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Former Chipotle Fans Share The Exact Moment They Started Hating It

With Chipotle Mexican Grill generating so much unfavorable publicity lately, it’s hard to determine exactly when Chipotle became the ugly-step child of eateries. In its heyday, the chain seemed to be a top choice on the list of affordable and generally-healthy casual restaurant choices.

Things have changed, but it’s hard to tell exactly when and why.

I verified this after I posed the question: “Are you someone that refuses to eat Chipotle? Why? Can you tell me when your disgust/unwillingness to consume Chipotle initially started?” on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

In 2009, South Park aired an episode titled, Dead Celebrities. The episode featured the ghost of Billy Mays selling a product called, “ChipotlAway” that was used to remove blood from underwear after eating Chipotle.

South Park got away with saying “Chipotle,” but the company’s actual logo is not used. Still, after the episode aired, people I knew — who had never eaten Chipotle — would swear it was the most disgusting thing and would warn me I would need “ChipotlAway” if I continued to eat it.

Even then, there was something about Chipotle that left a bad taste in the public’s mouth.

I’ll admit, I ate Chipotle religiously for years. However, in 2013, a friend and I both ate Chipotle one weekend and experienced the same food poisoning symptoms — almost in unison — a few days later. I didn’t eat Chipotle for a year after that, up to this day, my friend still will not.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.10.16 PM

Although, after getting sick, I didn’t turn against Chipotle specifically, as there were two other places I stopped visiting, too.

Since I’ve returned to Chipotle, the brand has clearly lost the spark it once had. Maybe the rice recipe has changed, or they switched to a different chicken vendor, but something is different.

As more news about Chipotle’s financial troubles, the chain’s missteps regarding public health issues, promotions for free burritos, and a failed rewards program made headlines, there seemed to be no middle-ground for Chipotle appreciation.

The responses to my question revealed two things: people either hated Chipotle, and it’s NOT part of their diet. Or, they have eaten it, but hate it afterwards.

Most people who admit eating Chipotle still feel a certain level of repulsion toward their experience.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.57.54 PM

Surprisingly, Chipotle was an engaging topic for people to discuss. People seemed eager to vent their opinion about why Chipotle was a sub-par eatery, and why they’ve refused to eat it. Ironically, there was less mention about Chipotle’s public health issues as reasoning for not consuming it, than I had anticipated.

However, multiple people said they, “felt like shit,” or “got sick” after eating there.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.49.05 PM

As the responses began coming in, this became the norm:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.47.46 PM

Some decided to switch up their order, just to avoid any discomfort.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 5.31.53 PM

Others complained that Chipotle’s portion sizes were too large, and the food lacked flavor.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.38.00 PM

Judging from the responses on my page, one could potentially make the argument that Chipotle has quickly become America’s most hated food, but it’s hard to say exactly when that happened.

I wanted to pinpoint when Chipotle’s smudged reputation started to reflect negatively on the company, financially. Chipotle self-reported the first cases of food-borne illnesses appearing in August 2015 — that’s exactly when its stock price began to slide.

Chipotle’s stock market performance has waffled over the year, but actually reached its highest price in July 2015, at about $700 per share. Just one month before the first illness was reported.

Chipotle’s stock has fallen drastically in the past 13 months, recently closing at $418.88, according to NASDAQ.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 6.26.36 PM

Not everyone who commented agreed with the majority opinion, though. In the midst of all the blatant hate for Chipotle on my Facebook, there was a silver lining for Chipotle lovers.

In fact, this comment received more collective “likes” than the original status itself and more than any other comment on the thread.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 5.14.47 PM

Looks like people are still holding out hope for Chipotle. We also cannot forget Devin Cunningham, the man who ate Chipotle burritos for a year, who now looks SHREDDED. He didn’t seem to be bothered by any of the anti-Chipotle hype.

However, regardless of what the responses on the posts insinuated, if you’re someone that eats Chipotle regularly, or if you’ve sworn off burritos bowls for good — this is just a microcosm, a small sample size of opinions, that could potentially reflect the sentiment of the larger population as a whole.


Here Are Japan’s Top Five Sushi Choices


Since sushi was introduced to the rest of the world, it’s gone through tons of strange and innovative reinventions. The classic Japanese dish of rice, fish and vegetables is a widely popular cuisine. However, with all the crazy toppings we ‘innovators’ try to throw on our sushi, we sometimes forget the simple ingredients that make the dish so great in the first place.

But Japan remembers.

A recent poll asked 500 members of My Navi News what their favorite sushi toppings were. The group consisted of 246 males and 254 females so that the data could be as accurate as possible.

Here are the results.

