Polygamous Leader Uses Olive Oil To Escape His GPS Ankle Bracelet

According to Fox 13, the leader of a polygamous group, Lyle Jeffs, was placed on house arrest after a delay in a fraud trail in which he was allegedly responsible for a multi-million dollar food stamp scheme.

Authorities discovered that he escaped his GPS-monitored ankle bracelet by strategically using olive oil to slip out of it.

“He used a substance which may have been olive oil to lubricate the GPS tracking band and slip it off his ankle” -Special Agent Eric Barnhart told Fox 13


Olive oil has long been considered a sacred substance in the Mormon faith and is often used as an anointing oil for many ceremonies and practices, and it became a crucial part in the execution of his escape.

A crafty prison break effort by Jeffs, as he didn’t even trigger the alarm to go off on the bracelet, and there was quite a window of time before it was discovered that he was missing.

Jeffs’ escape sounds like something out of a cartoon or an afternoon crime drama.