This FIVE-SAUSAGE Corn Dog Gives You A Different Flavor With Every Bite


Brewers fans are familiar with the Milwaukee tradition of five people in sausage costumes running around the baseball diamond. You’ve got bratwurst, chorizo, hot dog, Italian sausage and Polish sausage. This custom is what drew Milwaukee native DudeFoods to create the Racing Sausages Corn Dog.

Nick took a few of each sausage and grilled them up. Once cooked, he diced them into bite-sized chunks and skewered them onto a corn dog stick. Once a dog featuring all five sausages is formed, the stick is dipped in batter and deep fried. When the batter is a nice golden brown, it’s ready to chow on.

Check out his full recipe on DudeFoods where you can also find other insane creations.