1. Salmon



2. Chu Toro (Medium Fatty Tuna)



3. Negitoro (Green Onion Tuna)



4. Maguro (Tuna)



5. Ikura (Salmon Roe)




The Nation’s Favorite Beers by State [Infographic]


Budlight reigns in Texas, while Portlandians are sipping Blue Moon and California beach babes are kicking back with Corona on the beach. This latest infographic by Blowish,  a company that sells hangover-relief tablets (a coincidence? I think not), surveyed the drinking habits of people from all 50 US states.

The boozy study included 5,249 drinkers over the ages of 21 and sheds scintillating insight on everything from the nation’s overall beer of choice to which professions are the most likely to be hungover on the jobs (waiters of America, I raise my glass to you).

Check out the findings in the infographic below:


H/T Business Insider


69% of Americans Ruin Bloomberg’s Day By Rejecting Sugary Drink Ban


We hope Mayor Bloomberg enjoys the bitter taste of defeat in his morning coffee, because a new Gallup poll shows that most Americans have no desire to limit their soft drink consumption. No, not even to the 16 ounces that Bloomberg pushed for back in March.

The poll found that 69% of Americans oppose laws that would restrict the size of soft drinks and beverages with a comparable sugar content to 16 oz or less when served in restaurants. Anti-soft drink activists like Bloomberg have pushed for soda restriction by arguing that limiting available sizes would cut down on rates of obesity in places like New York City, but Bloomberg’s attempts to pass the restrictions into law were shot down in March by a judge pointing out that it was unfair to limit the sizes of sodas and not milk-based drinks.

Our nationwide caffeine addiction might have something to do with Americans’ widespread disapproval of sugary beverage restriction laws, since 2/3 of Americans drink coffee every single day and coffee falls under the umbrella of “sugary beverages.” Imagine a world in which Starbucks is forced to tell armies of high-powered lawyers in expensive suits that their usual Trenta-sized lattes are now permanently  unavailable, and you’ll probably get an idea of why the proposed restrictions are so unpopular. Sorry, Bloomberg. You tried it.

H/T Gallup


Survey Says 60% of Self-Proclaimed Vegetarians Ate Meat Yesterday


Pretty much every vegetarian has been accused of eating meat on the sly — which makes sense, since most meat eaters can’t picture life without steak (or hamburgers, or hot dogs, or bacon) and have a hard time understanding a voluntarily vegetarian lifestyle. But if you accuse a vegetarian of pounding down veal burgers during their off hours, chances are you’ll be met with some serious kale-fueled rage that’ll take a bucketful of bacon to forget. Pro tip: Next time, just skip the fuss and assume they’re lying. In fact, go ahead and assume that they ate meat yesterday. You’d probably be right. 

Let’s break down the facts, shall we? A poll conducted by CNN surveyed 10,000 Americans about their eating habits, and roughly 6% of the respondents self-identified as vegetarians. The researchers then asked individuals to describe their eating habits, and 60% of the “vegetarians” reported having eaten meat within the last twenty-four hours. Okay, that could’ve have been a fluke (or just a really, really dumb sample group). Then the U.S. Department of Agriculture conducted a similar study. This time, they telephoned approximately 13,000 Americans, and 3% claimed to be vegetarians. When they followed up a week later, 66% of the self-proclaimed veggie-lovers had eaten meat the day before.

The study speculated that the disconnect might be happening because different people have different definitions of “vegetarianism” despite the pretty obvious “no meat of any kind” definition that can be found in every dictionary and search engine. We’re just going to go ahead and call bullish*t on so-called vegetarians who claim veggie cred while sneaking fish filets under the table. Here’s the takeaway: Next time you meet a vegetarian preaching about the benefits of a flesh-free lifestyle, make sure you get up real close and personal while they’re lecturing. We’re betting their breath will smell like bacon.

H/T Psychology Today + PicThx PaleoHacks


America’s Manliest Restaurants

Where’s the manliest place to eat in America? Men’s Health has conducted a poll listing the manliest restaurants across the nation.

So we ask ourselves the age old question: How does one measure how man what’s ‘manly’ and what isn’t?


Below is a list of the the top 9 that made the cut.

Regional Finalists for the ‘Manliest Restaurants in America’

NORTHEAST: Keens Steakhouse (New York City, NY)
MIDWEST: Jethro’s BBQ (Des Moines, IA)
NORTHWEST: Couloir (Jackson Hole, WY)
SOUTHEAST: Gus’s World Famous Hot & Spicy Chicken (Memphis, TN)
SOUTHWEST: Salt Lick BBQ (Austin TX)
SAN FRANCISCO: Original Joe’s (San Jose, CA)
GULF COAST: Alabama Jack’s (Key Largo, FL)
LOS ANGELES: Salt’s Cure (Los Angeles, CA)
MID-ATLANTIC: Primanti Bros. (Pittsburgh, PA)

[THX: Eater] Photo Credit: Raphael Brion