasted space that came from the tiny voids between the round cups. Even beyond the new and improved functionality of these cups, their aesthetic presentation alone is enough to warrant a purchase. There’s just something so satisfying about things fitting perfectly into other things.

The cups are also hydrodynamic in design, preventing them from sliding around all over the table when you inevitably play that one guy who has no arc and fires lasers directly at the cups. Heimsoth and Attebery made sure to not only design the cups to create perfect, efficient shapes and racks, but to also serve other highly valuable functions. They’re washable and reusable, making the $15 price tag a lot more understandable and reasonable.

The Hexcups boast a patent pending mold made with stronger, reinforced plastic. So when that laser-shooting dickhead starts smacking cups off the table because he lost, you won’t have to worry about random cracks in the cups.

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Even if the Hexcups are bent, they can be popped back into place, assuming the damage is mostly on the surface. The image below shows the damage that occurred after clearly rolling over each cup with a car. Pretty cool, huh?

Being the undisputed beer pong champion that I am, I can say that I look forward to decimating my enemies with these cups. So what do you say, nerds? Any challengers?

Photo Credit: Kickstarter


‘Mountain Pong’ Is The Beer Pong Expansion Set You Never Knew You Wanted

If you think classic beer pong isn’t as challenging as it used to be, you might want to look into Mountain Pong. A new Kickstarter campaign is boasting a new concept that takes the time-honored drinking game to another level.


Mountain Pong consists of two uniquely-designed cupholders that the drinks are placed in. While keeping the original six-cup base, three new elevated levels are added to make things a little more challenging.


The set is completely mobile and can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere you can put it down.

Currently, the project is live on Kickstarter with a goal of $30,000. As of publication, it’s reached a little more than $2,000. If you’re interested in seeing Mountain Pong in your future, you know what to do.



Bros Play Beer Pong in the Middle of New York’s Massive Snowstorm [WATCH]


These gentlemen bros won’t let a massive snowstorm get them down.

In the mists of yesterday’s blizzard in New York City, a game of beer pong became the talk of the Internet. Thanks to a transportation ban, folks were prohibited from commuting past 11pm. Because the streets in the East Village were practically empty, a group of bros decided it was the perfect opportunity to get in a game of beer pong.

Passersby caught video of the gents intensely focused on this epic game in the middle of the snow-covered New York street.

Check out the video below to watch a bunch of 20-something guys get hammered in the snow. It’s safe to say, they got pretty into it.